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Tournament System
Two Groups of Six
Top3 qualifies for Playoffs
Groups' 1st Place to Semi Finals
Groups' 2nd/3rd to Quarter Finals
Playoffs Single Elimination
Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike 1.6 ($80,000)
1st Natus Vincere - $35,000
2nd Frag eXecutors - $17,000
3rd mTw - $8,500
4th SK Gaming - $4,000
5th/6th compLexity - $2,500
5th/6th fnatic - $2,500
7th/8th Moscow Five - $1,750
7th/8th Lions - $1,750
9th/10th Team EG - $1,750
9th/10th UMX Gaming - $1,750
11th/12th redCode - $1,750
11th/12th TCM Gaming - $1,750

StarCraft II ($30,000)
1st Ace - $13,000
2nd Moon - $6,500
3rd Squirtle - $4,000
4th mOOnGLaDe - $2,500
5th/6th IdrA - $800
5th/6th MorroW - $800
7th/8th White-Ra - $400
7th/8th Socke - $400
9th/10th Tarson - $400
9th/10th SjoW - $400
11th/12th Fenix - $400
11th/12th qxc - $400

Quake Live ($20,000)
1st rapha - $8,500
2nd Cooller - $4,000
3rd strenx - $2,500
4th Spart1e - $1,400
5th/6th DaHang - $600
5th/6th av3k - $600
7th/8th Cypher - $400
7th/8th fazz - $400
9th/10th dandaking - $400
9th/10th k1llsen - $400
11th/12th czm - $400
11th/12th Vo0 - $400

League of Legends ($13,500)
1st myRevenge - $5,950
2nd aAa - $3,350
3rd SK Gaming - $2,450
4th Dignitas - $1,750

component exception
World Championship Gallery

Eurosport third episode now on YouTube
14.03.2011 12:55
Relive Fenix' & SjoW's victory

The third episode of Eurosports's Intel Extreme Masters coverage featured the StarCraft II stars at the continental finals of America and Europe. Relive the best players trying to qualify for the World Championship at the Continental Championship in New York and Kiev. The complete episode is now available on YouTube in HD. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes from CeBIT!

And the #1 Fan is ....
09.03.2011 18:27
Cooller has the best fans!

Prior to the World Championship we asked you to become the #1 fan. You had to show your support for your favourite champion and your excitement for the event, and share it with the other fans. More than 100 enthusiastic fans entered the contest with amazing contributions.

The grand prize goes to a group of COOLLERZ fans, who seems to have a lot of supporters arround the world. They made a huge, stylish poster and presented it at the CeBIT audience cheering for their favorite Quake Live player. 2nd place's poster design surely isn't the best. But these two guys took the spirit of the Intel Extreme Masters onto the streets of Cologne, drawing attention to their #1 team mTw int..

A sweet couple from Germany achieves the third place showing not only their love to eachother but also their love to Australia's most handsome StarCraft II player 970983. Five more entries were randomly chosen to get a prize from Razer as well. Have a look at this news to see all contributions, they are worth it!

1st Place 4320172
Intel Core i7
   Extreme Edition CPU

2nd Place noname
Razer Bundle
   Mouse, Mousepad & Headset

3rd Place 5722765
Razer Bundle
   Mouse, Mousepad & Headset

Razer Mousepad

Razer Mousepad

Razer Mousepad

Razer Mousepad

Razer Mousepad

We will contact all winners through their ESL profile. So if you were lucky enough to be one of them, check your mails or contact us.

Thanks to all people who took part in our contest, you guys rock!

These are the IEM World Champions of Season 5
05.03.2011 17:10
The final standings of a fantastic Intel Extreme Masters World Championship!

Counter-Strike 1.6:
1st Natus Vincere ($ 35,000)
2nd Frag eXecutors ($ 17,000)
3rd mTw ($ 8,500)
4th SK Gaming ($ 4,000)

StarCraft II:
1st Ace ($ 13,000)
2nd Moon ($ 6,500)
3rd Squirtle ($ 4,000)
4th mOOn-GLaDe ($ 2,500)

Quake Live:
1st rapha ($ 8,500)
2nd Cooller ($ 4,000)
3rd strenx ($ 2,500)
4th Spart1e ($ 1,400)

League of Legends:
1st myRevenge ($ 5,950)
2nd aAa ($ 3,350)
3rd SK Gaming ($ 2,450)
4th Team Dignitas ($ 1,750)

Congratulations to all winners and special thanks to our sponsors Intel and Razer!

The final day of IEM World Championship
05.03.2011 14:22
Who's gonna take home the World Champion title?

Check the Schedule for times and streaming

[04:55pm] The guys from Natus Vincere took revenge on Frag eXecutors for the loss in Kiev, when the Polish won the match for 3rd place. This time both teams went to the big final. The reigning World Champion faced the World Champion of season 1. Just like rapha in Quake Live Na'Vi was able to defend the World Champion title in the last match of Intel Extreme Masters Season 5.

[04:02pm] The overtime of mTw and SK just ended with the better ending for the Danes. They not only claimed the third place in the World Championship aswell as $8,500. SK gets $4,000 for their forth place. Now all eyes are on the main stage as the Grand Final is about to continue.

[03:40pm] The smell of epicness is still present in hall 23 here at CeBIT. No winner was found when mTw and SK where playing the overtime. Now we will go for a second one!

[03:12pm] Overtime in the third place decider between mTw and SK. Whoever comes out as winner of this overtime(s) is thee third placed in the World Championship.

[02:42pm] Ace knew what he did, when he pointed at his chest and then to the trophy shortly after he won his second map. It took him five maps, but finally he was able to beat Moon, the Korean Warcraft 3 legend also known as the fifth race. Nevertheless Moon was the first player, who won a map against Ace during the entire tournament.

[01:28pm] Moon is just earning himself the name Mr. Nidus! On LT he nidused Ace about all game long till he got the final drop right in his main. This replay is definitely a must see!

[01:17pm] Moon brought the first loss map to Ace, who advanced to the Grand Final without losing a single one. Now the second map, Lost Temple, is on!

[01:12pm] SK Gaming just won the first map of the 3rd place decider match. 16:6 was the score over mTw. Now the second map will follow to bring us the first decision in CS.

[12:40pm] 3:0 - rapha really pulled of the perfect score and defended his World Champion title. By the score of 14:5 he overwhelmed Cooller on the third map as well. rapha now takes home another big trophy in his career and the biggest share of the prize pot. He is the first one in the history of Intel Extreme Masters, who defended a World Championship title. Later on Natus Vincere is able to do this, too.

[12:30pm] The second map also went very well for rapha, who won by 2:1 and is only one step away from being the old and new World Champion! Right now he is leading on the third map with quite a good advantage over Cooller. Can he really get the big 3:0 over his major rival?

[12:14pm] rapha took the very first map of the Grand Final with 5:2 in front of a very, very large and constantly growing crowd. Cooller gave him a very good fight and the match was 2:2 till the end of the third overtime. Thet's how a Grand Final should start!

[11:44am] The team of myRevenge continued their run and finished the tournament with a white vest after winning every single game. They can now call themselves the first winner of the last day of Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. They take home $4,750 prize money while aAa only wins $2,750 for their second place. Third is SK Gaming who droped out in group stage number #2.

[11:16am] mOOn-GLaDe missed his chance to break the Korean domination here in Hanover. Squirtle won the 3rd place decider by the score of 3:2 on the last map and will now go back to Korea with $4,000. mOOn-GLaDe takes $2,500 back to Australia to continue his pro gaming career.

[10:17am] Next on stage is the Grand Final of League of Legends. The teams of aAa and myRevenge will face after surviving both groupstages yesterday. Who will take the trophy of the Hanover Invitational at the very first offline event?

[10:14am] strenx just finished the Bo5 versus spart1e with a clear and spectacular 3:0. 9:1 was the score on dm13 where spart1e had no real chance at all. The only time in the whole series were he was struggling, on hektik, he fought back big time and so finishes third at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. Congratulations!

