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ESL TV Stream
Taipei Game Show 2010
Taipei, Taiwan
5th - 9th of February 2010
Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike ($25,000)
1. Wemade Fox - $11,000
2. UMX Gaming - $5,000
3. Team TitaNs - $3,600
4. Immunity - $1,800
5/6. Ka4 - $900
5/6. DuskBin - $900
7/8. edge7 - $900
7/8. XgamerS - $900

World of WarCraft ($20,000)
1. Button Bashers - $9,000
2. mousesports - $4,000
3. SK Korea - $2,800
4. Death Blooms - $1,400
5/6. DKP - $700
5/6. R O C - $700
7/8. Gaming - $700
7/8. Suit Time Alb - $700

Quake Live ( $4,000)
1. Jibo - $1,750
2. proZaC - $800
3. uNleashed - $550
4. Fenda - $300
5/6. Mustaine - $150
5/6. Utal1ty - $150
7. nitroN - $150
component exception
Asian Championship Finals Gallery

Wemade Fox defends Asian Championship title
09.02.2010 16:36
New Asian Champions: Wemade Fox

UMX's team captain Event was right when he said, that they won't have a chance against Wemade Fox. Only five respectively six rounds could be won during the two maps of the grand final. Let's hope they are going to practice much and rough up the European and American opponents.

Asian Championship Final Standings

2 Major Penalty Points for UMX
09.02.2010 15:19
Don't do that again!

Right after beating Immunity and advancing into the grand final there was a big confusion regarding UMX-Gaming due to breaking a rule. All players were told detailed to not give away their Taipei Game Show badges to other people. As a matter of course the trade fair don't want to have normal visitors entering the event. Our head admins had a meeting and a talk with UMX's manager and agreed to not disqualify the team but giving them two major penalty points instead, which means one more incident like this and they're out.

Short interview with Evant from UMX
09.02.2010 15:06
UMX's team captain gives some answers

How did you prepare for this tournament?
We practiced almost two weeks for the Asian Championship Finals. Since we're living together in one place we could play everyday. Most of the time we played against Taiwanese teams but also teams from Singapore such as TitaNs eSports.

Did you expect to qualify for the World Championship?
Not really, Wemade Fox is a great team, we are kind of afraid of them. Team TitaNs is also a very good team. Our chances to win against Team Immunity in the semi final were fifty-fifty, we never played against them before.

Will you take revenge on Wemade Fox in the grand final?
I don't think we will have a chance against them, maybe we can get lucky and win a map.

What do you think about this event here in Taipei?
It's our first ESL event ever. The booth as well as the tournament area itself is really nice and the schedule is on time. But we don't like the loud noise of the trade fair.

What are your goals at CeBIT in Germany
We will practice the remaining weeks, but i don't think that we will have any chance at all. We are hoping to gather as much experience as possible when competing with the European and American teams.

UMX qualifies for CeBIT
09.02.2010 14:43
All World Championship participants determined

UMX Gaming just won against Team Immunity from Australia and is therefore qualified for the World Championship taking place in Hanover, Germany in only three weeks. The Taiwanese team is the last participant, who gains one of the twelve spots for the Counter-Strike tournament at CeBIT. But this wasn't the final match for them here in Taipei. In approximately one hour the get the chance to take revenge on Wemade Fox in the Grand Final.

Grand Final sees Wemade Fox
09.02.2010 13:12
Be aware CeBIT, Wemade Fox is coming for you!

Titans couldn't repeat their good performance from de_dust2 and lost almost as quickly as on the first map with only five rounds on their side. Wemade Fox advances to the grand final and secures a spot for the World Championship where they will compete with two American teams, eight European teams and the winner of the upcoming second semi final.

Team Immunity vs.UMX Gaming
    de_train 07:16
    de_inferno 07:16
    de_tuscan -:-

Titans win second map
09.02.2010 12:33
Big upset in the semi final

Titans just won a very close map against Wemade Fox. Most of the odds were in favor of the Koreans, especially after they won de_inferno 16 to 4. But the Titans performed very as defenders and gathered ten rounds. This was enough to win the match, but to win the entire game de_train has to be defended just as good.

