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Hall 9
50670 Cologne
Travel and accomodation
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Prize Money Overview
StarCraft II ($15,000)
1st MorroW - $5,000
2nd IdrA - $2,500
3rd dimaga - $1,400
4th Tarson - $900
5th-8th Sarens - $600
5th-8th MaDFroG - $600
5th-8th DeMusliM - $600
5th-8th TheLittleOne - $600
9th-12th Lucifron7 - $400
9th-12th Naniwa - $400
9th-12th Artosis - $400
9th-12th White-Ra - $400
13th-16th Strelok - $300
13th-16th HasuObs - $300
13th-16th HuK - $300
13th-16th ClouD - $300

Quake Live ($10,000)
1st k1llsen - $3.500
2nd rapha - $1,700
3rd av3k - $850
4th Cooller - $550
5th-8th Spart1e - $400
5th-8th DaHang - $400
5th-8th strenx - $400
5th-8th noctis - $400
9th-12th matr0x - $250
9th-12th bodzo - $250
9th-12th STING - $250
9th-12th calipt - $250
13th-14th Sc00T - $200
13th-14th draven - $200
Opening Hours
10:00 - 20:00 CET
10:00 - 20:00 CET
09:00 - 20:00 CET
09:00 - 18:00 CET
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* Prepaid Tickets
** Students
component exception
gamescom 2010 Gallery

VoD of NaDa versus TheLittleOne
26.08.2010 18:57
Dario 'TheLittleOne' Wünsch vs. Yun-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee

During gamescom we held an amazing showmatch at the Intel Extreme Masters stage to celebrate the offical opening of the fifth season. Team Liquid member Dario 'TheLittleOne' Wünsch from Germany clashed with Korea's StarCraft legend Yun-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee from Wemade Fox in an epic best of three StarCraft II showmatch.

In case you missed the match, you can watch it in ESL TV's VoD archive now. Unfortunately the match had to be stopped during the almost finished third map. The interruption of the match took place due to other promotional activities that NaDa needed to attend at GamesCom. Still, it is one out of many highlights of Intel Extreme Masters' appearance at gamescom.

VoD is available here!

MorroW is the first StarCraft II champion
22.08.2010 16:34
Global Challenge has successfully ended

With MorroW winning over IdrA in the Grand Final, the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge came to an end. The young mousesports player from Sweden managed to win over a long-time professional, although he wasn't even invited but replaced the absent BratOK. Yesterday he stayed practicing in the tournament area while everyone else went home or go partying. The reward for his efforts a $5,000 and a ticket to the World Championship in early 2011.

If you missed a mapor match, do not hesitate. ESL TV will upload all shows into their VoD archive immediately. For replays and demos you just have to click on the respective match at the StarCraft II bracket, Quake Live bracket or one of the groupstages and start the download.

Quake Live champion: k1llsen
22.08.2010 13:09
k1llsen tops the tournament

The grand final of the Global Challenge Quake Live was just played on stage, featuring rapha and k1llsen on stage and ESL TV. Five maps played, the German brings the gold medal home together with a solid $3,500 for his unbelievable performance. It's the first major title for k1llsen, who lost to Cooller in the groupstage and even to calipt at the Intel Friday Night Game of the German ESL Pro Series on Friday. Can he repeat this perfomance at the European Championship, which is about to start?

Game for 3rd place in Quake Live
22.08.2010 11:49
av3k beats Cooller

The Polish player av3k just managed to reach the third place at Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge gamescom. By winning to Cooller 3 to 1 he receives the prize money of $1,400. By reaching the fourth place Cooller still gets $900. The grand final between k1llsen and rapha follows shortly.

The final matches on Sunday
21.08.2010 19:46
Determining the Champions of gamescom

We almost made it. Tomorrow the StarCraft II and Quake Live Champions of Global Challenge at gamescom will be crowned. Only four matches are left until the competition for $25,000 and two spots for the World Championship finds its end.

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge on Sunday

gamescom 2010 - Highlights of Day 4
21.08.2010 19:19

StarCraft II Grand Final: MorroW vs. IdrA
21.08.2010 19:16
Terran troop vs. the Zerg swarm

Both semi finals have been played. While MorroW was barely able to defeat dimaga in the first match, the second match ended with a Zerg winning over a Terran. Obviously IdrA didn't care that Thors are a hard counter for his Mutalisks and annihilated the whole army of Tarson. After four maps IdrA was crowned as the winner and will face his third Terran in tomorrow's grand final. This was day 4, but the final decisions will be made on day 5.