[10:01am] The first map of the SC2 decider had also been started and mOOn-GLaDe is now leading 1:0 in the series versus Squirtle. Can our friend from Down Under cut into the Top 3 of Koreans here in Hanover?

[09:59am] The second map has had everything a day like this needs. strenx was a couple of frags behind and didn't look like he was going to win. But in the last minutes he made a huge comeback forcing spart1e into overtime. After the additional 2 minutes, they fought all trough, the French was on top by 20:18. Now the third map will continue the great tournament.

[09:47am] The first map has just been finished and strenx took down spart1e with 3:1. Now the second map will follow immediately!

[09:33am] The 3rd place decider is about to begin. Both spart1e and strenx are on stage to start their match which will not only decide their place but also who will take home $2,500 for the third place or $1,400 for the fourth. Enjoy the game!

StarCraft II's winner into GSL
05.03.2011 14:21
Good luck in Korea

The winner of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in StarCraft II qualifies for GomTV's GSL in Korea. Due to IdrA leaving Korea for participating in Western tournaments, his spot in GSL Code S' group B is vacant. So Ace or Moon will receive this slot and are going to play in GSL March Up and Down matches, where they can qualify for Code S.

The Grand Finals are waiting
04.03.2011 19:06
See the big matches on Saturday live at CeBIT or on ESL TV in HD!

What a day at CeBIT did just end? We saw six great semi finals as well as the very first offline event of League of Legends. Tomorrow is the day where all tournaments find their end with the Grand Finals all live on stage and on ESL TV in HD quality.

Guess the winners of the final day and win headsets by Razer:

On the last day of CeBIT 2011 the big prizes are on. This time your predictions have to be posted as a comment in this news to take part in the competition to win superb headsets by Razer for both the 3rd place decider as well as the Grand Finals. The prediction phase closes tomorrow morning with the very first match starting. So go for you predictions and win some more Razer gear!

Prepare for these big matches tomorrow:

Sat, 05/03/11 03:10 EDT Spart1e vs. strenx (3rd place decider)
Sat, 05/03/11 03:45 EDT Squirtle vs. mOOn-GLaDe (3rd place decider)
Sat, 05/03/11 04:30 EDT myR vs. aAa
Sat, 05/03/11 05:30 EDT rapha vs. Cooller
Sat, 05/03/11 06:35 EDT SK vs. mTw (3rd place decider)
Sat, 05/03/11 06:50 EDT Ace vs. Moon
Sat, 05/03/11 08:55 EDT Na'Vi vs. Frag eXecutors

Prepare yourself for awesome games and a great atmosphere!

CeBIT HD Pass: Final day for only €3.00
04.03.2011 18:33
Exclusive offer for the final day

To give you the chance to enjoy the final day of Intel Extrem Masters World Championship in HD (16:9, 720p), we have a very special offer for you. If you didn't buy your ESL TV CeBIT HD Pass yet or aren't an ESL TV subscriber, you can buy the CeBIT HD Final Day Pass for just €3.00 or $4.00 and watch the grand finals in Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II, Quake Live and League of Legends in awesome quality.

Who's advancing to the Grand Final?
04.03.2011 10:42
The semi finals and the LoL Invitational

Check the Schedule for times and streaming

[07:00pm] The group stage #2 has just finished as myR won their second game and sent aAa to the second spot. Both teams won against SK Gaming so SK is the second team to drop out. myR vs. aAa is the Grand Final which will be the first League of Legends game on stage at an ESL event. Make sure you don't miss this premier either on ESL TV in HD or on the spot at CeBIT in Hall 23.

[05:20pm] Ace just finished the 3rd map versus mOOnglade and took this win too and will face Moon. Now the big Korean Grand Final is save and will be brought to you tomorrow on the final day of Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Season 5 at CeBIT!

[05:00pm] StarCraft II's second semi final is live and Ace won the second map in this very second. mOOnglade needs to win three maps in a row now or he is out. Looks like Moon will face another Protoss in an all Korean final.

[04:01pm] Cooller just made the dream final come true. With beating strenx he advances to the Grand Final and will, once again, face rapha for the title!

[03:00pm] Na'Vi just won de_tuscan after lossing a couple of rounds when they already had their 15th. Tomorrow they will face Frag eXecutors in the Grand Final. mTw will play fnatic for the third place.

[02:52pm] Moon won the series 3:2 and is our first Grand Finalist. Squirtle will now have to go for the third place and forget about this bitter loss.

[02:45pm] Moon and Squirtle will go the full distance. After four maps the score is 2:2 and we will the the final 5th map to find the 1st contestant for the Grand Final!

[02:38pm] The match of Cooller vs. strenx has been moved to 3pm CET so we can stream it on ESL TV Stream B as well as the other streams that had been announced. We are sorry, but there was no other way to bring all running matches to you.

[02:29pm] The first group stage of the League of Legends Invitational has just ended. Team Dignitas is the unlucky team that did not survive the first round. The second groupstage with SK, myR and aAa will start soon.

[02:02pm] Moon and Squirtle just finished their 2nd map and it's 1:1 right now. Tune in to Stream B if you want to see this awesome match!

[01:58pm] mTw just got the 16th round versus Na'Vi who managed a short comeback series winning quite some rounds in a row after mTw scored the 15th. We are now heading forward to the 3rd map that will be de_tuscan.

[01:29pm] mTw is leading 10:5 on de_inferno over Na'Vi. Also the streams should be back online right now.

[12:49pm] Na'Vi just won the first map, de_train, against mTw with 16:12. The second map, de_inferno, will start shortly as the major of Hanover is visiting our Hall and is guest on the stage.

[12:37pm] Frag eXecutors just won de_dust2 by 16:14 and so the match with 2:1. So the Polish advance to the Grand Final and wait for the winner of Na'Vi vs. mTw , who are playing on stage right now. Na'Vi is leading 12:9 on de_train.

[12:30pm] Due to some issues at our streaming provider our streams are not working right now. The SC2 match will wait for the streams to be back online. The League of Legends matches will go on as planed due to the number of matches that have to be finished today. We apologize for these problems and will fix it as soon as possible.

[11:55am] If you are waiting for the SC2 Match of Moon and Squirtle we are very sorry. The match will wait for Stream B, showing FX vs. SK right now, to be free.

[11:30am] Na'Vi vs. mTw is about to go live on main stage here at CeBIT. Both teams will miss the decision who claims the first spot for the Grand Final, but bring a big show to the constantly growing crowd in Hall 23.

[11:30am] SK Gaming just won de_nuke by 16:09. Now they will play Frag eXecutors on de_dust2, the third map, for advancing to the Grand Final!

[11:03am] Frag eXecutors have won on de_train with 16:10 vs. SK Gaming. Now de_nuke is on and the half time score is 8:7 in favor of SK. If the Swedes take the second map home, we will see de_dust2 as the deciding third map!

[10:08am] Frag eXecutors have won the first half on de_train with 11:04 over SK Gaming. Are the Polish able to regain the title after three long years?

[10:05am] Here to stay World Champion? rapha says yes by showing an impressive performance especially on the third map of this series. The reigning champion can now enjoy the second semi final and prepare for his possible opponents. spart1e now has to aim for the 3rd place.

[09:50am] rapha just won the second map after a really tough fight with spart1e. The reigning champion is only one map away from advancing to the Grand Final now!

[09:25am] spart1e and rapha just went on stage to play their semi final in a few minutes live on ESL TV Stream A. The CS match of FX vs. SK is taking place in the PG Area and will be brought to you on ESL TV B. Enjoy the first two of a total of six semi finals today!

[08:43am] Intel is running a stage test with two very special guests who will be on stage at 3pm this afternoon. Everybody here is very exited about this. Make sure you won't miss that!

A very special tech talk today at 14:45 CET
04.03.2011 10:42
Welcome Shmuel "Mooly" Eden and Gabe Newell on stage!

