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CeBIT, Deutsche Messe AG
Messegelände, Hall 23
30521 Hannover, Germany
2nd - 6th of March 2010

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Saturday, 6th March live on ESL TV
10:00 - Semi-Final #1
11:10 - Semi-Final #2
12:10 - Game for 3rd Place
13:40 - Grand Final
15:00 - Grand Final

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Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike ($100,000)
1st Na'Vi - $50,000
2nd fnatic - $20,000
3rd SK Gaming - $8,000
4th Team EG - $4,000
5/6th mousesports - $3,000
5/6th Wemade Fox - $3,000
7/8th Frag eXecutors - $2,000
7/8th compLexity - $2,000
9/10th MYM - $2,000
9/10th - $2,000
11/12th oXmoze - $2,000
11/12th Ravens - $2,000

World of WarCraft ($50,000)
1st Team EG - $25,000
2nd Dignitas - $10,000
3rd Buttonbashers - $4,000
4th SK Korea - $2,000
5/6th SK Sansibar - $1,500
5/6th mousesports - $1,500
7/8th SK US - $1,000
7/8th compLexity - $1,000
9/10th x6tence - $1,000
9/10th SK Gaming - $1,000
11/12th H2k Gaming - $1,000
11/12th iNNERFiRE - $1,000

Quake Live ($20,000)
1st rapha - $10,000
2nd Cooller - $4,000
3rd av3k - $1,600
4th Cypher - $800
5/6th DaHang - $600
5/6th fox - $600
7/8th stermy - $400
7/8th strenx - $400
9/10th Fan Zhibo - $400
9/10th griffin - $400
11/12th dkt - $400
11/12th Chance - $400
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World Championship Gallery

Na'Vi World Championship Movie by Winout
01.04.2010 16:50
How to become a CS1.6 World Champion?

Watch the Cinderella story of Natus Vincere from Ukraine who took down the Counter-Strike 1.6 world elite teams fnatic, SK Gaming, mousesports and many more in their Intel Extreme Masters World Championship journey.

Na'Vi Championship Movie by Winout

Grand Final matches available on youtube
15.03.2010 18:56
Three epic matches in eSports history

Grand Final Natus Vincere vs. fnatic

Grand Final Team Dignitas vs. Evil Geniuses

Grand Final Cooller vs. rapha

Additional CS and WoW highlights
15.03.2010 18:49
Amazing moments of the World Championship

Although the Intel Extreme Masters Season IV is finished, here are some great moments of the events and games, which took place during the last month. While fragbite and again fragster gathered some crazy sequences of the CS1.6 World Championship, Team aAa and Dignitas had a closer look at the WoW European Championship.

fragster's playoff highlights
fragbite's World Championship highlights
World Championship Video by ZHAW
European Championship Finals Video by Team aAa
European Championship WoW Movie by Team Dignitas

The 2nd Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Winner
10.03.2010 18:13
Congratulations to all winners

After the Intel Extreme Masters come to a conclusion at CeBIT we would like to announce also the remaining winners of our raffle. The ESL TV Premium Keys have been already given out, Mr_JayR and thegab_ won a ROCCAT Arvo each, but the second main prize - a $1,250 Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor - goes out to 3027993. While the ESL TV Premium winners got their keys directly, we ask all winners of these three hardware prizes to write a message containing your ESL account link to

Thanks for your support, enjoy your prizes and see you at Intel Extreme Masters Season 5!

Relive the final moments of Quake Live
08.03.2010 17:58
All VoD's of the Quake Live Playoffs

On the last day of CeBIT 2010 the first Quake Live World Champion of the Intel Extreme Masters has been crowned. Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson from the United States of America topped all other participants including the three Continental Champions from America, Europe and Asia.

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship

    1st Shane '4314184' Hendrixson - $10,000
    2nd Anton 'COOLLERZ' Singov - $4,000
    3rd Maciej '1052339' Krzykowski - $1,600
    4th Alexey 'cypher' Yanushevsky - $800
The final matches of the Quake Live World Championship are now available as VoD on ESL TV. Watch the best duellers in the world competing for the big trophy of the Intel Extreme Masters commentated by James '2GD' Harding, Joe Miller and Brian '4427770' Flander. Furthermore demos of every single match have been uploaded. During the 30 groupstage and six playoff matches 95 maps have been played, which means there are 190 demos waiting for you.