Tarson & Spart1e interviewed
21.08.2010 17:51
More StarCraft II & Quake Live videos

Cooller no match for rapha
21.08.2010 16:08
Will rapha defend his title?

And again rapha manages to reach an Intel Extreme Masters grand final. By winning to Cooller 3 to 0 he will be able to compete for the main prize of $3,500 and a spot at the World Championship taking place in early 2011. Last year he beat noctis to Austria. This time his final opponent not only speaks German but also is from Germany: Marcel 'k1llsen' Paul. So we found both Quake Live finalists we are switching to StarCraft II.

k1llsen beats av3k
21.08.2010 14:33
Grand Final? k1llsen has it!

k1llsen just repeated that miracle rapha did the game before. It took two maps until k1llsen was able to do properly, what his name suggests: killing his opponent. But when he scored at Aerowalk after losing twice extremely close to av3k, the spell was broken and k1llsen wrapped the match up. It's been years since a German player won a major Quake tournament or even had the chance to do so. Tomorrow he make history by winning the Global Challenge at gamescom. Tune in ESL TV to find out if he has to face Cooller or rapha.

Cooller completes semi finals
21.08.2010 13:00
Semis are up to come

Just a short message for those of you guys, who choosed to watch TLO taking on Korea's SC:BW legend NaDa instead of following's Quake Live stream: Cooller barely made it into the semi finals by beating DaHang 3:2. In the upcoming semi final Anton Singov has to face another American player, rapha from SK Gaming. But first of all we will see k1llsen competing with av3k for the first of two spots of the grand final.

Spart1e, what happened?
21.08.2010 11:37
No semis for Mr. Siira

Sebastian 'Spart1e' Siira wasn't able to win one out of three remaining maps after he was in lead with two maps. The Intel Extreme Masters Champion from America started an amazing comeback winning three maps in a row. His US-fellowmate DaHang has now the chance follow him to the semis by winning over Cooller. This match will be streamed on, while ESL TV watchers will see an unqiue StarCraft II showmatch between TheLittleOne and NaDa.

Streak of three for rapha?
21.08.2010 11:06
What a comeback

The decision has to be made on ztntourney1 as rapha was able to make a huge comeback by winning two maps and deny two match balls from Spart1e. The Swede has definitively a lack of momentum right now. But if he want to advance to the semis, it's on him to start a comeback.

Spart1e about to dismiss rapha
21.08.2010 10:40
Good bye reigning champion?

With two maps in the lead Spart1e is pretty close to win over rapha, who is not only the reigning champions of the Intel Extreme Masters but also the champions of last year's Quake Live Global Challenge at gamescom. Furious Heights and Aerowalk ended in favour of Spart1e, can seal the deal on Lost Worlds aka dm13?

Watch yesterday's highlights
21.08.2010 09:39
Best moments of the quarter finals

TLO-NaDa-Showmatch to open Season V
20.08.2010 18:41
Dario 'TheLittleOne' Wünsch vs. Yun-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee

On Saturday morning at 10:45 CET the fifth Intel Extreme Masters season will have its offical opening ceremony live in front of thousands of spectators broadcasted by ESL TV. Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz, Product Manager of the tournament, and George Woo, Intel's Marketing Manager of the Intel Extreme Masters, will unveil Season V's trophy.

On top of that we will present a great showmatch at the Intel Extreme Masters stage. Team Liquid member Dario 'TheLittleOne' Wünsch from Germany will clash with Korea's StarCraft legend Yun-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee from Wemade Fox in an epic best of three StarCraft II showmatch. NaDa is known as the best and most successful SC:BW player of all times by achieving the highest KeSPA score of any player.

ESL TV will show the opening ceremony and the showmatch, while the fourth Quake Live quarter final will be commentated live at Have a look at the schedule and make your choice!

k1llsen and av3k advance to semis
20.08.2010 16:07
Intel Extreme Masters done for today

In today's last Intel Extreme Masters matches k1llsen and av3k qualified for the semi finals of the Quake Live Global Challenge. Both will meet eachother tomorrow, but have to wait until the two remaining quarter finals have been played. The big stage at gamescom 2010 will now be prepared for the opening of the German ESL Pro Series with its first Intel Friday Night Game.