Today we are proud to welcome Shmuel "Mooly" Eden (Vice President, General Manager, PC Client Group, Intel) and Gabe Newell (Managing Director, Valve) on stage at CeBIT in the Intel Extreme Masters hall. These two legends of computer architecture and gaming development will bring you an update on Intel's latest inventions regarding PC gaming and show some demos of how this will change our ways of gaming and eSports in the near future. The tech talk will start at 08:45 EDT. Tune in live on ESL TV, enjoy a free HD stream on or join us at CeBIT in Hall 23!

New video from CeBIT 2011
04.03.2011 10:40
Booth Babes rating carni

Check out more videos on our YouTube Channel

Semi finals: The matches of Friday
03.03.2011 17:09
These players are longing to be the World Champions!

The quarter finals in Quake Live completed the semi finals for tomorrow. Now we know who will play the last matches before the Grand Final in Counter-Strike, StarCraft II and Quake Live. We can't wait for all this superb matches taking place tomorrow at CeBIT in hall 23. Maybe you should spend some of your waiting by predicting the winners and win cool Razer stuff!

Guess the winners of the semis and win Razer mice and mousepads:

Just like our competitions the two days before you can now post your predictions for the matches of tomorrow. Your predictions have to be posted as a comment in this news. The prediction phase closes tomorrow morning with the very first match starting. So go for you predictions and win nice mice and mousepads by Razer!

The semi finals on Friday:

Fri, 04/03/11 03:10 EDT Spart1e vs. 4314184
Fri, 04/03/11 03:10 EDT SK Gaming vs. AGAiN
Fri, 04/03/11 05:45 EDT mTw int. vs. Natus Vincere
Fri, 04/03/11 05:45 EDT 1157983 vs. 772026
Fri, 04/03/11 07:40 EDT 3717318 vs. COOLLERZ
Fri, 04/03/11 09:30 EDT 4050828 vs. 970983

Liveupdates: 3rd day of CeBIT
03.03.2011 10:12
Who's gonna make it to the semi finals?

[05:01pm] Cooller just underlined his ambition to win the title by kicking out av3k with the score of 3:0. Now he has to face strenx in tomorrows semi final.

[04:30pm] We are very sorry if you missed the start of Cooller vs. av3k . There were some problems with our streaming host, which caused the streams to have no signal. The streamers are in the games and the problems should be fixed now.

[04:05pm] rapha just ended the game by winning 3:1 against DaHanG. The match of Cooller vs. av3k will be on shortly!

[03:23pm] rapha vs. DaHanG is the first quarter final running not only deciding one of the semi final participants but also which of them is the American staying in the tournament. Right now rapha is leading after winning the first map. Map 2 is up on ESL TV and LVLUP TV in a few minutes.

[02:01pm] Na'Vi also won de_train with 16:05 over coL. So we do see all European CS 1.6 semi finals tomorrow here at CeBIT 2011. Now the stage goes to the ESL Pro Series for the first Intel Friday Night Game of the German season featuring FIFA 11 2on2, StarCraft II and CS:Source. The Quake fans have to tune in to the Eventstream #2 and LVLUp #1. Enjoy the matches!

[01:22pm] Na'Vi just won de_dust2, the first map of the quarter final, against coL. Now we are moving on to de_train. Are the Brazilians able to cut into the all European semi finals?

[12:50pm] mOOn-GLaDe takes out the Cologne champion MorroW with the score of 3:1 in an extremely thrilling series. The funny guy from Down Under will face Ace in the semi final tomorrow. So we have three Koreans and one Australian in the semi finals of the World Championship.

[12:14pm] MorroW takes the first map as he won the first bigger fight in the game and pushed right in the moment when mOOn-GLaDe could not defend his just finished expension. Now it's time for map 2 in this superb ZvZ bash!

[12:03pm] Now it's time for StarCraft II on the big stage. MorroW will now face mOOn-GLaDe in the second quarter final. Who will make it to the semis? Tune in to ESL TV Stream 1 to find out!

[11:50am] Team Frag eXecutors is one step closer to the Grand Final as they also won on de_nuke with 16:10 over fnatic. The Swedes could only win one round as T cause of the superb performance of the Polish. Frag eXecutors will face SK Gaming tomorrow in the semi finals.

[11:33am] Another close result as Frag eXecutors loses the first half as T with 7:8 to fnatic. The pistol round is going to the Polish so we can expect another close half here.

[10:51am] The map goes to Frag eXecutors with 16:14. In an AWP duel between pasha and delpan the Polish had the happy ending on his side. fnatic now has to win the next two maps to keep the hopes of another Intel Extreme Masters title alive.

[10:39am] Squirtle just won the series and put an end to IdrA's hopes to win. Squirtle will have to play Moon on Friday in the semi finals.

[10:31am] The match of Squirtle and IdrA is at 2:2 and the final map running right now. Who will take the series home?

[10:20pm] The halftime score of fnatic vs. Frag eXecutors is 9:6 in favor of FX. Will the Polish win the first map or can fnatic pull off a comeback?

[10:00am] With a slight delay we officially started the playoffs with the stage match of fnatic vs. Frag eXecutors

IdrA, Moon, Get_RiGhT & Socke interviewed
03.03.2011 10:03

All StarCraft II replays - Spoiler free!
03.03.2011 08:46
Pick your player, pick your match!

We've uploaded (all will continue to upload) all replays of the StarCraft II groupstage and gathered them in this news. You don't have to click on each match anymore trying to ignore the score screen. Each match has three map links. If a match didn't need all three (or five at playoffs) maps, the remaining map links are empty. Download and watch them one by one, if you want to avoid any spoiler. Have fun!

Download all at once:
Playoff Replay Package & Groupstage Replay Package

Grand Final

Ace vs. Moon
Map 1 / Map 2 /Map 3 /Map 4 /Map 5

Semi Final #1

Squirtle vs. Moon
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5

Quarter Final #1

IdrA vs. Squirtle
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5

Group A

qxc vs. IdrA
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
MorroW vs. Tarson
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Ace vs. White-Ra
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Ace vs. IdrA
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
qxc vs. Tarson
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
MorroW vs. White-Ra
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
IdrA vs. Tarson
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
qxc vs. White-Ra
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
MorroW vs. Ace
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
MorroW vs. qxc
Ace vs. Tarson
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
IdrA vs. White-Ra
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Ace vs. qxc
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
White-Ra vs. Tarson
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
MorroW vs. IdrA
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3

Match for 3rd Place

Squirtle vs. mOOn-GLaDe
Map 1 / Map 2 /Map 3 /Map 4 /Map 5

Semi Final #2

Ace vs. mOOn-GLaDe
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5

Quarter Final #2

MorroW vs. mOOn-GLaDe
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3 / Map 4 / Map 5

Group B

Socke vs. mOOn-GLaDe
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Squirtle vs. Moon
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
SjoW vs. Fenix
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Fenix vs. Moon
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Socke vs. SjoW
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Squirtle vs. mOOn-GLaDe
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Squirtle vs. Fenix
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
SjoW vs. mOOn-GLaDe
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Socke vs. Moon
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Fenix vs. mOOn-GLaDe
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
SjoW vs. Moon
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Squirtle vs. Socke
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
SjoW vs. Squirtle
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Socke vs. Fenix
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
mOOn-GLaDe vs. Moon
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3

Tiebreaker Group B

Squirtle vs. Socke
Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3 / Round 4
Squirtle vs. Sjow
Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3 / Round 4
Sjow vs. Socke
Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3

Playoffs starting soon
03.03.2011 08:39
CS and SC2 are on the way

Right now the last preparations for the great start of the playoffs are done and the CeBIT is about to upen to public in half an hour. Then it will be only a few minutes to be on the spot in Hall 23 to not miss the start of the two first playoff matches in CS and SCII.

