rapha vs. DaHanG
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Status: closed
MatchID 17484210
Date Friday, 05 March 15:00
Calculated Friday, 05 March 15:45
thirdmap ztn
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Result Media
dm13 9 : 4
t7 8 : 7
ztn 14 : 1
rapha wins !

05/03/10 09:46
rapha vs DaHanG
Maps results and order
(rapha picked first)

dm13: 9:4
t7: 8:7
ztn: 14-1
t9: not needed
dm6: not needed
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comments (9)
rapha 2-1
rapha indeeeeEEEd =)
dahang 2-1
wait a second aren't playoffs in bo5?

in that case Dahang 3-2
I just purchased premium account, how do I watch in high-quality??
how many minutes left to start??
nice performed by rapha
Last frag on t7 was awesome O_o
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