Intel Extreme Masters Season V gamescom 2010 Quake Live Qualifier

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Match format: Best of 3

Map pool: The first map is randomnly chosen by the ESL and it is the following for each round:

1. Round - Furious Height
2. Round - Lost World
3. Round - House of Decay
4. Round - Campgrounds
Semi-Final - Blood Run
Final - Furious Height

The second map is picked by the loser of the first map, and the third map is picked (if needed), by the loser of the second map. Only the following maps may be picked:
House of Decay (qzt9), Blood Run (ztntourney1), Campgrounds Redux (qzdm6), Furious Heights (tourney7), Lost World (qzdm13)

IRC Channel: #esl.quakelive (QuakeNet)


You have to make screenshots from every match and upload them after the match. Screenshots uploaded only by one player of the match is enough and to spare.

Qualification for Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Cologne:

The top two players of the tournament will be invited to the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Cologne at GamesCom 2010. The event will take place from 18. August to 22. August. More details can be found on the Intel Extreme Masters Website.


All participants need to check-in to confirm their participation in the qualifier. Check-in will start 20 minutes before the start of the tournament on Wednesday, 11. August at 17:40 cest. You will be able to check-in here, after you signed up.


Category: Cup
Rankingsystem: cup
Matchsystem: bestofthree
Match adjournment: 14 days 28 days
Match abort: inactive
Autoconfirm: 60 min.
Protest period: 3 days