AGAiN vs. SK Gaming
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 SK Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 21701858
Date Friday, 04 March 09:25
Calculated Friday, 04 March 12:33
Round Semifinals
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2 : 1
AGAiN wins !
Tuesday, 22 March 13:25
23.1 MB, Tuesday, 22 March 13:25, by crtmN

04/03/11 06:47
16:10 de_train (CT 11:4 T / T 5:6 CT)
9:16 de_nuke (CT 7:8 T / T 2:8 CT)
16:14 de_dust2 (T 9:6 CT / CT 7:8 T)

comments (15)
+1 do teamu [TYLKO dla nielicznych!] Reszta informacji na ESL(przeczytaj dokladnie zanim nawet pomyslisz o napisanu do mnie):
g0g0 SK :D
SK... to home... golden five plays to win... po głowie dla każdego z SK i do domciu z pucharem niedługo;)
go go go :D
fx power
FX !
the spirit of the old PGS. Now FX
go fx
Pasha ma blokade na eslu nie moze grac ;d
the best match !
Matchmedia requests: Neo pov de nuke CT+T, forest POV de_nuke CT+T
I guess one of the best matches in the whole IEM and the best match so far! ;) WP both teams and especially FX
i was there standing behind forest and face. and it was wow! ^^ really emotional
very nice match
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