MorroW, matr0x & STING in for gamescom
Three new contender enter the stage
Unfortunately three previously announced players of the Global Challenge gamescom won't be able to make it to Cologne this week. On the one hand there are the Quake Live players GaRpY and guard, on the other hand there is BratOK from Russia, who didn't get a visa to attend the StarCraft II tournament.

Therefore we will replace all three of them with new additions. Mateusz '1347254' Ożga and Szymon 'STINGpl' Ożga join the Quake Live tournament. Matrox placed fourth in our Quake Live qualifier, while STING dropped out in the quarter-finals. StarCraft II's groupstage gets support from Sweden as Stefan '3606125' Andersson steps in for BratOK. Only two days left until gamescom starts and both will meet with 15 willed competitor each.
otacon, Monday, 16/08/10 11:31
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since when visa is needed to travel to Germany for a EU citizens ?
the visa part is only regarding bratok, not the other 2
yey Morrow :D more swedes!
Also STING is damn good, matrox i have no idea
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