Semi Final #1 is live
09.02.2010 11:14
Wemade Fox vs. TitaNs eSports

The first semi final of the CS tournament is live now. When Wemade Fox and Titans eSports faced each other during the Asian Championship Finals of the previous season, it was the Korean team, which took the victory. The first map will be de_inferno. This map was the choice of the Singaporeans, who denied de_nuke.

Update: Same map, same score. There wasn't much Titans could do against the aggressive play of the Korean powerhouse. It took bail and his mates only 20 rounds to win the first map, which is exactly the same score of their last clash at in Chengdu back in January 2009.

Wemade Fox vs. TitaNs eSports
    de_inferno 16:04
    de_dust2 14:16
    de_train 16:05

The final matches in Taipei
09.02.2010 10:15
Four matches to go

It's the last and final day of the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals here at Taipei Game Show. While the Asian Champions of Quake Live and World of Warcraft are already determined, the CS Champion is still unknown. But in approximately seven hours one out of these four teams will be the last and final Continental Champion of this season.

The final matches of the Asian Championship Finals

Interview with Button Basher's Mage
08.02.2010 17:17
OrangeMarmelade: Inflame is "the best"

Titans to complete playoffs
08.02.2010 16:49
The final day can come

Group B's last matches ended in this very moment. Immunity and TitaNs did very well, it didn't take very long for both to gather the required 16 rounds. Now we know all four participants of the playoffs, which will be played tomorrow. ESL TV will start with Titans facing Wemade Fox followed bz the second semi final, where Immunity will face the best Taiwanese team of this tournament.

Tomorrow's semi final match ups

Third team of the playoffs is Immunity
08.02.2010 16:00
Down Under is on top

Sweet success for the Australians. After two games played of the groupstage they are already qualified for the playoffs and even the first place is almost save. They need at least eleven rounds in their last match, which shouldn't be to hard to get against Ka4.

It's their first participation in an ESL tournament. There could a second one in a few weeks. They only need to win tomorrow's semi final against UMX-Gaming to qualify for the World Championship. In a few minutes the last matches of the Counter-Strike groupstage are going to start. ESL TV will show Titans vs. edge7, where the winner will follow Immunity into the playoffs.

Top match of group B
08.02.2010 15:33
Team Immunity vs. TitaNs eSports

Right now the most anticipated match of group B takes place. Team Immunity from Australia is facing TitaNs eSports from Singapore. It can be assumed that these teams will place top2 and advance to the playoffs. The winner of this game will pretty likely be the winner of the group as well, whereas the loser has to face Wemade Fox, which makes it very very hard to move to the grand final and qualify for the World Championship.

Booth babes rated by proZaC
08.02.2010 14:10
The p1mp is back

Immunity wins first match of group B
08.02.2010 13:04
Down Under is on top

Group B of the Counter-Strike tournament started and has a already a winner. Team Immunity did a good first step for advancing to the playoffs. 23 to 7 was the score on de_train versus the local team edge7. The second match is live now. Last season's third placed TitaNs eSports is facing the other local team of the group.

UMX advances to playoffs
08.02.2010 12:12
Group A is done

So closest Counter-Strike match so far ended just moments ago. Local team UMX managed to beat DuskBin from Hongkong after 30 exciting rounds. It is even more exciting if you know, that UMX had to win the match at all costs. Because DuskBin just needed a draw, since they had two more rounds on their side overall.

Tomorrow's semi final match ups
    08/02/10 21:30 EDT Semi Final #1: Wemade Fox vs. 2nd of Group B
    08/02/10 23:45 EDT Semi Final #2: UMX vs. 1st of Group B

WMF's perfect groupstage
08.02.2010 11:40
Short day for Wemade Fox

Since the playoffs of the Counter-Strike championship will start not until tomorrow, today's job for Wemade Fox is already done. They arrived at ten o'clock, set up and had a little warm up before XgamerS got totally destroyed by the Korean powerhouse. It took them only 17 rounds until the match was won. Now they can bundle up and go for a trip through Taipei or a tough preparation for tomorrow. It's up to them.

All Quake Live and WoW VoDs from Asia
08.02.2010 11:28
See Jibo and Button Bashers becoming the Asian Champions

Did you miss some matches of the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals due to time difference or weekend stuff? No problem, all matches shown on ESL TV are already uploaded and available as VoD. So you can watch the entire World of Warcraft and Quake Live tournament.