The first two Quarter Finals:

03:10 EDT fnatic vs. Frag eXecutors (Stage / Stream A)
03:30 EDT IdrA vs. Squirtle (PG Area / Stream B)

Tomorrow live from CeBIT: The quarter finals
02.03.2011 20:21
Who will join the group winners in the semi finals?

The quarter final matches of tomorrow:

03:10 EDT fnatic vs. Frag eXecutors
03:30 EDT IdrA vs. Squirtle
05:45 EDT MorroW vs. mOOn-GLaDe
05:50 EDT Na'Vi vs. compLexity
09:15 EDT rapha vs. DaHanG
10:10 EDT Cooller vs. av3k

Check the schedule for streamings

Guess the winners of the quarter finals and win Razer mice:

Just like our competitions the two days before you can now post your predictions for the matches of tomorrow. Your predictions have to be posted as a comment in this news. The prediction phase closes tomorrow morning with the very first match starting. So go for you predictions and win nice mice by Razer!

Qualified for the semi finals on Friday:

Fri, 04/03/11 03:10 EDT Spart1e vs. TBD
Fri, 04/03/11 03:10 EDT SK Gaming vs. TBD
Fri, 04/03/11 05:45 EDT mTw int. vs. TBD
Fri, 04/03/11 05:45 EDT 1157983 vs. TBD
Fri, 04/03/11 07:40 EDT 3717318 vs. TBD
Fri, 04/03/11 09:30 EDT 4050828 vs. TBD

Day 2: Who's going to advance to playoffs?
02.03.2011 13:48
Who's going to join SK, Ace, spart1e and co in the playoffs?

[08:18pm] Squirtle finally broke the cirle of Tie Brackers and qualifies for the quarter final taking place here at CeBIT tomorrow all day long. Tune in to ESL TV and see all the next deciding matches in HD or on the spot in Hall 23!

[07:43pm] The epic groupstage continues it's epicness as we SjoW lost the last match of Tie Bracker #3 what brings us to the next Tie Bracker #4. We will start the next stage in a few minutes. Stay tuned!

[07:30pm] Squirtle, SjoW and Socke are still playing the Tie Bracker. It's round 3 in the Tie Bracker now, as all players failed to win a second game. Now it's up to SjoW and Squirtle to find a winner or start the 4th round of Tie Brack.

[05:45pm] mTw won the group even tough they lost pretty clearly to coL, with 3:16, who now take second place. Frag eXecutors placed third and will also go to the quarterfinals starting tomorrow.

[05:35pm] The group A of Quake Live is now finished. strenx, DaHanG and av3k advance to the playoffs starting tomorrow. strenx won the group and will start in the semi finals. DaHanG and av3k will have to take the hard way trough the quarter finals first.

[05:30pm] Moon and mOOn-GLaDe had a hard fight but the "5th race" took the win. 2:0 brings Moon one step closer to becoming World Champion as he is qualified for the semi final now. The last spot will be cleared after the last match of the tie breaker between SjoW and Socke.

[04:55pm] mTw is only one match away from the clear 5 out of 5 in the group stage. Their last opponent, coL, will get a hard time stopping the rolling Danes. Frag eXecutors also have a save second slot, as only coL can get to their score but have lost against them. So the last slot can still be caught by all teams and we will se some quiet interesting matches!

[04:50pm] As Socke won his match 2:0 we are now going to see a tie braker, best of 1 between SjoW, Socke and Squirtle. The winner will take the 2nd quarter finals slot for group A.

[03:47pm] As we talked about the chances for SjoW, Socke and Squirtle, we just saw that a three way tie is possible here. If Socke wins and Squirtle beats Sjow by the score of 2:0 they all end up with the same points, same map ratio and individual score if you only count these three in. Let's what happens!

[03:43pm] Big showdown in group A, as Moon and mOOn-GLaDe will face for the semi finals slot in the last match of the groupstage. The winner goes to the semi final while the loser will have to play the quarter final first. The 3rd and last spot will be decided between the remaining players but Fenix who didn't show his a play and lost all matches so far.

[03:10pm] mTw made its third victory in a row and is on a pretty good way advancing directly to the semis. All other teams except for Frag eXecutors are tied with one win and two losses. It's going to be a tough race for place three at least.

[02:26pm] Moon now has to play SjoW on stage to make the big match for the semi finals versus mOOn-GLaDe possible. Can he continue his streak too?

[02:10pm] Currently only mTw has a white west and is leading the ranking. So this evening might offer the about the same tense as yesterday's did.

[01:33pm] With his win over Socke, Moon is the big winners of the last minutes. Due to his second won matches in group stage he's the biggest challenger of mOOn-GLaDe for the direct qualification for semi finals. If the Australien wins his match against Fenix their duel will be the big decider in Group A!

[12:33pm] mTw is almoste trough groupstage. In their stagematch versus FX, they continued their run and won by the score of 16:3. So the Danes only lost 5 rounds in total so far. Will they keep their streak up?

[12:20pm] mOOn-GLaDe is making him self one of the big names here at the World Championship. Even in his match vs. SjoW he was unstopable. Now he is on the track of Ace, who managed to win his group with five wins in a row. Also Fenix lost his third match to Squirtle

[12:00pm] Our gallery is soon to be updated with a load of pictures of todays matches. Beside of that all tournaments are running right now and we will give you some updates as soon as more matches are done.

[11:20am] The second round of group stage has been played and so the favorites for the playoffs are getting a bit more clear. mOOn-GLaDe and SjoW both won their two matches. The Koreans Squirtle and Moon have one win and one loss on their account. Fenix and Socke have had a bad start with two loss in a row.

[10:39am] compLexity just won their first match 16:8 over UMX. So the first round of groupstage has been finished with mTw, FX and coL on the first 3 spots.

[10:30am] The first three matches of groupstage are finished. mOOn-GLaDe, Squirtle and SjoW are the first victorious players.

[10:23am] The first Counter-Strike matches had some quite clear results. FX won by 16:3 over M5 and mTw made it even more clear with 16:2 over TCM.

[10:05am] DaHang lost the first map to k1llsen but started a big comeback and won both the 2nd and 3rd map. strenx vs. av3k is up next.

[09:42am] Counter-Strike just started with FX leading clearly against M5. The other games started only a few moments ago.

[09:26am] The first matches are on the way and Take is joined by TLO for the first matches here. Fun fact: Squirtle had to see the overview images of all maps to get the english names right.

[09:24am] DaHang and k1llsen have been introduced to the audience and now it's time for Joe and czm bring you the first stage match of the day. Tune in on Stream #1!

[08:44am] The music is starting to pump in hall 23 as the very first match of the day is starting soon. k1llsen will face DaHang in Quake Live on start starting day 2 officially. Stay tuned for all the action of the day and have a look at the schedule for all matches of the day.

Problems with ESL TV?
02.03.2011 13:28
Try these direct links to our Premium streams

In case that people have display problems at ESL TV's stream website, here are the direct links to the Premium Streams, so you shouldn't have problems anymore. Have fun!


New load of IEM video footage
02.03.2011 11:01

Video on Demand - Day 1
02.03.2011 09:19
Rewatch all the action from the World Championship's first day

Cypher vs. Cooller
rapha vs. czm
rapha vs. Cooller
IdrA vs. White-Ra
Ace vs. MorroW
White-Ra vs. Tarson

Get your HD pass to rewatch all matches in HD quality!

Rewatch Day 1 in HD - VoDs available
01.03.2011 19:28
Get your dose of Intel Extreme Masters

For all who missed today's show or just want to watch some matches again, we've uploaded all main stage matches into our VoD archive featuring players such as Ace, IdrA, rapha and many more. More matches of our second event stream will be uploaded tomorrow. All of these VoD's are available in HD. So better get your CeBIT HD Pass now!

Part II of the prediction raffle
01.03.2011 18:49
Guess the advancing teams and players and win!