VoD's of the Playoff Matches

Watch the videos and download the demos, enjoy it!

Thanks for your Coverage
07.03.2010 16:58
Intel Extreme Masters all over the world

For one week thousands and thousands of gamers followed the best players in the world becoming World Champions of the Intel Extreme Masters IV. This was made possible not only by ESL TV and our website but also by countless great eSports websites all over the world, who covered the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship live from CeBIT, Germany. We'd like to thank all of them for doing a really great job during the season and even topping it at the World Championship. Here is an overview with tons of interviews, pictures and videos of all editorial teams, who visited CeBIT in Hanover.
People in Game

Thanks for your effort traveling to Germany and doing such a great job! Of course we want to thank all other websites, who wasn't able to visit our event, but also covered the Intel Extreme Masters Season and the World Championship. We hope to see you next season!

Highlight video of the final day
07.03.2010 09:25
Relive rapha and Na'Vi becoming World Champions

Thank you very much to all the visitors at CeBIT
06.03.2010 20:10
220,000 visitors - The biggest eSport event ever!

The crew already started setting down the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware but we are still working and finally got the number of visitors that came to Hanover, CeBIT, to see the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. With the number of 220,000 visitors over the past five days of CeBIT this was the biggest eSport in history.

We'd like to thank you all, the fans and visitors, for making this event the number one. Also we have to thank our partners Intel and Alienware. Without their support of the electronic sport an event like this would have never been possible.

See you all in Season 5 of the Intel Extreme Masters!

Na'Vi did it - First title for Ukraine in history
06.03.2010 19:36
What a thriller! Na'Vi was stumbling but did not fall.

On the second map fnatic got so close to win but Na'Vi came back to the road of victory and finally drove the game home. It was the first victory of a Ukrainian team in a major eSports event ever.

The top four of the CS World Championship:Congratulations to Na'Vi and all the other teams who made the last days very special for all the eSports fans out there!

Enjoy Day 4 highlights
06.03.2010 17:32
Retrospect the fourth day with its best moments

Na'Vi taking the lead: Going for the title?
06.03.2010 17:29
Can Markeloff and Co. win the World Championship?

In a very equal match, Na'Vi took down fnatic on de_train. With the score of 16:13 the first map of this very last match of the Intel Extreme Masters Season 4 World Championship. The Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware is still packed and the audience is waiting for the Grand Final to continue.

The second map will be de_inferno and both of the teams will definitly do their best to win. Will it be the World Championship for Na'Vi or can fnatic make it to the third map? See it live on ESL TV or at CeBIT!

Quake Live Configs
06.03.2010 17:25
Want the configs of all semifinal participants? Get them here!

Config: rapha
Config: Cooller
Config: av3k
Config: cypher

The Counter-Strike Grand Final starts every minute
06.03.2010 16:24
Here are the maps Na'Vi and fnatic are going to play

The teams have just decided which maps are going to be played. The teams dropped out both de_tuscan and de_nuke. So these are the maps we are going to see:

Maps of the Grand Final in Counter-Strike:

1st Map: de_train
2nd Map: de_inferno
3rd Map: de_dust2

Rapha is the first World Champion in Quake Live
06.03.2010 16:20
In a tensed Grand Final the US boy stays cooler than cooller

In a thrilling match the more than packed Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware just saw Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson and Anton 'Cooller' Singov gave everything to reach their goal of becoming World Champion in Quake Live.

On four maps both players focused a lot on keeping control and not doing any mistakes that could cost the title. So the results stayed below 10 kills on every single map. rapha was the one to keep control in three of the maps and so won the very first World Championship title.

Final Standings of Quake Live:

    1st: Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson ($10,000)
    2nd: Anton 'Cooller' Singov ($4,000)
    3rd: Maciej 'Av3k' Krzykowski ($1,600)
    4th: Alexey 'Cypher' Yanushevsky ($800)
Congratulations, Shane for winning this title and all the other players for the incredibly thrilling performance. We hope to see you around next time!

Quake Live Grand Final about to start
06.03.2010 14:51
Technical problems fixed: Sorry for the delay

The match between Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson and Anton 'Cooller' Singov is just about to start. To have fair conditions for both of the players we did a short break after technical problems to be sure everything is solved.

