SC2 groupstage roundup
What happened during the last 60 minutes?
Here are some facts to give you an overview over what's the status quo in group C and D of the GLobal Challenge StarCraft II.

2nd loss of LucifroN7 sealed the fate for him
Two matches without victory for Naniwa, good bye
Still running: HasuObs vs. Sarens & IdrA vs. Strelok
The respective winners have great chances to advance to the playoffs

Sarens and IdrA now have two victories
To keep chances to stay in the tournament, HasuObs has to win against Lucifron7. Unfortunately for now he was never able to do that, even back in Warcraft 3
Terran clash in group D will determine another playoff participant
otacon, Thursday, 19/08/10 11:01
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