Now it's time for your guessing for the second part of the groupstage taking place at CeBIT tomorrow. You have to predict the first three teams of both groups for e.g. Counter-Strike, StarCraft II or Quake Live only or for up to all three games. We will have separate reward drawings for each of the three main disciplines of the World Championship.

Your predictions have to be posted as a comment in this news. The prediction phase closes tomorrow morning with the very first match starting. So go for you predictions and win nice mousepads by Razer!

World Championship: The results of day one
01.03.2011 18:42
These players and teams advanced to the playoffs

Counter-Strike - Group B:
SK Gaming (Semifinal)
Natus Vincere (Quarterfinal)
fnaticRC (Quarterfinal)

StarCraft II - Group A:
4050828 (Semifinal)
3606178 (Quarterfinal)
3606125 (Quarterfinal)

Quake Live - Group B:
Spart1e (Semifinal)
4314184 (Quarterfinal)
COOLLERZ (Quarterfinal)

See you tomorrow for part two of the World Championship's groupstages!

What's going on at CeBIT?
01.03.2011 11:51
The first playoff participants to be determined soon

[05:35pm] SK Gaming, Na'Vi and fnatic advance to the playoffs taking place the day after tomorrow. But before that we will search for the other nine playoff participants in our three games. See you tomorrow for even more action!

[05:35pm] Spart1e did it! He advances directly to the semi finals and leaves Cooller and rapha behind. Both of the continental champions have to start in the quarter finals to keep the chance to become the World Champion on Saturday!

[05:23pm] Group A has been decided: Ace advances directly to semi finals, IdrA and MorroW advance to the quarterfinals where their opponents will be found tomorrow.

[05:20pm] Na'Vi and SK drawed in the last top match before the last three matches are played parallel. Now the group is even closer than it was before. The last three matches will bring a hell of an atmosphere here at CeBIT!

[05:01pm] The group of death turned upside down? Indeed! As rapha, Cooller and Cypher have no chance to win anymore. The possible winners are Spart1e or dandaking. Only czm winning his first match would turn thing a bit more "right". Who's going to succeed in this group?

[04:27pm] Three way tie on the way? If MorroW beats IdrA and White-Ra wins his match against Tarson, we have three players on the spots 2 to 4. Guess old Murphy loves some good SC2 action!

[04:03pm] For all CS fans who haven't seen enough matches yet, ESL TV stream 2 will bring some of the last matches of group B. After the draw of SK and Lions there is still a lot possible. Now the matches of Na'Vi versus SK and fnatic will be shown live!

[03:37pm] Ace the first playoff participant. With his 2:0 over Tarson the Korean got his 4th win out of four matches. Due to the left matches he also already won the group as the other players can't reach him anymore. Congratulations!

[03:03pm] fnatic keeps going towards the playoffs. 16:7 was their score versus Team EG. codeRed and Na'Vi are their last opponents in group stage. Na'Vi also just finished their match winning over redCode with 16:8. So SK, fnatic and Na'Vi have the best chances to advance.

[02:15pm] Na'Vi just finished their match versus Lions but not with the result many fans might have thought of. 16:10 for Lions was the end of the game which makes Na'Vi having to fight real hard for moving on to playoffs. Together with fnatic and Lions they now place right behind SK Gaming. A tough group will continue shortly!

[01:45pm] Cooller is victorious over rapha. 2:1 is the score that makes the US champion drop from the first position and the fight for playoffs between these two rivals even more tensed.

[01:14pm] IdrA underlined his performance so far and won his match against Tarson with 2:1. So he is the 2nd in his group and the next best right behind Ace so far.

[12:50pm] Next on stage are some big matches for all fans of Quake Live and SC2. rapha vs. Cooller will be up next on stage followed by three StarCraft II matches with Ace vs. MorroW , IdrA vs. White-Ra and a third match picked depending on the results. So tune in to the stage stream, if you like some awesome QL and SC2 action!

[12:42pm] White-Ra over MorroW on three maps! After the loss to Ace, White-Ra is now back on track after the win over the Collogne champion. Next on schedule are IdrA vs. Tarson and qxc vs. White-Ra .

[12:27pm] SK won 16:7 over fnatic and so got revenge for their loss at the European Championship in Kiev. SK is leading in group B and now has to take on Lions in the next match following soon.

[12:12pm] SK just won the first half on de_nuke with 11:4 as T against fnatic. Na'Vi managed to get a 10:5 against EG on de_inferno as CT. The CS matches can be watched on ESL TV B or HLTV.

[11:55am] Cypher vs. Cooller is the next match up on stage, after rapha took the first win over czm. It's not only a high class Quake Live match but also the very first Free HD match you can enjoy. Get a sneak peak at our new HD quality and buy your HD pass, if you like it!

[11:45am] Ace is dominating group A right now. He won both of his matches 2:0. His opponents were not the big underdogs but White-Ra and IdrA. Next he will play the Cologne champion MorroW at about 1pm. Can he keep his streak up?

"I missed IdrA vs. qxc! Where can I get the replays?"
01.03.2011 11:07
How to get replays, demos etc.

Due to the enormous number of matches today, our admins are very busy to get all matches played on time or to help with all kinds of problems. So please, if the match you missed is not online right now have some patience and check the played matches from the three groupstage overviews later on. Latest this evening our admins will upload as much as possible.

Groupstage - Groupstage - Groupstage

If you have any wishes what should be uploaded first, write the matches in the comments. We will try to get the most demanded files a bit earlier.

First results from the pro gaming area
01.03.2011 10:15
IdrA and fnatic to score the first points

While the stage is still on warmup the pro gaming area is already rocking the CeBIT. IdrA was the first player to score here at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. While he got a 2:0 over qxc, fnatic scored 16:5 against Lions. Stay tuned for further results and keep an eye on all our TV streams!

Show start delayed due to minor problems
01.03.2011 09:46
Show will start at about 10:00 CET

On the first day there are always minor problems at trade fairs. Some had slight difficulties to get in early. These problems have been solved and the players are doing the final preparations on and off stage. The show will start as soon as possible.

The match of IdrA vs. qxc is live on ESL TV Stream B as well as the first CS matches in the pro gaming area on HLTV. Check the schedule and the individual matches for streaming information.

Free HD: IdrA vs. White-Ra & Cypher vs Cooller
01.03.2011 09:24
Enjoy the new ESL TV HD experience: Two matches for free!

Today we will not only start the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship but also a new ESL TV era. The CeBIT 2011 is the very first event to be streamed in HD quality. To get an impression of how awesome this new stream is, you can watch two matches in HD quality for free!

05:25 EDT Cypher vs. Cooller
08:35 EDT IdrA vs. White-Ra

Enjoy the show!

Walk through the venue
01.03.2011 09:24
CeBIT's hall 23 with Joe and carni

Time to predict the group stages
28.02.2011 11:39
Guess who'll make it to the playoffs and win Razer mousepads!

As announced earlier we ask you now to predict who will advance to the playoffs from groupstage starting tomorrow. You have to predict the first three teams of both groups for e.g. Counter-Strike, StarCraft II or Quake Live only or for up to all three games. We will have separate reward drawings for each of the three main disciplines of the World Championship.

Your predictions have to be posted as a comment in this news. The prediction phase closes tomorrow morning with the very first match starting. So go for you predictions and win nice mousepads by Razer!

Here is your chance to win!
27.02.2011 21:07
This is your way to awesome Razer gear!

During the World Championship starting on Tuesday at CeBIT, Germany, you will not only see world's best gamers fighting for the Intel Extreme Masters championship title but also have the chance to win something as well. It doesn't matter if you're watching the whole show from home or if you are on site.