We hope you enjoy the Grand Finals in both Quake Live and Counter-Strike!

SK Gaming won the 3rd place decider
06.03.2010 14:48
de_nuke made SK cheer; EG surprising fourth

If someone would have asked Team EG right before the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, a save fourth place would have been a cool option after last years disaster. But Team EG fought a pretty amazing tournament and so placed in the Top 4 of this years World Championship.

In the 3rd place decider match vs. SK Gaming they were the one to win the first map. After the 16:5 on inferno SK Gaming was the team to gain strength. Both de_train and de_nuke went good for the Swedish powerhouse. So SK Gaming is the third placed team in this years World Championship.

Completly packed hall 23 for the Grand Finals
06.03.2010 14:09
Only minutes to go to the Quake Live World Championship Grand Final

Both Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson and Anton 'Cooller' Singov just walked in to the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware with tons of fans and visitors cheering. The space in front of the main stage is more or less taken and only a few spots to sit are left.

This will guarantee a perfect atmosphere for the very first Quake Live World Championship Grand Final. Right after the spectacular clash between rapha and Cooller the Counter-Strike Grand Final will heat the atmosphere to the maximum. So prepare yourself for some massive action with two Grand Finals in a row to close down the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware.

Big comment competition enhanced
06.03.2010 13:25
Win ROCCAT hardware and Alienware discount codes

Our friends at Alienware provide us with the excellent hardware on which the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship is being played. As you know we have a running comment competition where you can win a ROCCAT Taito mousepad or a ROCCAT Arvo keyboard. Now Alienware adds to this 10 voucher codes with which you will get 5%-15% discount on purchases in the Alienware store. So now you not only have the chance to win ROCCAT hardware by commenting our news, but you can also get one of the 10 vouchers for a great discount on IEM's high-end tournament hardware. So keep the comments coming!

rapha to face Cooller in the Grand Final
06.03.2010 13:10
3:2 for rapha after a 0:2 lead for cypher

What a comeback! Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson is the challenger for Anton 'Cooller' Singov in the Quake Live Grand Final that is taking place here in the Intel Gaming Hall only minutes after the 3rd place decider match between cypher and av3k started on ESL TV Stream B.

While the complete hall is packed with visitors watching Quake Live on the main stage, Team EG just did a huge step towards the third place in Counter-Strike. On de_inferno the US boys won with 16:5 and are now heading for the 3rd place on de_train. Watch the game live on HLTV:

dkt to join James Harding for the second semi
06.03.2010 11:53
Brian 'dkt' Flander co-commentating

After Brian 'dkt' Flander dropped out of the tournament he had some time to watch the games here in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware. But now he joins James '2GD' Harding at the commentators booth for the duel of rapha and cypher. Enjoy this special on our final day at CeBIT!

3:1 for Cooller - 1st finalist found
06.03.2010 11:36
dm13 brought the decision for the Russian

Another very thrilling last minutes. The map control changed quite sometimes and av3k was finally in a position to fight with the advantage on his side. But Cooller was the one to stay sharp and keep his 6:5 score.

t7: Cooller [03:02] av3k
dm6: Cooller [03:04] av3k
t9: Cooller [11:09] av3k
dm13: Cooller [06:05] av3k

Next up is the match of rapha challenging cypher for the last Grand Finals spot. Stay tuned!

Best t9 ever?
06.03.2010 11:29
A superb match on qztourney9

Within seconds after the match the only thing you heard was "Best t9 ever!". In a thrilling match neither av3k nor Cooller were able to take the lead with more than 2 frags. The last 30 seconds made the crowd go mad. The score is 9:9. Within just the blink of an eye Cooller was able to take the lead, av3k tried to go for the draw but Coollers rockets hit to heavy.

Now it's 2:1 overall for Cooller and dm13 is live!

The nerds are still in town
06.03.2010 10:26
Nerds R Humans 2

The award for coolest booth in the Intel Gaming Hall at CeBIT definitely goes to the guys from Nerd-FM. A couple of tech and gaming enthusiasts at Intel set up this great project, bringing you the nerd's perspective on CeBIT. And the brought support in form of girl nerd Mandy who is out to spread the message.