VoDs of the Asian Championship Finals

Sound problems causing delay
08.02.2010 10:58
We'll be back shortly

The final matches of group A will begin in a few minutes. At the moment we are fixing some issues since some of the players have problems with their headsets.

Inside Scoop Blog from Intel
08.02.2010 10:44
Stories from real people at Intel

Apart from our coverage at the Intel Extreme Masters website there is another website providing you with impression of this event. Over at Inside Scoop at Intel people from Intel giving you a close look on what is happening here at the Intel booth at the Taipei Game Show. There writing not only about the Asian Championship Finals but also what happens at the whole booth, where people can play a lot of great games.

Third day in Taipei ends
07.02.2010 17:17
Wemade Fox advance to playoffs

This Sunday brought us a new Asian World of Warcraft champion and the first Asian Quake Live champion. But the Counter-Strike tournament started by now. Four matches of group A were played today and Wemade Fox already reached the playoffs. Since they won against DuskBin and UMX-Gaming, they even would advance if they are going to lose to XgamerS, which is very unlikely.

Wemade Fox wins first CS match
07.02.2010 15:33
The Korean powerhouse is back

Wemade Fox seems to be in a good shape. They didn't have any problems beating the local team from UMX and they probably won't have any reaching the playoffs. The second match already ended as well, DuskBin from Hongkong managed to win against XgamerS. Their next opponent is much harder to beat, in approximately one and a half hour they will face Wemade Fox. But first of all both Taiwanese teams will play the next to last match for today.

Counter-Strike 1.6 steps in
07.02.2010 13:43
20 minutes left until bombs will be planted

The Asian WoW and Quake Live champions are found. Now it's time to kick off the Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament. The first match will be played by UMX from Taiwan and Wemade Fox, the Korean runner-up of the second Intel Extreme Masters season. Both teams picked already the map, it will be de_inferno. Enjoy it!

Button Bashers defends Asian Championship title
07.02.2010 13:33
Three Korean teams at CeBIT

The second tournament of the Asian Championship Finals is finished. Button Bashers managed to win the Continental showdown again after winning at last season's event in Seoul. Will they also be able to win the World Championship again? Besides Button Bashers, mousesports and SK Korea will fight for Asia at CeBIT.

Asian Championship Final Standings

Jibo is Asian's Quake Live Champion
07.02.2010 12:23
All World Championship participants determined

The first Asian Championship title of the fourth season is awarded. Jibo performed very well in the grand final causing disappointed shake of the heads of his opponent proZaC. Both of them will travel to CeBIT to compete at the World Championship.

Asian Championship Final Standings

    1st Place - Zhibo 'Fan Zhibo' Fan ($1,750)
    2nd Place - Cyrus '4097263' Malekani ($800)
    3rd Place - Tahara 'uNleashed' Naonobu ($550)
    4th Place - Joe '470969' Fender ($300)

Who is going to be the Asian Champion?
07.02.2010 10:24
Day 3 of the Asian Championship Finals

Today two Asian Champions of the Intel Extreme Masters Season IV will be determined. proZaC and Fenda will open the third day by competing for the grand final participation as well as a spot for the World Championship. During the next four hours the World of Warcraft and Quake Live tournament will come to an end. Afterwards the CS tournament will finally kick off.

Today's matches

Grand final sees Jibo and ?
06.02.2010 18:06
Which European fights for Asia at CeBIT?

Fan Zhibo managed to win the first semi final against uNleashed from Japan. Now he is qualified for the World Championship taking place next month. The second semi final was delayed to tomorrow morning. At 22:30 EDT we will see proZaC facing Fenda, the winner will join Jibo in the grand final and on the trip to CeBIT in March.

Button Bashers and mouz in the grand final
06.02.2010 17:21
Only one World Championship slot left

The World of Warcraft semi finals are done. hehe xo and Button Bashers won their games and will compete for the Asian Championship title tomorrow. Furthermore both are already qualified for the World Championship Finals taking place at CeBIT in March. There is another one available, which makes the game for 3rd place at least as exciting as the grand final.