Global Challenge Quake Live on Saturday

QL bug almost defeats k1llsen
20.08.2010 15:37
Shocking moment at ztntourney1

Two frags in the lead and only 90 seconds on the clock until k1llsen would score his first map and compensate strenx' prior map on dm13. Suddenly he switched to spectator mode caused by a Quake Live bug. The only possibility was to play the remaining moments of the game in a fresh game, which also mean that armor and hp stacks had to be resetted. Luckily k1llsen was able to defend his lead and win the second map.

IdrA & Tarson complete semi finals
20.08.2010 14:44
Zerg vs. Terran - Part II on Saturday!

With IdrA's Roaches destroying the forces of Tarson being the only one who need only three maps to advance StarCraft II is done tor today. Three out of four quarter finals went over the whole distance of five maps, which means 18 maps in total. If you want to watch any of these games, just pick you favorite match at the tournament bracket and download the replays.

Global Challenge StarCraft II Semi FinalsQuake Live will start now with k1llsen facing strenx.

IdrA vs. Sarens continues shortly
20.08.2010 14:21
Don't panic!

This is the hitchhiker's guide to the StarCraft II galaxy speaking: The fifth and final map of IdrA versus Sarens will be played live on ESL TV in a few minutes. The quarter final will continue shortly after the R.U.S.E. presentation has ended. Meanwhile Tarson seems to throw the third Zerg MaDFroG out of the tournament, he is in lead with 2:0. Quake Live will start as soon as a winner has been found.

Banelings burst dimaga into semis
20.08.2010 13:13
Ukrainian SC:BW legend > British WC3 hero

Hell yeah, the second quarter final brought us another five maps. This timne there was only one Terran and we could enjoy another race trying to stand against the space marines. The 24 years old dimaga had to face the British mercenary DeMusliM, who is going to play in the ESL Pro Series Germany. It took two maps until DeMusliM found a good strategy to defeat the Zerg army. He managed to do it two times, so the decision had to come on Metalopolis. Benjamin's Reaper push wasn't successful as Dmytro split his Zerlings and send a couple of them to the right spot. He secured his victory with an incredible play, where he morphed a huge amount of Banelings, which easily exterminated DeMusliMs troops since they were stunned by some Infestors using Fungal Growth. In tomorrow's semi finals dimaga will meet another Terran, MorroW fom Sweden.

Thursday VoD's are up
20.08.2010 12:46
What happened in group C and D?

Despite the quarter finals are pretty more exciting that old news from yesterday, you still might want to have a look at these matches. So here are some good news for you: All of ESL TV's shows have been uploaded and are ready for your demand. All Vod's from Wednesday are available in this news.

ESL TV Videos on Demand

TheLittleOne loses Terran-duel to MorroW
20.08.2010 11:41
TLOut! - DeMusliM vs. dimaga live at ESL TV

Germany's remaining player in the StarCraft II tournament just dropped out as he lost to MorroW in an five maps lasting Terran vs. Terran game. Dario was able to win the first map, but lost track in two maps to follow. Using great micro skills on his Banshees he started a comeback on the fourth map, where he amazingly defended an all-in tanks/marine push by MorroW. But on the final and fifth map it was the Swede, who used the invisble, flying bastards to cause enough harm to TLO that he had to say GG.

Since there is plenty of time until the next scheduled quarter finals are about to start, we decided to move the Demuslim vs. dimaga match to ESL TV, so you see as much of the action as possible.

gamescom 2010 - Highlights of Day 2
20.08.2010 10:31
gamescom 2010 - Highlights of Day 2

Friday starts with StarCraft II playoffs
20.08.2010 09:55
Do or Die

It's the third day at gamescom and today we are heading into the playoffs starting with all four StarCraft II's quarter finals followed two Quake Live quarter finals. At 4pm CET the ESL Pro Series Germany open its 17th season with an Intel Friday Night Game at the stage until the Global Challenge continues tomorrow with the second set of Quake Live quarter finals. All matches will be played in best of five mode.

Today's Intel Extreme Masters matches

SC2 groupstage ends with IdrA's perfect streak
19.08.2010 19:28
Groupstage is over, playoffs to come

Finally IdrA had the last laugh and made a perfect run during today's groupstage. Neither Strelok, Naniwa nor Demuslim were able to defeat the American Zerg player, who was also successful at SC:BW in Korea. Demuslim was lucky enough to have the best map difference in group D's three-way-tie, while Naniwa and strelok will not advance to the playoffs.

The second day of the Intel Extreme Masters here in Cologne has come to an end. All groupstage matches are finished and eight players are going to compete for the 1st place during the upcoming three days in StarCraft II and Quake Live. Good night and we hope to see you again!

