Continuous attack on IEM internet line
Details about DDoS attacks on World Championship
On top of the issues with the Quake Live LAN server (more details here) we were facing continuous DDoS attacks. Our IT team spent most of the last two days working with the provider of our internet line, Deutsche Telekom, to solve the issue. Björn Metzdorf, our Director IT, gives you more details about the DDoS attacks that occurred and had a tremendous negative impact on the tournaments. Björn has been responsible for more than 400 ESL events over the last 10 years.

Björn Metzdorf, Director IT

Since yesterday, we have been under attack by a malicious bot net. More than 1,000 IPs constantly flooded our data lines. For events of this size, we employ two redundant firewalls for our 100 MBit hard line by the German Telekom.

While our firewalls were able to block the incoming packets, the sheer amount of packet flood completely filled up the internet connection leading to our hall. You can see this on the attached graphs showing when the attacks happened today and their ferocity. This made it impossible to log on to the online parts of World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike and Quake Live, causing both drops and lags, and thus a tremendous amount of delay.

Unfortunately, just like on the streets, you can never be completely safe from criminals seeking to disturb and profit off of the general public. Still, we are constantly working on countering all attacks together with Deutsche Telekom and CeBIT organizer Deutsche Messe AG. Now, late on Wednesday we have been successful, so that World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike 1.6 are back on track and Quake Live can be resumed tomorrow.

Make no mistake: Making the tournament run smoothly and ensuring a consistent, high-quality coverage is our highest priority.

Affentod, Wednesday, 03/03/10 13:27
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While I succumbed to a moment of frustration earlier on twitter, I've reminded myself that the event that ESL has put together over the last several months and built up to this week of play has been absolutely superb. We've seen amazing competition at every step of the way and even despite all of the technical issues that have plagued CeBIT, the good news is, the spirit of each game... the competition in esports, as a whole, is so much better and stronger thanks to the hard work of every single person at ESL.

So, yeah, the first few days of Hannover went went tits up thanks to some botnet asswipes DDoS'ing the pipe at the event. Shit happens, folks. Game on, frag on, and pray there will be VODs. I'm looking forward to great frags and teamplay... and even some spell casting?... as we move forward.

Frag on, ESL. Frag on.
Aside from the disappointment here at home after buying ESL Premium to watch the streams starting today, I can only imagine how stressful and frustrating it must be having little to no control over such a thing.

Tjo, da machste nix. :/
I Can't understand who does sumething like that , are there really ppl who think its funny?
thats sick
Don´t ask who do it, but ask why they do it.
Cebit is one of biggest IT event and this basic attack showing something to us....
Actually it´s really funny :)
stz, funny, right?
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Internet issues on an lan event, i love it ...
björn ftw
I wanna ! -> this is a prize winning comment!!!!!!!!!
I dunno why someone would even do this, or why it would take soooo much time to fix it. =P

The people have time to lose
evil hackers :<
It was Onegood!
Sigh some people are just lame.
hate ppl doing that -.-
nice news :)
n1 News und geille Cebit
roccat ftw!!
those DDoS attacks were so lame..
fricking hackers :(
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