Groups of Global Challenge gamescom
Who will survive the group stage?
The groups for Intel Extreme Masters' second Global Challenge have been drawn. 32 top-notch players will compete at gamescom for glory, honour and a prize pot of $25,000 total.

It's going to be the first major offline tournament in StarCraft II's history. Each group includes each race of the StarCraft universe, in other words we will see many varied match-ups, countless strategies and will get a feeling of the current balance in the game. Be prepared for real time strategy at its best!

Global Challenge gamescom StarCraft II Groups

Next to StarCraft there will be 16 Quake Live duelers fighting for a total of $10,000! Will anyone be able to beat the reigning World Champion rapha, who also won last year's Global Challenge at gamescom? Unlike Cooller and noctis, DaHang managed to win against the American SK Gaming star in a final match before. But can he stand the European rivalry and make it to the Grand Final at gamescom?

Global Challenge gamescom Quake Live Groups

The two remaining participants in Quake Live will be determined today. A lot of famous and strong players such as the Asian Champion Fan Zhibo signed up for the open Global Challenge Qualifier, which starts at 18:00 CET this evening.
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gogo TARSON!!
This is going to be the most interesting tournament for a long time as it is the first offline event for SC2.

For my part I hope that HasuObs and TLO will at least survive the group stage. A german final would be great as well, even if it's unrealistic ^^
is there a schedule for the event? i will only be able to attend ONE day of gamescom. without a schedule i won't know which day to pick!
rofl group A is ridicules.
Group A looks like the one from european championships last season :> Hopefully not a three-way-tie this time!

EDIT: QuakeLive that is...
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QL Group C: #1 strenx, #2 dahang
QL Group D: #1 cooller, #2 k1llsen
SC Group C: #1 dimaga, #2 lucifron
SC Group D: #1 idra, #2 demuslim
Group 3
#1: strenx
#2: DaHanG
#3: matr0x

Group 4
#1: Cooller
#2: k1llsen
#3: bodzo
#4: draven
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