Check out the Nerd-FM website for lots of cool gimmicks:
  • The Short Cut Keyboard
  • Mandy Wafer Bill 32
  • Trailers and videos from the Intel Extreme Masters
  • And more!
Make sure to check by on the Nerd-FM website for more, especially lots of sexy Mandy pictures.

Win ROCCAT prizes today
06.03.2010 10:18
Reminder: You can still be a winner

Our ROCCAT competition is still on. Post comments under the news on the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship microsite to have a chance of winning ROCCAT Taito mousepad or a ROCCAT Arvo keyboard. Competition is still open until Monday, March 8th, 10am CET.

Cooller and av3k to start the show
06.03.2010 09:57
Semifinal Number 1 live in a moment

To start the day there is nothing better than a very nice match. Cooller and av3k will be fighting for the Grand Final so this match is going to be epic. ESL TV will start the stream in a few seconds to tune in and see master and padawan face each other!

Ice Ice CeBIT - Too cold, too cold!
06.03.2010 09:27
The whole trade fair venue in perfect white

For some of the players this was something to cheer or cry about: A few minutes before the CeBIT closed down for the last night of sleep, it started snowing here in Hanover. About 5cm snow fell during the evening and colors the whole city and CeBIT venue in a perfect white. Let's see if we get some players to show some special motivation now we went back from about 10 Degrees to -3 outside the halls.

Where are the Quake Live VoDs?
05.03.2010 17:31
ESL TV is going to upload all Stream B VoDs next week

You asked and we got the answer: All VoDs of the Stream B matches, Quake Live mostly, are saved not here in Hanover but in our Office in Cologne. We are sorry to keep you waiting for these VoDs but we will do our best to deliver all the Quake matches and more as soon as possible next week.

av3k to face cooller in the semis
05.03.2010 16:48
3:0 over fox make av3k cheer

The second relegation match has just ended. av3k, 2nd in the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship, has advanced to the semi finals where he will face his former mentor, cooller. Tomorrow all remaining matches of the World Championship play offs will be shown live on both the stage here in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware and the ESL TV Stream.

t7: av3k [15:4] fox
ztn: av3k [9:1] fox
dm13: av3k [12:4] fox

We are looking forward to a superb final day tomorrow here at CeBIT with all the Quake Live matches and the CS Grand Final as cream on top. Stay tuned!

CS1.6 groupstage highlights
05.03.2010 16:36
14 impressive moments

Again did a great job presenting impressive highlights of our Counter-Strike matches. Head over to and watch 14 clips full of CS action featuring the best players of the world.

Video Highlights Group A
Video Highlights Group B

rapha advanced to the semi finals
05.03.2010 15:53
No chance for DaHanG in the Best of 5; av3k vs. fox next

rapha kicked out the second last Continental Champion in this years World Championship. DaHanG had no chance to stand rapha this time and is out of the tournament after losing three maps in a row. Now rapha is facing cypher in the semi finals that will be played tomorrow.

dm13: rapha [9:4] DaHanG
t7: rapha [8:7] DaHanG
ztn: rapha [9:1] DaHanG

Now it's time for av3k and fox to fight for reaching the semis. cooller will be on the spot to see his possible opponent play. Tune in to ESL TV Stream B as the last days for all the Quake Live action!

Quake Live on ESL TV:

ESL TV Stream B - Quake Live

Win cool ROCCAT equipment with your comments
05.03.2010 15:29
Every single news comment can win a ROCCAT Taito or ROCCAT Arvo

Instead of the 10 ROCCAT hats we announced earlier to be raffled, we are now going for something even cooler. Now is your chance to win a ROCCAT Taito mousepad or a ROCCAT Arvo keyboard by leaving a comment under any news on our Intel Extreme Masters World Championship coverage page. Every comment can win! We will pick one random news for each prize and one comment under this news item will win. This news can be the winning news, but every other news has the same chances!

How can I increase my chances to win?

By leaving a comment under all the news about the event. There are dozens of news from Tuesday till Saturday that can be commented. Take the chance till Tuesday, 9th of March.