Quake Live Semi Final gets delayed
06.02.2010 16:56
proZaC and Fenda have to wait

Due to the delay caused by some technical problems we have to delay one of the Quake Live semi finals, since the trade fair closes in one hour. Since we want you to see as much as possible from the show we came to this decision. While Jibo and uNleashed still playing today, proZaC and his fellow Fenda have to wait until tomorrow morning.

2nd groupstage ends
06.02.2010 15:49
Almost all-Korean playoffs

While in group A both semi finalists were already found yesterday, all teams of group B still had the chance to advance to the playoffs one hour ago. Both SK and mouz won the last matches and are therefore qualified for the semi finals, which will be played right now. SK has a very huge mountain to climb, they will face the reigning World Champion Button Bashers.

06/02/10 02:40 EDT Semi Final #1: Button Bashers vs. SK Korea
06/02/10 03:20 EDT Semi Final #2: Death Blooms vs. mousesports

mouz beats SK
06.02.2010 14:33
mousesports [3:1] SK Korea

Yesterday's last groupstage match got caught up some minutes ago. hehe xo managed to beat SK Gaming. It's their first victory after their surprising loss to Gaming from Taiwanese. This causes a very exciting situation in group B. All four teams are tied having three points each. So the last round of the groupstage brings the final decision in group B. All games are live now! We will add all information regarding match ups and maps into the respective game details. Just head over to the match overview.

Gallery bursts at the seams
06.02.2010 14:06
There is more than Intel Extreme Masters

As you may know, the Asian Championship Finals take place at the Taipei Game Show. To give you an impression of what happens besides our awesome matches, we've uploaded a bunch of pictures featuring some highlights of the trade fair. So take a few minutes and have a look at our gallery.

Asian Championship Finals Gallery

Quake Live groupstage ends
06.02.2010 13:54
We're going into the playoffs

The last matches of the Quake Live groupstage are finished. All in all the usual suspects advanced to the playoffs and will face each other in the semi finals later this day. Both proZac and Jibo still have perfect stats losing not even a single map. Will they meet in the grand final?

06/02/10 03:00 EDT Semi Final #1: Fan Zhibo vs. uNleashed
06/02/10 04:00 EDT Semi Final #2: Fenda vs. proZaC

Second day starting now
06.02.2010 11:00
Quake Live is here

Day 2 of the Asian Championship Finals is starting right now. Get ready for some awesome Quake Live matches live on ESL TV. There are three hours of the finest duel action waiting for you. The upcoming games will determine the players for the semi finals, which will be played later today. Tune in on ESL TV!

Carmac facing proZaC
06.02.2010 10:39

First day of the tournament ends now
05.02.2010 18:05
SK vs. mouz delayed to tomorrow

Due to some heavy server problems occurring during the last match we will delay it to tomorrow since the trade fair is closing now. mouz vs. SK will be played at 02:00 EDT before the last playday of the WoW groupstage. mousesports won already one map and needs two more, while SK needs still three. In group A Death Blooms and Button Bashers are qualified for the playoffs, since they won both of their matches. See you tomorrow!

Interview with Cyrus 'proZaC' Malekani
05.02.2010 17:01
"There can only be one true p1mp"

Cyrus '4097263' Malekani, also known as "the p1mp", celebrates his return to the Quake scene. As one of Sweden´s former TDM stars he will go to enter the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals in Taiwan and will fight for one of the two slots to qualify for the Global Finals in March. fragster invited proZaC to an interview to speak about the upcoming event, his shape and why god is on his side.

Interview with Cyrus 'proZaC' Malekani

mouz loses first match
05.02.2010 16:44
mousesports [2:3] GAMING

Big surprise! The new Korean team of mousesports lost its first match. L.C. ActioN won the first two maps and need only one out of three to win the entire match. mousesports managed to come back and equalized the match by winning two maps as well. A fifth map had to be played, which was won by Gaming. So mousesports really needs to win their upcoming match against SK Korea.

One hour left until WoW
05.02.2010 13:19
Four hours of World of Warcraft

Quake Live is already finished for today, since one player dropped out of group A and 3460400 will arrive not until tomorrow. So there were just two games instead of four. Next Quake Live matches will start tomorrow 22:30 EDT.

The show continues in approximately one hour. At the moment the World of Warcraft teams are setting up their stuff. Tune in on ESL TV and watch eight matches in a row featuring the best Asian teams including the reigning World Championship Button Bashers.

