COOLLERZ vs. stermy
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Status: closed
MatchID 17522423
Date Thursday, 04 March 16:30
Calculated Thursday, 04 March 17:04
thirdmap dm13
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Result Media
t9 10 : 0
dm6 15 : 8
Points +3 : 0
Thursday, 04 March 17:11
stermy dm6*
1.4 MB, Thursday, 04 March 17:11, by sputnik
* No longer available
comments (10)
GoGo Cooller!
Go go go Stermy come on!.. you can do it
yO yO Cooller! :D
2 easy for cooller
yeah, stermy is italian emotional human
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go go go Stermy !
GO GO Cooller!!! Good luck!!!
Cooller tashi xdd
First map t9 was played and counts, second map will be played on Thursday afternoon.
isn't demo from T9 match?
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