Quake Live Newsflash
Gosia out, Quake Live TV in
Unfortunately the Korean Quake Live player 4688726 will not attend the Asian Championship Finals. He broke both his legs and therefore is not able to travel to Taipei. There will be a replacement brought to you consisting of the Japanese crew of proZac, Fenda and Co. One of their fellows is a passionate player as well and will step in for Gosia. Furthermore 3460400 missed his connection flight and will not arrive in time tomorrow. Therefore his matches will be delayed and take place in the afternoon.

Tomorrow's Quake Live matches (the first one starts at 3:30 CET) will not be shown on ESL TV. Therefore Quake Live TV will broadcast these games for you!
otacon, Thursday, 04/02/10 02:06
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Get well soon, Gosia.
Gogo ESL TV Commentators! >) Whoo!
3:30 am I guess? D:
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