1. Become the #1 Fan Contest

What do i have to do?
    Long story short, please read this news carefully and post your pictures there.
What can i win?
    1st place: Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU
    2nd & 3rd place receives a Razer bundle: mouse + mousepad + headset
    5 randomly chosen entries receive a Razer mousepad

2. Prediction Contest

What do i have to do?
    Before each stage of the World Championship we will have a separate news announcing a prediction contest. We will ask you to predict who will advance to the next phase (or win) in each game SEPARATELY – e.g. you can predict the results for StarCraft II only or for all of the three games. We will have separate reward drawings for each discipline. Your predictions have to be posted as comments to the regarding news (the first one regarding the groupstage will be published on Monday). Each prediction contest will be closed the moment the first match of each phase is about to start.
What can i win?
    Group Stage: Razer mousepads
    Quarter Finals: Razer mice
    Semi Finals: Razer mice and mousepads
    Grand Final & 3rd Place decider: Razer headsets

3. „Photo of the day“ Contest

What do i have to do?
    This is for all people, who are attending CeBIT. Take your own photos, upload them anywhere and post the link to these photos as comments to THIS news including the phrase „photo of the day contest“. The theme for the photos is ‚eSports‘. These may be photos of our players participating in the tournaments in hall 23 or photos of the cheering crowd etc. Every day a „jury consisting of ESL officials“ will choose the photo of the day.
What can i win?
    Each photo of the day receives a Razer mousepad

4. Make comments and win

What do i have to do? What can i win?
    Each day a random comment will get a 3 month Quake Live Premium token
Good luck and enjoy our World Championship!

This is what you get with ESL TV's CeBIT HD Pass
26.02.2011 20:22
Convince yourself of ESL TV's HD quality

For the first time ever an Intel Extreme Masters event will be broadcasted in HD. ESL TV's CeBIT HD Pass is available for €6,50 or $9,00 and will allow you to choose from more than 10 different HD streams during World Championship at CeBIT.

Joe Miller recasted last years Counter-Strike 1.6 World Championship Grand Final between Natus Vincere and fnaticRC in our studio 2. To give you a small preview of the awesome quality you can experience during the whole World Championship of season 5, we made this VoD available for all of you in HD.

Season 4 Grand Finals in HD Part 1 (Part 2)

ESL TV's CeBIT HD Pass is powered by
25.02.2011 17:57
14 streams and counting!

The World Championship of the Intel Extreme Masters will be streamed in HD for the very first time. Together with we will offer more than 10 different HD streams, where you can always choose your favorite match commentated in your native language. So better get your ESL TV CeBIT HD Pass right now!

About is the largest livestreaming platform dedicated to gaming - reaching more than 3 million dedicated gamers around the world. own3D enables gaming partners such as ESL to broadcast popular matches, tournaments and high-level gameplay in HD. own3D's focus on gaming allows the company to develop industry specific solutions that make it easy for gaming companies to go live!

Three streams are not enough!
24.02.2011 20:12
ESL TV & many more to deliver your daily eSports dose!

Beside the three english stream ran by ESL TV in HD we will also have some very nice partner, who will bring you more matches of specific games or commentate the matches in other languages.

So LVLUP TV, MIBR and other partners will bring you more matches in more languages to make every single fan of the Intel Extreme Masters as happy as possible during the World Championship.

Overview of all HD streams during World Championship 2011

ESL TV #1 All mainstage matches
ESL TV #2 Even more CS and SC2 matches
ESL TV #3 All League of Legends matches on Friday
ESL TV Studio 2 German commentary for chosen matches
Russian #1 CS broadcast in Russian
Russian #2 SC2 broadcast in Russian
Russian #3 QL broadcast in Russian
ESL TV Poland #2 Broadcast in Polish
LVLUP TV #1 Quake Live matches
MIBR TV Broadcast in Portuguese

These streams are also available in low quality for free.

Order your CeBIT HD pass now!

Overview of all additional free streams

LVLUP TV #2 Quake Live matches without commentary
ESL TV Poland #1 Broadcast in Polish
ESL TV Spanish CeBIT broadcast in Spanish
Chinese CeBIT broadcast in Chinese

Check the official schedule for all times and matches on all the streams.

The official schedule

We are always trying to bring you the best and most interesting matches live on air. So times and pairings might change due to more important matches.

DeMusliM withdraws because of his arm injury
24.02.2011 14:34
Socke to replace him in Group B

A sad news arrived today as Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker told us he is not able to take part in the World Championship of Intel Extreme Masters starting next week at CeBIT. His arm injury, you might have heard of, stopped him from getting in shape for this tournament so he passes his slot on to the 5th from Kiev.

The lucky one in this story is Giacomo 'Socke' Thüs, who will now get the chance to reach for the World Champion title in Hanover. He will join Group B with Fenix, mOOn-GLaDe, Moon and more.

The schedule: Five days of eSports on 3 HD Streams
23.02.2011 20:08
Don't miss your favorite games on ESL TV

Only one more week till we finally get to see some of the best eSports matches of this year. As you might have noticed the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship will bring you a lot of matches which are way to many to be broadcasted on only one stream.

We will bring you the full load of eSports live from CeBIT in HD on at least three different streams on ESL TV! Stream #1 will feature all matches on stage, Stream #2 will focus even more on the StarCraft II and Counter-Strike matches while Stream #3 will bring you all League of Legends matches on Friday. All three streams will be in HD, so you get even more HD with the ESL TV's CeBIT HD pass! But there will be even more - Stay tuned for further announcements!

To give you a full insight on when which games will be play on or off air and when your favorite teams are going to be on stage, we now present the shedule of Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2011 at CeBIT, Hanover.

The official schedule

Win an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition and Razer gear
23.02.2011 17:59
Become the #1 Fan!

We are giving away an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor for the #1 Fan of the Intel Extreme Masters. All you need to do is show your support for your favourite champion and your excitement for the event, and then share it with the other fans.

The #1 fan will be chosen among the best entries and will receive an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU. The full prizing for the contest is as follows:
1st place receives an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU
2nd & 3rd place receives a Razer bundle: mouse + mousepad + headset
five randomly chosen entries will receive a Razer mousepad

Here's what needs to be done:

1. Create a fan sign cheering a team or a player on at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. It needs to clearly indicate which team or player you are supporting and that you want them to do well specifically at the Intel Extreme Masters event.
    example: NEO will ace everyone @ IEM
    example: Fnatic - IEM World Champions 2011
    example: IdrA Hwaiting @ IEM!

    ... or anything else which is fun and creative!
2. Take a picture of yourself with that sign
There needs to be something in the photo that will indicate that you follow Intel Extreme Masters coverage on our page. Feel free to take the photo at CeBIT if you're going to be there!!!
    example: is open in a web browser on a monitor that's visible in the photo.
    example: The sign has the "" URL on it.
    example: There is a Intel Extreme Masters watermark on the photo.
3. Upload that picture anywhere on the Internet and provide the link in the comments to this news item. You have got time until Monday, March 7 @ 18:00 CET. The winners of the contest will be announced on Tuesday, March 8.

If you want to share the fun with other spectators of the Intel Extreme Masters, then go ahead and post your photo on the Intel Extreme Masters wall also (please note that you cannot win anything by doing that).

World Championship at Selectah
23.02.2011 17:59
Are you a good eSports manager?

Manage Intel Extreme Masters teams with Selectah!

With the Free2Play e-sport managing game selectah you can already turn up the hype for the long-awaited event, by drafting your favorite players into your very own personal World Championship team. Choose players out of all official CS 1.6 competitors and compete with other managers from all across the globe for great prizes.

See how the real pros perform in HD!

Selectah and ESL TV wish you best of luck and a lot of fun with your own Intel Extreme Masters team and the real stars of the World Championship on stage! If you want to follow the whole event in best quality, see the ESL TV CeBIT HD ticket offer.

Eurosport's third episode with EU & US StarCraft II
23.02.2011 15:52
Intel Extreme Masters at Eurosport

The third episode of Eurosports's Intel Extreme Masters coverage is about to air. This time the filmmakers focused on the StarCraft II stars at the continental finals of America and Europe. Get to see the best players from New York and Kiev trying to qualify for the World Championship taking place next week in Hanover, Germany, at CeBIT. Your first chance is Friday, February 24th on Eurosport 2!

