World Championship Slot Distribution
Who's going to CeBIT 2011?
The first Continental Championships Finals of the Intel Extreme Masters 5 are just a few days ahead. The event in New York will determine the American Champions and of course their participants for the World Championships taking place at CeBIT in March 2011. It is about time to announce the final slot distribution for the continents.

World Championship Finals

Dates: March 1st-5th 2011Venue: CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
Slot Distribution World Championship
Counter-Strike 1.6

12 Participants:
    fnatic (1st GC Shanghai)
    7 slots Europe
    2 slots Americas
    2 slots Asia
StarCraft II

12 Participants:
    MorroW (1st GC Cologne)
    4 slots Europe
    2 slots Americas
    5 slots Asia
Quake Live

12 Participants:
    k1llsen (1st GC Cologne)
    6 slots Europe
    4 slots Americas
    1 slots Australia

The 12 slots per discipline are distributed among America, Asia, Europe and Australia (for Quake Live only) considering the results and appearance of their teams and players during the recent Intel Extreme Masters events and seasons. Three slots are already assigned to the winners of the Global Challenges in Shanghai and Cologne at gamescom. So the Counter-Strike team of fnatic as well as Germanys Quake Live stunner k1llsen and the rising StarCraft II talent MorroW are set for the World Championships. If they still finish their Continental Championship in a qualifying slot the first team or player in the line picks it up.

American Championship Finals

Dates: Oct 8th-10th 2010Venue: ComicCon New York, USA
World Championship Slots: Counter-Strike 1.6 2 Slots
  StarCraft II 2 Slots
  Quake Live 4 Slots
otacon, Wednesday, 06/10/10 23:21
American Championship Finals
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