SC2 playoffs got 2 more players
19.08.2010 18:36
Good bye Lucifron7 & HasuObs

And again Lucifron7 stood against HasuObs. After two very intense maps the Spain comes out as winner. His German opponent was able to defend the ongoing pushes of the strong Marauder pushes, but Lucifron7 captured the map bit by bit until the GG appeared. Meanwhile dimaga inflicted the first loss to Sarens from France, who follows the Ukrainian Zerg as runner-up into the playoffs.

The two remaining groupstage matches are live now on ESL TV and determining two vacant playoff spots.

SC2 groupstage roundup
19.08.2010 17:01
What happened during the last 60 minutes?

Here are some facts to give you an overview over what's the status quo in group C and D of the GLobal Challenge StarCraft II.

2nd loss of LucifroN7 sealed the fate for him
Two matches without victory for Naniwa, good bye
Still running: HasuObs vs. Sarens & IdrA vs. Strelok
The respective winners have great chances to advance to the playoffs

Sarens and IdrA now have two victories
To keep chances to stay in the tournament, HasuObs has to win against Lucifron7. Unfortunately for now he was never able to do that, even back in Warcraft 3
Terran clash in group D will determine another playoff participant

Underdogs for the win
19.08.2010 15:55
Sarens and HasuObs upset group C

The first StarCraft II matches surely surprised many, many viewers. While Sarens played against Lucifron7, dimaga took on HasuObs live on stage in front of a huge crowd, who of course cheered for the multiple ESL Pro Series Champion from Germany. Of course HasuObs isn't a nobody, but he was facing one of the most famous European StarCraft players: Dmytro 'DIMAGA' Filipchuk. But HasuObs stand his ground against the Ukrainian Zerg and was able to win both maps supported by thousands of cheering spectators. Meanwhile Sarens was also able to upset his opponent Lucifron7.

Groupstage overview

Quake Live groupstage is over
19.08.2010 14:11
Duel action continues tomorrow

With k1llsen winning to draven the Quake Live groupstage found its end here at the Global Challenge Cologne. Eight players survived and will meet in the playoffs along the lines of: Do or Die. In conclusion there is only one Polish player, who reached the playoffs, although each group contained one.

While rapha, noctis, Spart1e and av3k already qualified yesterday, Cooller, k1llsen, DaHang and strenx made their way to the playoffs during the recent hours. These eight players will determine the Champion of Global Challenge at gamescom during until Sunday. The quarter finals fixtures will be announced any minute.

Update: Quarter Finals

strenx going into playoffs
19.08.2010 12:29
DaHanG or matrox to follow

Due to the absence of sl1p in Quake Live's group C the reamining players have to play only two games. So far strenx won against both matrox and DaHang, who was compared with Buzz Lightyear by strenx earlier this year. Unfortunately DaHang missed the first chance to take revenge, but if he comes on top in his last match versus matrox, he might have a second chance in the playoffs.

Videointerviews with IdrA and MorroW
19.08.2010 11:32
Two more StarCraft II Interviews

Morrow joins Carmac to talk about IEM

VoDs and all replays of day 1
19.08.2010 10:37
Relive 24 matches

Only some minutes left until the second day of Cologne's Global Challenge are ready to start and the winners of group C and D will be determined. If you missed the results of yesterday's group A and B this news is just for you. We've uploaded all ESL TV VoD's and all demos and replays.

ESL TV Videos on Demand
Replays of group A/B
Demos of group A/B

Day 2 at gamescom 2010
19.08.2010 09:35
8 players to complete the playoffs

Today the second set of group stage matches of Intel Extreme Masters' Global Challenge at gamescom will be played. We are looking for eight more players in Quake Live and StarCraft II, who will join yesterday's group winners and runner-ups into the playoffs.

We will start in about 30 minutes with Quake Live, where stars such as COOLLERZ will meet with Germany's number one k1llsen. Later on the American StarCraft legend 3606178 will make his first appearance in the Intel Extreme Masters, where he has to face DeMusliM, ForeverYoung and NaNiwa.

All information will be available at our Coverage page. Have a look at our schedule to see which matches will be broadcasted and tune in on ESL TV or!