First matches about to start
05.02.2010 11:11
Let's get started

In a few minutes the Asian Championship Finals of the Intel Extreme Masters will start. We had to fix some problems getting the Quake Liver server running, but now everything runs smoothly. Unfortunately it turned out, that there will not be a replacement for Gosia. So group A will only consist of these three players: Fan Zhibo, 470969 and 4792181.

Remember, that the two upcoming matches will be broadcasted by Quake Live TV. ESL TV will start to stream at 02:00 EDT with the World of Warcraft tournament.

Quake Live Newsflash
04.02.2010 15:06
Gosia out, Quake Live TV in

Unfortunately the Korean Quake Live player 4688726 will not attend the Asian Championship Finals. He broke both his legs and therefore is not able to travel to Taipei. There will be a replacement brought to you consisting of the Japanese crew of proZac, Fenda and Co. One of their fellows is a passionate player as well and will step in for Gosia. Furthermore 3460400 missed his connection flight and will not arrive in time tomorrow. Therefore his matches will be delayed and take place in the afternoon.

Tomorrow's Quake Live matches (the first one starts at 3:30 CET) will not be shown on ESL TV. Therefore Quake Live TV will broadcast these games for you!

WoW replacement for Infinity
04.02.2010 14:44
Infinity's participation is finite

Korean WoW team Infinity have withdrawn from the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals. One of their players is not able to attend the tournament, which makes it impossible for his teammates to participate here in Taipei. But we already have a replacement. The local Suit Time Alb from Taiwan will compete with seven other teams for the last continental Championship title of this season. Look here for the updated groupstage overview.

Suit Time Alb
    Min Siang '凱淵' You (Mage)
    Yu Rou '蘋果' Jian (Priest)
    Yu Sian 'ray' Huang (Rogue)

mousesports sends new Korean team to Taiwan
04.02.2010 14:21
The final World of Warcraft team

The eighth World of Warcraft participant of the Asian Championship Finals formerly known as Angelref is the latest addition of the German clan mousesports. Angelref, Aria and Ootzzang are very famous in the Asian WoW scene and gathered a lot of experience at many tournaments. Nevertheless it will be a tough challenge for them to get one of three slots for the World Championship Finals.

Asian Championship Finals WoW Participants

      Chulmin 'Angelref' Bae (Death Knight)
      Jungbin 'Ootzzang' Lee (Paladin)
      Seolhyun 'Aria' Kim (Hunter)

Asian Championship Finals groups are drawn
02.02.2010 00:10
Who will advance to the playoffs?

The Asian tournament of the Intel Extreme Masters will feature eight participants per discipline in two groups of four. The top two will advance to the playoffs competing for $49,000 and seven World Championship slots.

Asian Championship Finals CS1.6 Groups

    Group A
    WeMade FOX
    Team DuskBin
    UMX Gaming
     Group B
    Team Titans
    Team Immunity
    Team Ka4
    Team edge7

Asian Championship Finals WoW Groups

    Group A
    Button Bashers
    Death Blooms
     Group B
    SK Gaming
    Team Angelref

Asian Championship Finals Quake Live Groups

The group drawing for the World Finals will also be done later today.

01.02.2010 23:50
All matches live on ESL TV

Five days with almost eight hours full of live eSports each day! ESL TV will show every single match of the groupstages except for the third playday, where some matches have to be played simultaneously. The show starts 10:30 local time (CET is -7 hours) and ends at 18:00 local time every day.