Key fact summary:

Comment the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship news
Every single news can be one of the two winning news items
From these two news one comment each will be picked
Be that lucky commentator to win one of the prizes
Closing Date: Tuesday, 9th of March

The prizes:


fnatic [2:0] SK Gaming
05.03.2010 14:39
fnatic to face Na'Vi to defend their World Championship title

Now we can look forward to a thrilling final: fnatic won the classic versus SK Gaming and is now the able to be the first World Champion ever who defendet their title. But the team of Na'Vi showed a almost perfect tournament so far and are more than just another step to take.

de_inferno: SK Gaming [06:16] fnatic
de_train: SK Gaming [06:16] fnatic

Tomorrow at 15:00 CET the Intel Extreme Masters will see the Grand Final of the World Championship in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware. Join us in Hall 23 at CeBIT in Hanover or tune in to ESL TV, who will be your 1st row seat for all over CeBIT!

Na'Vi advance to the Grand Final
05.03.2010 13:22
Na'Vi win 16:5 and 16:13; Team EG out

The Ukrainians from Na'Vi won the first semi final and advance to the Grand Final of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. After a hard time on de_inferno, Team EG tried with full force to win on de_train. But only 13 rounds have been on their side in the end.

de_inferno: Team EG [05:16] Na'Vi
de_train: Team EG [13:16] Na'Vi

Now the Swedish semi final between fnatic and SK Gaming is hitting the stage. In a few minutes we will get to know which team will join Na'Vi in the Grand Final. Enjoy the show at CeBIT or on ESL TV's livestream!

de_inferno: SK Gaming [06:16] fnatic
de_train: SK Gaming [XX:XX] fnatic
de_dust2: SK Gaming [XX:XX] fnatic

Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Winner
05.03.2010 12:30
Congratulations to all winners

After three days of Intel Extreme Masters at CeBIT we already found one World Champion in WoW but also some lucky winners of our raffle. A lot of ESL TV Premium Keys have been given out, Dan Bells, Tsvetan Tsetkov and Julian aka DankJr won a ROCCAT Taito each, but the first main prize - a $1,250 Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor - goes out to Sarah Deutschmann. While the ESL TV Premium winners got their keys directly, we ask all winners of these four hardware prizes to write a message containing your ESL account link to

You didn't win yet? No problem, there are still two days left where you can win more hardware from ROCCAT and another $1,250 Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU. We are expanding the rules, so you don't need a twitter account anymore. You can also become a fan of ESL TV at facebook and like their Message of the day. Good luck!

1) Become a fan of ESL TV on FaceBook
2) Like the MOTD
3) Post the answer to the question in the comments on FaceBook

The people that followed the rules correctly on Twitter or on FaceBook will be taken into account when we raffle out the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor.

Retrospect the CeBIT Day 2 & 3
05.03.2010 11:38
New ESL TV video footage from the last two days

Na'Vi wins inferno, train up next
05.03.2010 11:23
16:5 on the first map

Right now the second map, de_train, is about to start. Na'Vi showed up in good shape so far and destroyed Team EG 16:5 on de_inferno. The US boys have to win de_train to keep the chances to win this Best of 3.

de_inferno: Team EG [05:16] Na'Vi
de_train: Team EG [LIVE] Na'Vi
de_dust2: Team EG [XX:XX] Na'Vi

Tune in to ESL TV to see how de_train is going for Team EG and Na'Vi

Record attendance on Thursday
05.03.2010 11:20
42,000 in audience on Intel Extreme Masters Day 3

Besides tremendous website and stream numbers, we had a new record attendance on site in Hannover. On Thursday, 42,000 people spectated the third day of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. Numbers are likely to increase today, as the hall is already massively crowded early in the day.

DaHang and fox interviewed
05.03.2010 10:50
fox: I am not playing to win

Tim 'DaHanG' Fogarty was one of the top favorites in the World Championship. In an interview asked the EG player about the accusations of Kevin 'strenx' Beeza and the recent changes in his playstyle.

DaHang: I had to change my game to win

After some very inconsistent but anyhow pretty good performances, fragster sat down with Magnus 'fox' Olsson to talk a bit about the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. fox provides an insight into his preparation for the Quake Live tournament, that consisted mostly of playing HoN. Furthermore, he explains how his goals for the tournament have changed dramatically.

fox: I am not playing to win

Team EG vs. Na'Vi to start soon
05.03.2010 10:00
See the first semi final in a few minutes

Only minutes to go till the fourth day of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship will kick off. The Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware is filling and the fans are waiting to see the tournament continue.