Day 1 ends with MorroW & Tarson
18.08.2010 18:57
Team America falls down

In this very moment the last map ended here at the GLobal Challenge of the Intel Extreme Masters at gamescom. While the die was already cast in StarCraft's group A with TLO and Madfrod only competing for the better playoff seed in playday 3, it was all up in group A's air. But neither Huk nor his North-American mate Artosis advanced to the playoffs. So the two European Terrans, Tarson and Morrow will be seen on Friday again.

This was the first day at gamescom 2010. We started with some problems, but from that point on everything went quite smoothly. We are looking forward to continue in this way tomorrow, when four more finalists will be determined in group C and D for StarCraft II and Quake Live each.

rapha and noctis survive group B
18.08.2010 18:06
proZac, where are you?

Quake Live is done for today. Rapha and noctis will follow their colleagues from group A into the playoffs, while STING has to leave the tournament. Wait...only STING? Well, actually proZac should replace the absent madix, but proZac remained absent as well.

MYM's Cloud about IEM and EPS Germany
18.08.2010 17:32
Italy's best StarCraft II player

All StarCraft II replays uploaded
18.08.2010 17:32
Learn the pro strategies with our replays

Missed a match or just want to see it again? Or maybe you heard from a nice strategy TLO used in his matches so far? We've uploaded every single replay of today's played games into the respective match details, for example TLO vs. White-Ra . Just head over to the groupstage overview and pick the matches of your favorite player. We will continue to upload all upcoming replays as soon as possible.

SK|rapha interviewed
18.08.2010 17:28
The World Champion speaks

av3k tops group A
18.08.2010 17:17
Reach playoffs? Check!

Group A ended as expected with av3k and Spart1e advancing to the playoffs. This time calipt from Germany wasn't able to upset the group like he did at the European Championship back in season 4 of the Intel Extreme Masters, where he shared the group with av3k and Spart1e as well. It seems that the Swede learned from his mistakes and is in a pretty good shape.

Group A Rankings
    1. av3k 9 points
    2. Spart1e 6 points
    3. calipt 3 points
    4. Sc00T 0 points

Video: Day[9] arrived at gamescom
18.08.2010 17:05
Sean 'Day[9]' Plott says hello

TLO & Madfrog advance to playoffs
18.08.2010 16:29
Two wins are enough!

The tournament just went into round 2 and the first participants of StarCraft II's playoffs are found. Since both, TLO and 481657, won both of their matches in group A, they already qualified for the playoffs, which will start on Friday. This also means that we have to say good bye to 1938623 and 2017576.

In group B only 3606125 managed to win all of his games, while Artosis wasn't able to score and has no chance to advance, even if he is going to win his last game. Right now Tarson and HuK are playing eachother, which will determine the second winner of group B.

Both tournaments live now
18.08.2010 15:34
Here we go (finally)!

All internet issues are solved and Intel Extreme Masters' Global Challenge gamescom has officially started. While the first matches of Quake Live already have been played, the first StarCraft II games begin right now. Although we have some schedule problems, StarCraft II will not be affected as ESL TV will stick to the plan. All scheduled Quake Live matches will still be played today shown on our friends at

Watch Quake Live at
Watch StarCraft II at ESL TV

Quake Live to start at 1:30pm
18.08.2010 11:20
Due to internet problems the show will start later

We are very sorry to tell you the show of today will start later as planed. At about 1pm the Quake Live matches will start. StarCraft II will start just as planned and will probably take over the whole streaming of Quake Live from that point. Again, we are very sorry and will inform you as soon as we get new information about this situation.

Update: Players are currently warming up and are ready to go. In about 30 minutes, at 1:30pm CET, the tournament as well as the stream will start.

Win one of the 40 gifts from Razer!!!
17.08.2010 20:00
Global Challenge Cologne - Razer Raffle

To welcome Razer™ as our new provider of professional gaming gear in the Intel Extreme Masters we are going to have a huge raffle during gamescom. No matter if you are at home or on site, you have the chance to win high-end precision gaming peripherals from Razer™. Read on to find out, how to win. Good Luck!

1. Match predictions

What you can win: 8 Razer Goliathus mousepads, 8 Razer DeathAdder or Imperator mice, 4 Razer Carcharias headsets and one of three mixed product bundles.

What you have to do: In order to take part, just follow us on our page and predict the correct tournament outcomes under the appropriate post. The person that gets most of the outcomes right for either Quake Live or StarCraft II will win the prize of the day - if there will be more of you, then we will conduct a draw. Winners will be announced daily (and requested to provide links to their ESL accounts so we can get their addresses for shipping).