Second Intel Extreme Masters episode on Eurosport

The third episode features the road to Hanover as both Continental Championship Finals of American (New York) and European (Kiev) Championships Finals focusing on the new stars on stage, the best StarCraft II players of both continents. See their way to Hanover of some big candidates for the title of the worlds best StarCraft II player!

New York Gallery      -     Kiev Gallery

Broadcast Schedule

The broadcast schedule might differ depending on the region. So be sure to check out your nation's Eurosport schedule to avoid missing the show.

Eurosport will broadcast a total of six episodes featuring this season of the Intel Extreme Masters. Each episode will focus on one event, one game and one star player. Both, hardcore eSports fans and the established Eurosport audience should enjoy it.

1st episode fnaticRC attending the Global Challenge Shanghai
2nd episode 4314184 vs. COOLLERZ at Global Challenge Cologne

Each episode will be available on demand at, always about one week after the TV premiere of each show. In addition, there will be a short highlight clip following every episode available in the free online video sections across Eurosport’s online network (which offers country sections in eleven different languages).

Joe Miller's Dreamteam on
22.02.2011 16:45
Joe Miller has joined's Dreamteam game. Can you beat him?

Have a little virtual fight with our Intel Extreme Masters CeBIT commentator, CS 1.6 and Quake Live expert and Englishman 2861708 Miller, about this one question: Who are the five best players from all the top teams at CeBIT? He created a World Championship Dreamteam League on and challenged all his fans to join and kick his ass.

Dreamteam-Game: Manage your CS1.6 team

Dreamteam is an online manager game, where the performance of real life gamers affects your game. Buy and sell gamers during a tournament and win the game by making the most profit (read more in the introduction).

Korea sends four contenders
21.02.2011 19:11
Moon, IdrA, Ace and Squirtle

Finally we can reveal the remaining StarCraft II players for the World Championship. Participants from North- and South America, Europe, China and even Australia have already qualified. But this list lacked some people from the literally home of StarCraft, Korea.

Of course IdrA isn't a Korean, but he surely can be considered as from Korea when it comes to StarCraft, although he announced his departure from Korea some days ago. Recently he reached the quarter finals of GSL Code S and he's also the runner-up of our Global Challenge at gamescom. The first real Korean for our World Championship is Moon, the infamous fifth race of Warcraft 3, who slightly missed the qualification to GSL's Code S tournament recently. Ace and Squirtle from Team StarTale complete the lineup of top notch players at CeBIT. Both of them earned enough reputation in GSL's Code A, to compete in the World Championship.

StarCraft II Invites from Korea
    Jang Jae '1157983' Ho
    Greg '3606178' Fields
    Park Hyun 'Squirtle' Woo
    Jung Woo 'Ace' Seo

CeBIT: See ESL TV in HD for the very first time!
21.02.2011 15:01
All live streams and VoD access for only €6.50 ($9)

The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship at CeBIT will be a firework display of eSports. The biggest eSports stage Europe has ever seen is expected to be visited by the largest eSports audience that has ever come together outside of Korea.

This is what you will get in HD from CeBIT

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship
Multiple streams covering all the different tournaments
ESL Pro Series Germany - 1st Intel Friday Night Game of Summer Season 2011
IRacing GP Series Grand Final
The best eSports commentators including Joe Miller and Sean 'Day[9]' Plott
And even more!

For five days, some very special guests will join our commentating team across multiple streams to bring you the whole event in HD quality! This is the first time that ESL TV will offer such high quality for offline event. To all of our loyal ESL TV Premium subscribers and those who are now tempted to see what the World Championship would be like in HD: We celebrate top-notch CS 1.6, Quake Live, StarCraft II and League of Legends with you by making an offer you can not refuse!

CeBIT HD Pass - All the best moments in the highest quality!

To give you the chance to enjoy every little details, all the big moments and these top notch tournaments in HD (16:9, 720p) on multiple streams, we have a very special offer for you. The CeBIT HD Pass is for all of you who don't want to subscribe to ESL TV Premium, but still want see to this world class event for only €6.50 ($9). ESL Premium users get a discounted offer of €5 ($7).

HD Comparison: See what you will get from CeBIT!

CeBIT HD Pass: Order now!

CeBIT HD pass: €6.50 ($9)
Discount for ESL Premium members: €5 ($7)

The CeBIT HD pass lasts 20 days. This means you can watch all the matches live, and then afterwards re-watch your favourite moments in the Video on Demand archive!

Day[9], TLO, lurppis and more to commentate CeBIT
20.02.2011 15:29
World Championship's caster lineup!

ESL TV's experts Joe Miller and Kevin 'Rotterdam' van der Kooi called for backup to enrich CeBIT's five days of eSports awesomeness with the best voices available. Both top-notch players and some of the most famous eSports casters will take a seat at ESL TV's desk. Finnish Counter-Strike legend lurppis will support Joe as well as QuadV's A_Spec, who will also doing the Quake Live part.

After his great appearance at gamescom 2010 Day[9] is once again heading to Germany, where he will also meet Liquid|TLO. The first League of Legends tournament in Intel Extreme Masters' history will be presented by none other than Phreak from Riot Games and between the matches you will get to see TaKe as the official host and Liefje, our charming field reporter.

World Championship Caster Crew
    Dennis 'Take' Gehlen - Host
    Joe Miller - CS1.6, QL & LoL
    Kevin 'Rotterdam' van der Kooi - SC2

    Sean 'Day[9]' Plott - SC2
    Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen - CS1.6
    Matthijs 'a_spec' Hoving - CS1.6, QL
    Dario 'TLO' Wünsch - SC2
    David 'Phreak' Turley - LoL
    Livia 'Liefje' Teernstra - field reporter

World Championship: $145,000 up for the grabs
17.02.2011 18:24
Who will get the huge checks?

During the Continental Championship and Global Challenges already hundreds of thousands dollars were distributed among the best players of the world, but the prize purse of the World Championship is even more impressive! A total of 145,000USD will be at stake for the best Counter-Strike, StarCraft II, Quake Live and League of Legends players.

World Championship Prize Purse

    $ 35,000
    $ 17,000
    $ 8,500
    $ 4,000
    $ 2,500
    $ 2,500
    $ 1,750
    $ 1,750
    $ 1,750
    $ 1,750
    $ 1,750
    $ 1,750
    $ 80,000
    $ 13,000
    $ 6,500
    $ 4,000
    $ 2,500
    $ 800
    $ 800
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 30,000
    $ 8,500
    $ 4,000
    $ 2,500
    $ 1,400
    $ 600
    $ 600
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 20,000
      LoL (Side Event)
    $ 4,750
    $ 2,750
    $ 2,250
    $ 1,750

    (+ $ 200 per win)

    $ 13,500

LoL: Hanover Invitational with $13,500 prize pot!
16.02.2011 23:22
League of Legends at CeBIT

Besides the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, CeBIT in Hanover will also welcome four of the best League of Legends teams. These four teams will play in a very unique system for a prize pot of $13,500 total. Watch the League of Legends Hanover Invitational live on location at CeBIT or follow the matches on a dedicated ESL TV stream!

See the thrilling group stages live on a special ESL TV stream on Friday, and on Saturday the grand final will be live on stage at CeBIT and on the regular ESL TV stream.

League of Legends: The first big offline ESL event

At CeBIT the best of the best in the major eSports games clash for Intel Extreme Masters title. Alongside these eSports legends, a new game gets a shot to prove its potential. Four of the best League of Legends teams will meet at CeBIT to give us all demonstration of their skills.

The teams of the Hanover Invitational:

SK Gaming

Intel Extreme Masters Hanover Invitational - System:

To see a lot of thrilling matches in Hanover we came up with a modified group stage that will bring even more action than usual. The four teams will start in a usual group of four and play this group in Best of 1. After the group stage is over, the last team will drop out as fourth placed, and the remaining three teams will play a group again to determine the finalists.

