VoDs and all replays of day 1
Relive 24 matches
Only some minutes left until the second day of Cologne's Global Challenge are ready to start and the winners of group C and D will be determined. If you missed the results of yesterday's group A and B this news is just for you. We've uploaded all ESL TV VoD's and all demos and replays.

ESL TV Videos on Demand
Replays of group A/B
Demos of group A/B
otacon, Thursday, 19/08/10 04:37
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Wrong link for QL pack :)
HQ VoDs currently unwatchable, buffers all the time, you need to wait an hour to watch 20 min free of lags, free VoDs are working fine.
I'm sorry but I miss James Harding so much :( There's currently no chemistry between Joe and the new guy, but i'd love to see him grow and blossom. It was like James took charge and Joe fired up when the action came about, which was perfect, the dynamic duo.

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