2. The Traveler

What you can win: One of the three Razer product bundles, including a mouse, mousepad and a headset.

What you have to do: We absolutely love it when you get on a bus, train or an aeroplane to come and visit our live events. And as a token of appreciation we would like to show you some love ourselves - if you come to gamescom from out of town, go to the press counter at the ESL Intel Alienware Arena in Hall 9 (it is on the right side of the stage). Ask someone wearing an Intel Extreme Masters t-shirt about "The Traveler" contest. You will need to show your ticket as proof of the distance you have traveled to get to the Cologne Global Challenge - we will take a photo of you with your ticket on the Intel Extreme Masters Facebook page and note down the distance traveled. The top 3 Travelers with the biggest mileage will receive attractive gift bundles from Razer!

The winners of this contest will be announced after the conclusion of the Cologne Global Challenge.

3. I was here too!

What you can win: One of the five Razer Carcharias headsets.

What you have to do: We do not want to penalize you if you're not from out of town and visiting our event. If you're at the Cologne Global Challenge, then all you need to do is take a picture of yourself that undisputedly proves that you have seen the Intel Extreme Masters stage and post it on our Facebook wall at

The winners will be determined by random draw and announced in the week after the Cologne Global Challenge.

On top of that you will have a chance to win a 2010 Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition: The world’s fastest, smartest PC processor at the ESL Intel Alienware Gaming Arena at gamescom. Each day two of them will be raffled at the Intel Extreme Masters stage in hall 9! offers a second stream
17.08.2010 17:33
19 more matches for your pleasure

There will be a second TV stream during Intel Extreme Masters' second Global Challenge at gamescom. is offering you nineteen additional matches which will be commentated live. TheGunrun and friends from TeamLiquid will bring you even more action from Cologne on their additional live stream. So if your favorite player isn't on the ESL TV Stream have a look at the schedule and switch to our colleagues from

Get the maximum of live matches! will stream during the whole groupstage as well as the quarter finals of both StaCraft II and Quake Live. We hope you will enjoy both streams. Good luck and have fun.TV!

Global Challenge gamescom Stream Schedule

MorroW, matr0x & STING in for gamescom
16.08.2010 17:31
Three new contender enter the stage

Unfortunately three previously announced players of the Global Challenge gamescom won't be able to make it to Cologne this week. On the one hand there are the Quake Live players GaRpY and guard, on the other hand there is BratOK from Russia, who didn't get a visa to attend the StarCraft II tournament.

Therefore we will replace all three of them with new additions. Mateusz '1347254' Ożga and Szymon 'STINGpl' Ożga join the Quake Live tournament. Matrox placed fourth in our Quake Live qualifier, while STING dropped out in the quarter-finals. StarCraft II's groupstage gets support from Sweden as Stefan '3606125' Andersson steps in for BratOK. Only two days left until gamescom starts and both will meet with 15 willed competitor each.

Win an Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme Edition at gamescom
16.08.2010 12:05
Global Challenge gamescom Raffle

Have a chance to win a 2010 Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition: The world’s fastest, smartest PC processor at the ESL Intel Alienware Gaming Arena at gamescom. Each day two of them will be raffled at the Intel Extreme Masters stage in hall 9!

Gear up for extreme processing power

Hardcore multitaskers rejoice. Fly through everything you do on your PC - from playing intense 3D games to creating and editing digital video, music, and photos. With the high performance platform capabilities of Intel® X58 Express Chipset-based motherboards, along with faster, intelligent multi-core technology that applies processing power dynamically when its needed most, PCs based on the Intel® Core™ i7-980X processor Extreme Edition deliver incredible performance with a rich feature set.

ESL Intel Alienware Gaming Arena at gamescom

The ESL Intel Alienware Gaming Arena at gamescom (Hall 9) will be again a highlight for all visitors offering 3,500 m² of gaming, entertainment and new technology. A public viewing area will allow fans to gather in front of the stage and experience the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge up close. Top competitive gamers take their skills to the max with the Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition.

Some of the latest blockbuster computer games will be available in the Intel Core Zone equipped with over 30 high-end PC's with Intel Core i7 processors inside. The visitors will be able to try out for free the following games: R.U.S.E. Civilization 5, Lost Planet 2, Need for Speed Online, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars 2 and Napoleon Total War. In addition, StarCraft® II and SHOGUN 2 will be presented on the ESL stage.

All-new mappool for Quake Live at gamescom
12.08.2010 19:51
Goodbye dm6 & tourney9!