Groupstage #1


Groupstage #2


Grand Final

1st: Team A - 3:0
2nd: Team C - 2:1
3rd: Team D - 1:2
Out: Team B - 0:3
 1st: Team C - 2:0
2nd: Team D - 1:1
Out: Team A - 0:2
 Team C vs. Team D

Prize Money

1st: $4,750
2nd: $2,750
3rd: $2,250
4th: $1,750
Win Bonus: $200

We are looking forward to a thrilling tournament and a great première for League of Legends at an offline ESL event!

Na'Vi vs. EG to open World Championship
16.02.2011 17:29
Five days full of top-notch eSports

Less then two weeks until season 5's culminating event is going to happen at CeBIT, Germany. World's best gamers will meet in Hanover to determine the new champions in Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II and Quake Live. In World Championship's first match the reigning World Champion Natus Vincere takes on Team EG from America.

Have a look what ESL TV's experts Joe Miller and Kevin van der Kooi have to say. Who is going to survive Counter-Strike's and Quake Live's group B of death? Which StarCraft II gosus from Korea will face the American and European elite? And how Australia's m00nglade going to perfom?

World Championship Schedule

Expect five days filled with tons of the best eSports action you can imagine. Choose from multiple streams to follow the game you want so see. Here is a small overview of the content, but also we have some big surprises to be released shortly. We will publish more details regarding the schedule and streams on the following days.

    March 1st, Tuesday - All matches of Group B, Group A, Group B
    March 2nd, Wednesday - All matches of Group A, Group B, Group A
    March 3rd, Thursday - All Quarter Finals and ESL Pro Series Germany IFNG
    March 4th, Friday - All Semi Finals
    March 5th, Saturday - All Grand Finals

TyLoo out, UMX are in!
15.02.2011 17:28
UMX-Gaming at World Finals!

Team UMX-Gaming will fill in for TyLoo, the famous Counter-Strike 1.6 team from China. We are of course very unhappy that they are not able to attend, since their performance at previous events made them 100% worthy to participate in the Intel Extreme Masters.

UMX-Gaming: They already proved their 1.6 skills

UMX-Gaming have already announced on their website that they are very proud to be able to come to Hanover.

Now we are looking forward to UMX's performance at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, March 1st - 5th 2011. Online they finished third in the Season 5 Qualifier for China. Last year they placed second at the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals, which took place in Taipei, Taiwan.

Ex-WemadeFox completes CS1.6 tournament
02.02.2011 17:48
project_kr fighting!

Finally Counter-Strike's dozen for the World Championship is complete. After TyLoo won the Chinese qualification tournament, there was only one spot left. project_kr formerly known as WemadeFox will participate in Intel Extreme Masters' season highlight at CeBIT.

The Koreans will debut at the first international tournament in 2011. Only three month ago they managed to put even the European top-notch teams in their place, when they claimed the first place at World e-Sports Masters. Will season 2's runner-up be the first non-European World Champion in Counter-Strike?

World Championship Finals: CS, SC2 & QL Groups
27.01.2011 19:58
Who is going to be Season 5's World Champion?

All groups of the World Championship are drawn. These teams and players qualified via continental finals our qualification tournament and will face each other in five weeks. The competition for the World Champion title will take place March 1st to 5th at CeBIT, Germany.

CS 1.6 Participants SC2 Participants
  Group A
Frag eXecutors
TCM Gaming
  Group B
SK Gaming
Team EG
   Group A
  Group B

QL Participants
  Group A
  Group B

mOOn-GLaDe beats Loner
27.01.2011 18:29
Another Australian goes to CeBIT

While Counter-Strike's qualification tournament in China and Taiwan ended already last weekend, the representative of China and SEA was finally determined today. A lot of well known players took part in the qualifiers such as 2252568 or 5247182, who faced 970983 in today's grand final.

Andrew 'mOOn-GLaDe' Pender beat Loner 3 to 1 and is the second Zerg, who qualified for Intel Extreme Masters' World Championship taking place in five weeks at CeBIT. Furthermore he is the second Australian player, since DandaKing qualified for the Quake Live tournament recently.

TyLoo qualify for CeBIT
26.01.2011 18:48
Chinese representative at World Championship

The Chinese Counter-Strike qualification for Intel Extreme Masters' World Championship came to an end. Over 100 teams from China and Taiwan took part in the tournament, but there was only one slot to be given to the winner.

TyLoo came out on top of the competition and is the eleventh Counter-Strike participant for CeBIT. Seven teams from Europe were found last weekend in Kiev, four American teams qualified already last year at New York's ComicCon.

Which Europeans go to CeBIT?
22.01.2011 15:29
World Championship Slots

It is not all about the European Championship title here in Kiev. Each continent will send their best players to Intel Extreme Masters' season highlight at CeBIT. Europe was awarded with seven slots in CS, four in StarCraft II and six in Quake Live. But three separate slots were already distributed at gamescom Shanghai and Cologne. All of them were claimed by Europeans. So, who actually qualified for ?

In Counter-Strike all six playoff participants received a slot. The seventh slot was supposed to be given to the winner of a decider match between the fourth placed teams. But since fnatic is already qualified due to their Shanghai triumph and advanced to Kiev's playoffs, both fourth placed teams are allowed to represent Europe at CeBIT.

StarCraft II's four slots simply go to all semi finalists. Gamescom champion MorroW failed to qualify for Kiev. Five out of six Quake Live slots were given to all respective playoff participants except for k1llsen, who already qualified at gamescom. Therefore a decider match between Spart1e and noctis was played, which was won by the Swede. Additional decider matches for CS1.6 and StarCraft II were arranged, too, in case of a needed successor.

World Championship Finals

Dates: March 1st-5th 2011Venue: CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
Slot Distribution World Championship
Counter-Strike 1.6

12 Participants:
    fnatic (1st GC Shanghai)
    7 slots Europe
    Frag eXecutors
    SK Gaming
    Natus Vincere
    TCM Gaming
    2 slots Americas
    Team EG
    2 slots Asia
StarCraft II

12 Participants:
    MorroW (1st GC Cologne)
    4 slots Europe
    2 slots Americas
    5 slots Asia
Quake Live

12 Participants:
    k1llsen (1st GC Cologne)
    6 slots Europe
    4 slots Americas
    1 slots Australia

World Championship Slot Distribution
07.10.2010 05:21
Who's going to CeBIT 2011?

The first Continental Championships Finals of the Intel Extreme Masters 5 are just a few days ahead. The event in New York will determine the American Champions and of course their participants for the World Championships taking place at CeBIT in March 2011. It is about time to announce the final slot distribution for the continents.

World Championship Finals

Dates: March 1st-5th 2011Venue: CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
Slot Distribution World Championship
Counter-Strike 1.6

12 Participants:
    fnatic (1st GC Shanghai)
    7 slots Europe
    2 slots Americas
    2 slots Asia
StarCraft II

12 Participants:
    MorroW (1st GC Cologne)
    4 slots Europe
    2 slots Americas
    5 slots Asia
Quake Live

12 Participants:
    k1llsen (1st GC Cologne)
    6 slots Europe
    4 slots Americas
    1 slots Australia

The 12 slots per discipline are distributed among America, Asia, Europe and Australia (for Quake Live only) considering the results and appearance of their teams and players during the recent Intel Extreme Masters events and seasons. Three slots are already assigned to the winners of the Global Challenges in Shanghai and Cologne at gamescom. So the Counter-Strike team of fnatic as well as Germanys Quake Live stunner k1llsen and the rising StarCraft II talent MorroW are set for the World Championships. If they still finish their Continental Championship in a qualifying slot the first team or player in the line picks it up.

American Championship Finals

Dates: Oct 8th-10th 2010Venue: ComicCon New York, USA
World Championship Slots: Counter-Strike 1.6 2 Slots
  StarCraft II 2 Slots
  Quake Live 4 Slots