1084731 vs. annihiluzz
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Status: closed
MatchID 19765304
Date Wednesday, 29/09/10 15:00
Calculated 29/09/10 16:58
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tba 18 : 1
tba 1 : 0
1084731 wins !
Points +3 : 0
comments (11)
w/o imo
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japa tam
hi i'm on #esl.quakelive, pm me when you want to play
sorry, dont have mouse atm, u can take w/o
Told you.
no idea what w/o means actually :p
walkover, another word u can use instead of default win / defwin
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ESL wants us to play before 4th of october as default win doesnt exist in EMS, so when will you get a new mouse so that we can set another match date ?
in few days, is it ok?
yes sure, contact me on irc when you can play, nickname dignitasgoh
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