When Quake Live recently left the beta status a lot of new maps have been released too. Two of them will join the duel mappool of the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge at gamescom. Aerowalk and Battleforged are already known due to their appearance in Quake 3. Now it's time to relive them!

The addition of new maps implicates the elimination of existing ones. Therefore Campgrounds (qzdm6) and House Of Decay (qztourney9) won't be seen at gamescom. The first chance to watch the pro's playing on Aerowalk and Battleforged will be this weekend at Quakecon.

Intel Extreme Masters Quake Live Mappool
    Aerowalk (hub3aeroq3)
    Battleforged (phantq3dm1)
    Blood Run (ztntourney1)
    Furious Heights (qztourney7)
    Lost World (dm13)

bodzo & Sl1p join Quake Live tournament
12.08.2010 14:14
Quake Live groups completed!

Yesterday the two remaining players for group C and D have been determined by the Quake Live qualifier of the Global Challenge gamescom. Almost 50 well known players from all over Europe signed up to qualify for Intel Extreme Masters' $10,000 tournament in Cologne. Bodzo won all of his matches and will be at gamescom next week. He will be joined by third-placed Sl1p from Spain, since runner-up winz isn't able to show up in Cologne.

Groups of Global Challenge gamescom
11.08.2010 12:22
Who will survive the group stage?

The groups for Intel Extreme Masters' second Global Challenge have been drawn. 32 top-notch players will compete at gamescom for glory, honour and a prize pot of $25,000 total.

It's going to be the first major offline tournament in StarCraft II's history. Each group includes each race of the StarCraft universe, in other words we will see many varied match-ups, countless strategies and will get a feeling of the current balance in the game. Be prepared for real time strategy at its best!

Global Challenge gamescom StarCraft II Groups

Next to StarCraft there will be 16 Quake Live duelers fighting for a total of $10,000! Will anyone be able to beat the reigning World Champion rapha, who also won last year's Global Challenge at gamescom? Unlike Cooller and noctis, DaHang managed to win against the American SK Gaming star in a final match before. But can he stand the European rivalry and make it to the Grand Final at gamescom?

Global Challenge gamescom Quake Live Groups

The two remaining participants in Quake Live will be determined today. A lot of famous and strong players such as the Asian Champion Fan Zhibo signed up for the open Global Challenge Qualifier, which starts at 18:00 CET this evening.

gamescom's 14 invited Quake Live players
04.08.2010 18:11
Cologne's soil will quake heavily!

All StarCraft II participants for gamescom's Global Challenge are determined. So we go on with the second tournament held at the Intel Extreme Masters event in Cologne. It's Quake Live that will join StarCraft II to bring you another tournament packed with top players from all over the world including Season 4 World Champion Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson!

All in all 16 players will compete for $10,000 at the Intel Extreme Masters stage. 14 top-notch players have already been invited due to their performance during the last season of the Intel Extreme Masters. The two remaining players will be determined in an open qualifier this weekend.

Global Challenge gamescom Participants

Day[9] to commentate SC2 Global Challenge
03.08.2010 18:21
Whoopsie daisy, guess who's at gamescom?

Only two weeks left until the first major offline StarCraft II tournament ever will take place at this year's gamescom in Cologne, Germany. 16 world-class players will compete for $15,000 in Intel Extreme Masters' second Global Challenge of Season V. This early highlight of StarCraft II's eSports history will be brought to you by Sean 'Day[9]' Plott, who will be our very welcome guest at ESL TV!

In the young history of StarCraft II Sean 'Day[9]' Plott made himself one of the most popular commentators of the American and European eSports scene. You may know him from casting major tournaments such as King of the Beta or Razer Domination and of course there are his regular shows: the Day[9] Dailys, where Sean analyzes matches to educate his viewers in competitive StarCraft.

We are happy to welcome Sean 'Day[9]' Plott at the Intel Extreme Masters stage at gamescom and are looking forward to a great tournament.

StarCraft II invitees for gamescom
02.08.2010 20:31
IdrA, White-Ra, TLO and many more!

Six players already qualified for Intel Extreme Masters' first StarCraft II tournament via two ESL GO4SC2 Cups. Now it's time to present the ten remaining ones, who were directly invited. These sixteen gosus will compete for a total prize purse of $15,000 in about two weeks live at gamescom, Germany.