ESL TV Schedule

Friday, 5th of February 2010
    04/02/10 21:30 EDT Group A - Round 1.1 / 1.2 - Group B - Round 1.1 / 1.2
    05/02/10 01:00 EDT Group A - Round 1.1 / 1.2 - Group B - Round 1.1 / 1.2
    05/02/10 03:00 EDT Group A - Round 2.1 / 2.2 - Group B - Round 2.1 / 2.2
Saturday, 6th of February 2010
    05/02/10 21:30 EDT Group A - Round 2.1 / 2.2 - Group B - Round 2.1 / 2.2
    06/02/10 00:10 EDT Groupstage - Round 3 Topmatch
    06/02/10 01:10 EDT Groupstage - Round 3 Topmatch
    06/02/10 01:40 EDT Semi Final #1
    06/02/10 02:20 EDT Semi Final #2
    06/02/10 03:00 EDT Semi Final #1
    06/02/10 04:00 EDT Semi Final #2
Sunday, 7th of February 2010
    06/02/10 21:30 EDT Game for 3rd Place
    06/02/10 22:30 EDT Grand Final
    06/02/10 23:30 EDT Game for 3rd Place
    07/02/10 00:10 EDT Grand Final
    07/02/10 01:00 EDT Group A - Round 1.1 / 1.2 - Round 2.1 / 2.2
Monday, 8th of February 2010
    07/02/10 21:30 EDT Group A - Round 3.1
    07/02/10 23:30 EDT Group B - Round 1.1 / 1.2 - Round 2.1 / 2.2
    08/02/10 03:30 EDT Group B - Round 3.1
Tuesday, 9th of February 2010
    08/02/10 21:30 EDT Semi Final #1
    08/02/10 23:45 EDT Semi Final #2
    09/02/10 02:45 EDT Grand Final
Enjoy the show!

Asian CS1.6 and Quake Live participants complete
01.02.2010 21:49
One participant left

Only four days left until the Asian Championship Finals will kick off in Taipei. Here are the remaining three Counter-Strike 1.6 teams and two Quake Live players, who will compete for the Asian Championship title. We will announce the eighth WoW team tomorrow.

Asian Championship Finals CS1.6 Participants

    Team Ka4
    Chia-Cheng 'Nero' Wu
    Chin-Chi 'Qky' Cheng
    Chi-Wei 'Wu.' Wu
    Po-K'ai 'Essential' Huang
    Yu-Hsien 'lord' Wang

      Team edge7
    Jyun-Yan 'KK' Wu
    Bo-Shun 'ShuN' Zeng
    Ying-Jie 'Monster' Gao
    Yi-Wei 'Kny' Lu
    Cing-Fong 'Surast' Huang

    Hsin-Yuan 'hax0r' Lee
    Cheng-Feng 'caps' Tsai
    Tsung-Yu 'akke' Huang
    Wei 'Jimmy' Chang
    Ren-Houng '8kay' Wu
    Yen-Jui 'nitor' Liu

Asian Championship Finals Quake Live Participants

WeMade & four more CS teams for Taipei
29.01.2010 02:01
Runner-up of Season II attends Asian Championship

After announced almost all Quake Live and World of Warcraft participants of the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals we are now presenting five Counter-Strike 1.6 teams. Next week they will compete for $25,000 and two slots for the World Championship Finals.

All five teams are the top team of their respective nation. We are proud to have them in Taipei battling for the Asian Championship title. The top two will meet the European and American top teams at CeBIT in March. Two years ago Wemade Fox managed to place second at the World Championship Finals. Three more teams will be announced next week.

Asian Championship Finals CS1.6 Participants

    Team Titans
    Prasad 'StrykerX' Paramajothi
    Sean 'syck' Lau
    Li Zeng 'techduck' Cong
    Chan Kar 'extreMe' Chun
    Andrew 'bali' Joseph
      Team DuskBin
    Jan 'pixl' Li
    Wai-Lun 'protégé' Wong
    Kwun-Fung 'fungbi' Lau
    Kwan-Yeung 'perhaps' Tam
    Siu-Yin 'aumei' Cheng
      WeMade FOX
    Sun-Ho 'termi' Pyun
    Sung-Jae 'bail' Lee
    Seung-Wook 'GARSIA' Lee
    Min-Soo 'glow' Kim
    Keun-Chul 'solo' Kang
    Team Immunity
    Miles 'rizE' O'Connor
    Gareth 'gazR' Lynn
    Fergus 'ferg' Stephenson
    Mike 'Apoc' Aliferis
    Otis 'pupajoN' Duncan
      Team UMX
    Tsung-Kai 'Evant' Chen
    Tzu-An 'CedriK' Chen
    Chia-Heng 'Kandinsky'Chen
    Szu-Di 'Dpker' Yu
    Yu-Chung 'Nevan' Chang

Former RUSH joins Asian Championship Finals
28.01.2010 23:16
Infinity rushs to Taipei

News from the Asian World of Warcraft: Infinity will join the participants of the Asian Championship Finals in Taipei next week. We saw two of their players competing at the Asian tournament of the Intel Extreme Masters III during the last season. Minaegi and Kage managed to place third playing under the name of Infinity WoW.

