SK Gaming vs. Team EG
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 SK Gaming
 Team EG
Status: closed
MatchID 17484094
Date Saturday, 06 March 12:00
Calculated Saturday, 06 March 14:23
thirdmap de_nuke
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Result Media
de_inferno 5 : 16
de_train 16 : 3
de_nuke 16 : 11
SK Gaming wins !
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comments (18)
SK 2 : 1 EG
SK for sure :)
hltv she imali?
source tv ip ???
ip hltv ??
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you could stream this with commentary too =( this event is worse than European finals by far
Depending on what?
On quake?
zakvo igraqt 4ma be bokluci
c'mon -.-
where has face been during the first half?
gg sk
lol scores messed up everywhere I hope this is the right one =) if it is gg SK
demos ?
gg sk
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