World Championship groups are drawn
All participants of the World Championship
Today the groups of the Intel Extreme Masters World Finals were drawn. This will certainly not be an easy path for anyone as the groups are packed with top class teams and players. Now see which candidates face each other first in the big tournament for the World Champion title in CS1.6, WoW and Quake Live!

World Championship Groups:

pennY, Monday, 01/02/10 14:01
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cs forever!:D
@ QL -> rapha
@ CS it's hard but i guess fnatic or team EG
an easy win for cypher :))
Quakelive ==> Cypher or rapha 1er , Cooller 2nd and Strenx 3nd
Is there a reason why Group B of WoW has all three champions in it? SK.DE, Complexity and BB? Atleast swap the 2nd team of Asia with BB to make the Groups look balanced based on the results.
this gonna rock to bad i dont play quake but i play quake games
on which days are the cs 1.6 groupstage ???
QL -> rapha
WoW -> Button Bashers
CS -> fnatic

sucked quite a few american c**k right? QL you are totally is irrelevant
OMG WoW Group B :S
Does anyone know what happened to Fnatic.WOW of World of Warcraft Group A? When did Loaded.WOW replace them? Can't find any news about it. :o
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chubz wrote:
I wanna ! -> this is a prize winning comment!!!!!!!!!
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roccat ftw!!
send me the roccat plz i am from algeria i cant buy a pro mouse or keyboard just made in china in my country
I love you, ROCCAT! :)
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