Asian Championship Finals WoW Participants

      Sungju 'Minaegi' Park (Mage)
      Jinwoong 'Kage' Seo (Rogue)
      Chenbum 'Nibeulhaim' Lee (Priest)

SK's new WoW team in Taipei
27.01.2010 19:16
One more World Championslot for SK.WoW?

The sixth World of Warcraft team competing at the Asian Championship Finals will be the newly formed SK Gaming.Asia. With, SK EU and SK Sansibar already qualified for the World Championship, the clan's strong presence in World of Warcraft grows even stronger with the announcement of a new Korean team.

Cohex, as they were formerly known, managed to beat the current champion of the Intel Extreme Masters Button Bashers recently. With three teams already qualified, there is now a massive chance for SK Gaming to have four teams at the World Championship Finals at CeBIT in early March.

Asian Championship Finals WoW Participants

    SK Gaming.Asia
      JiWhan 'Chominso' Jung (Warrior)
      SeokHoon 'Hwanggom' Kang (Druid)
      Woosik 'Scommando' Jeong (Paladin)

Five World of Warcraft teams for Taipei
11.01.2010 23:52
Taiwan's team and the reigning champion

An in all eight World of Warcraft teams will compete for the Asian Championship title at the Taipei Game Show in February. Four of them come from hosting nation Taiwan. The fifth participant is the current champion of the Intel Extreme Masters. At last year's World Championship Final they won the Grand Final playing under the name HON. Now they are back as Buttonbashers from South Korea. Stay tuned for the remaining three teams!

Asian Championship Finals WoW Participants

      Yu Liang 'khsnoopy' Hsueh (Rogue)
      Shaolun '小甩甩' Wang (Mage)
      Yen Fu 'backstairs' Chen (Priest)
    Death Blooms
      Yi ming '黑牛水電工' Lai(Warrior)
      You Cheng '蘭斯奈特' Liu (Death Knight)
      Wan Seng 'Hematinic' Lin (Shaman)
      Peng pan '呆呆濱' Fung (Warlock)
      Jian Cheng '萬夫莫敵' Guo (Warrior)
      Zhi Qi '火紅的月' Huang (Druid)
      Fa Yi 'Afa' Chen (Rogue)
      Chi Shing '孤寂' Cheung (Warlock)
      Hui Zhong 'mistake' Chen (Druid)
      Kang Nae 'OrangeMarmalade' Hyun (Mage)
      Seoun Gouk 'numberone' Oh (Priest)
      Woo Jin 'Hannival' Kim (Rogue)

First participants for Taiwan
05.01.2010 23:27
Six Quake Live players ready for Taipei

The Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals will take place at Taipei Game Show from Februrary 5th until 9th 2010. Eight participants will be invited per each of the three disciplines. Today we present the first participants who will compete for the Asian Championship in Taiwan, starting with six Quake Live players.

Asian Championship Finals Quake Live participants

These players will compete for $4,000 and two slots for the World Championship Finals taking place at CeBIT in March. With proZaC and Fenda there will be two European participants, who are currently resident in Japan. Therefore they are allowed to play in the Asian Championship just like Sander '4433967' Kaasjager was at the American Championship Finals in Edmonton.

Asian Championship Finals at Taipei Game Show
04.12.2009 00:12
Taipei Game Show determines the Asian Champions

Players and teams from Australia, New Zealand and Asia can now apply for the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals, which will take place Februrary 5th-9th in 2010.

Rules of Application for the Asian Championship Finals

A team may apply if their line-up in all of their matches is made up of more than 50% players who are citizens or residents of Australia, New Zealand or a country in Asia. Players and teams who have already participated in the American or European Championships are kindly asked not to apply for this tournament.

For each game, 8 teams/players will be invited to the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals at the Taipei Game Show (TGS) 2010. The Taipei Game Show will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Taiwan.

49,000 Dollars of prize money will be distributed:

Counter-Strike: $25,000
World of Warcraft: $20,000
Quake Live: $4,000

More than 300.000 gaming enthusiasts visited the Taipei Game Show this year. More information about the TGS can be found here.