Second ESL TV Stream for more live action
19 more matches for your pleasure
There will be a second ESL TV stream during the World Championship at CeBIT. It will be available at the ESL TV page next week. Thereby we are offering you nineteen additional matches which will be shown live. So if your favorite game, team or player isn't on the ESL TV Stream have a look at the schedule and switch to the second ESL TV Stream (marked as 'ESL TV - B'). These matches will not be commentated by ESL TV, it's just the pure game action just like HLTV for all CS1.6 matches.

World Championship Match Schedule
otacon, Tuesday, 23/02/10 13:37
World Championship Match Schedule
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nice now we've got more QL matches to watch!
I wanna ! -> this is a prize winning comment!!!!!!!!!
nice more matches = more entertainment THX Turtle Entertainment we love you all :D <3
roccat ftw!!
I love you, ROCCAT! :)
ie want chocalateess
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