TheLittleOne loses Terran-duel to MorroW
TLOut! - DeMusliM vs. dimaga live at ESL TV
Germany's remaining player in the StarCraft II tournament just dropped out as he lost to MorroW in an five maps lasting Terran vs. Terran game. Dario was able to win the first map, but lost track in two maps to follow. Using great micro skills on his Banshees he started a comeback on the fourth map, where he amazingly defended an all-in tanks/marine push by MorroW. But on the final and fifth map it was the Swede, who used the invisble, flying bastards to cause enough harm to TLO that he had to say GG.

Since there is plenty of time until the next scheduled quarter finals are about to start, we decided to move the Demuslim vs. dimaga match to ESL TV, so you see as much of the action as possible.
otacon, Friday, 20/08/10 05:41
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Nooo TLO why??!!!!!!!!
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