Among the Global Challenge gamescom participants you find some of the best Western SC:BW actors such as the American Zerg IdrA, Warcraft 3 legends such as MaDFroG from Sweden or new faces, who entered the international spotlight of eSports for the first time with the StarCraft II Beta such as Germany's random-hero TheLittleOne.

Qualified via ESL Go4SC2 Cup #24 Qualified via ESL Go4SC2 Cup #25 Invited to Global Challenge gamescom

Three more SC2 participants found at Go4SC2 #25
02.08.2010 13:30
First Protoss and two more Terrans

Yesterday there was the second and last chance to qualify directly for the Global Challenge at gamescom. And again one pretty unknown player upset the whole tournament. On Wednesday it was the Frenchman 5208546 who dared the so far seasoned players from Europe. This time the troublemaker is originated in Italy.

Of course Carlo '2017576' Giannacco isn't new to the scene, but no one expected him to reach the final in his second Go4SC2 attendance. But the former Italian SC:BW ESL Pro Series Champion made his way to the final beating players such as BratOk and Tarson.

Tomasz '4966942' Boroń and Johan 'NaNiwa' Lucchesi are joining ClouD making it all in all six known participants for Intel Extreme Masters' tournament at gamescom. Stay tuned for the ten invitees, who will be announced at ESL TV this evening.

2 Terrans and 1 Zerg for gamescom
28.07.2010 23:36
StarCraft II's first participants found

A record-breaking Go4SC2 Cup took place this evening. Never before so many and so many well known players signed up for ESL's Wednesday Go4SC2 Cup. Almost 500 people participated in today's tournament, trying to achieve Go4SC2 ranking points to advance to the monthly finals and of course trying to qualify for Intel Extreme Masters' Global Challenge gamescom, where the first major StarCraft II tournament takes place.

Three slots were given to today's top three. Dmytro 'DIMAGA' Filipchuk is one of them. He is one of the most popular SC:BW players from Europe. Pedro '2073975' Moreno Durán got his reputation based on his achievements in the younger history of Warcraft 3. And last but not least there is 5208546. Coming out of nowhere he managed to beat much more known players such as DemusLim.

Congratulations to all three players. The next chance to qualify for Intel Extreme Masters' Global Challenge gamescom is ESL's Go4SC2 Cup 25 on Sunday, where another three players qualify for the tournament with a total prize purse of $15,000.

StarCraft II hits Global Challenge gamescom
26.07.2010 18:36
The first major StarCraft II tournament

Last week it was announced that the second Global Challenge of the Intel Extreme Masters will feature a Quake Live tournament. It will not remain the only one at gamescom. StarCraft II makes its way to the Intel Extreme Masters stage at the largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment.

Global Challenge StarCraft II

16 players will battle it out for the $15,000 prize money that is at stake at the first major StarCraft II tournament. 10 players from all over the world will be invited based on their performances during the beta. Three more slots will be available in each of the two upcoming ESL Go4SC2 Cups. The top three of both cups are qualified for the Global Challenge gamescom. ESL's Go4SC2 Cups are open to everyone, but you need an European Account to participate.

Top 3 from Go4SC2 Cup #24 (Wed, 28/07/10 11:00 EDT)
Top 3 from Go4SC2 Cup #25 (Sun, 01/08/10 07:00 EDT)
10 players will be invited

If you want to apply for one of these 10 invite spots, please send an email to [email protected].

Prize Money Distribution

      StarCraft II
    $ 5,000
    $ 2,500
    $ 1,400
    $ 900
    $ 600
    $ 400
    $ 300
    $ 15,000

gamescom sees 2nd Global Challenge
21.07.2010 17:25
Celebrate the Intel Extreme Masters at gamescom

Gamescom, the largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games, has officially been announced as the host for the second Global Challenge of the fifth Intel Extreme Masters season. 16 of the world's best Quake Live players will battle it out in Cologne, Germany, from August 18th to 22nd, for a total of $10,000!

Global Challenge Quake Live

At gamescom you will see finest fast paced duel action, when 16 Quake experts are going to compete for a total of $10,000 prize money. While we will invite 14 players based on their performance during the last season, two more slots will be available in an European qualifier open for everyone. Expect more information regarding this qualification tournament next week.

If you want to apply to one of these 14 invite spots, please send a mail to [email protected].

The Quake Live tournament at gamescom will not be the only fixture of the Global Challenge...

Intel Extreme Masters at gamescom
Dates: August 18th-22nd
Prize Pool: $10,000
Games: Quake Live, ?
Venue: gamescom, Cologne, Germany