Rapha is the first World Champion in Quake Live
In a tensed Grand Final the US boy stays cooler than cooller
In a thrilling match the more than packed Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware just saw Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson and Anton 'Cooller' Singov gave everything to reach their goal of becoming World Champion in Quake Live.

On four maps both players focused a lot on keeping control and not doing any mistakes that could cost the title. So the results stayed below 10 kills on every single map. rapha was the one to keep control in three of the maps and so won the very first World Championship title.

Final Standings of Quake Live:

    1st: Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson ($10,000)
    2nd: Anton 'Cooller' Singov ($4,000)
    3rd: Maciej 'Av3k' Krzykowski ($1,600)
    4th: Alexey 'Cypher' Yanushevsky ($800)
Congratulations, Shane for winning this title and all the other players for the incredibly thrilling performance. We hope to see you around next time!
Soodi, Saturday, 06/03/10 10:20
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WP Rapha
i wanted Cooller to win tho :(
I wanna ! -> this is a prize winning comment!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to all players well played
This tournament has really opened my eyes to QuakeLive!
Lots of excitement for the spectator and high-paced!

Thank you rapha and Cooller for a well-played final!

GunnarJakobsson @ twitter
congratz to all
amazing games congrats Rapha!
well played from rapha he control things well.
gratz to rapha
Great game, i had hoped that Cooller would pull out a win but big congratz to Rapha!.
Mostly suprised that Cypher didn't make it into the top 3 tho. =/
was a nice final
SK|Rapha won, I'd love the i7
Rapha won obviously ;)
Where to post the answer anyway ?
Well done rapha - almost no mistakes, great play.
Cooller well played, just a bit unlucky...
gg luck-pha!

gratz both anyway, really nice matches
will CFG be uploaded?
congratz all of you, guyz!
Nice finals, it was a well deserved victory for rapha once again.
Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson won it @ chubzor is my twitter account
I wanna ! -> this is a prize winning comment!!!!!!!!!
rapha won the IEM QL finals and all 10kUSD!

username "n00b3h" @ twitter
man, Cooller came so close.

gj rapha!!
Cooler dissapointed me.. :S
IEM QL finals winner: rapha took the 10.000 $

drawsn @twitter
uhuuuuuuuuuu rapha 1 of world !!!
QL winner is rapha 10.000 $ is his price

powlee @twitter
roccat ftw!
LOL. i was at the tip of my toe when watching rapha vs cooller (:
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