The maps for the first match of the day are:

de_inferno: Team EG [00:00] Na'Vi
de_train: Team EG [XX:XX] Na'Vi
de_dust2: Team EG [XX:XX] Na'Vi

In a thrilling overtime cooller was ice
04.03.2010 19:23
cooller first in Group A - Tournament Bracket up

Only seconds ago cooller finished his match versus rapha. On the second and third map only the overtimes could decide the winner. Both times cooller was the one with the better feeling when to attack, getting rapha to lose both the map control and, in the end, the maps.

With this last result of Group A the Group Stage is over and the play offs bracket is ready. Tomorrow the two relegation matches will be played. Here are the matches that are waiting for all Quake fans out there:

Quake Live Play Offs - Relegation:
rapha vs. DaHanG
fox vs. av3k

See you tomorrow in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware or on ESL TV!

rapha vs. cooller for the 1st place in Group A
04.03.2010 18:16
Who will directly go to the semifinals?

In Group A we have a very special situation. Both rapha and cooller have stayed undefeatet till their very last match in which they will face each other. So the winner of this match will be not only the winner of Group A but also directly advance to the semifinals.

See the Group A matches live on ESL TV and ESL Radio:

ESL TV Stream B - Quake Live all day!
ESL Radio's Videostream

Looking forward to the Playoffs of CS
04.03.2010 18:12
Which teams will make it to the Grand Final?

Tomorrow morning starting at 10am CET the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Counter-Strike play offs will go on. We will begin with Na'Vi, who dropped out mousesports, facing the American Champion Team EG. Right after this match fnatic will have to face SK Gaming in the battle of the Swedish powerhouses.

So set your alarm to get every minute of these upcoming classics!

The new World Champion in WoW
04.03.2010 17:34
Congratulations, Team EG to your World Champion title!

In a thrilling Grand Final Evil Geniuses took the lead and turned this into a 4:1 victory over Team Dignitas. Evil Geniuses are now the new Intel Extreme Masters World Champion and will be the team to beat from now on. Congratulations to the team and the organization for winning this prestigious tournament and taking home 25,000 Euro prize money.

The final standings of World of Warcraft:

1st: Evil Geniuses (25,000 Euro)
2nd: Team Dignitas (10,000 Euro)
3rd: Button Bashers (4,000 Euro)
4th: SK Korea (2,000 Euro)

If you missed any of the games from the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware just keep an eye on the Video on Demand service of ESL TV. Here you will find all the matches very soon!

Only three Continental Champions are left
04.03.2010 16:45
These Continental Champions can make a Double

As the tournament goes on teams drop out. Even the Intel Extreme Masters Continental Champions are not save from having to leave the servers before the very last match is played. Right now only three of our nine Continental Champions are still up to win the second title this season.

Continental Champions still able to make a Double

DaHanG (American Champion)
cypher (European Champion)
Team EG (American Champion)

Let's see if one of these stars is able to make this season shine even more!

Team EG move on to the WoW Grand Final
04.03.2010 16:21
The Americans made the World Champion fall

What a match! Team EG managed to make the reigning champion of the Intel Extreme Masters fall. Button Bashers (ex H O N) didn't manage to addept to the style of the US boys and so have to go for the 3rd place decider match against mousesports.

In the Grand Final Team EG has to face Team Dignitas for the battle of the US and UK. We are all looking forward to a superb final and for crowning a brand new Intel Extreme Masters World Champion here in the packed Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware. Tune in to ESL TV to get all the big moments of this years first Grand Final here at CeBIT 2010!

Relive the match of the day: mousesports vs. Team EG
04.03.2010 16:08
32 minutes of pure World of Warcraft skill

Dignitas advances to Grand Final
04.03.2010 15:48
First finalist of World Championship is determined

The first participant to enter a grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship is the British Team Dignitas. They just managed to beat SK Korea 4 to 1 and will wait for the winner of the next semi final to determine the first World Champion of this season.

World of Warcraft: From the semis to the final
04.03.2010 14:56
See the last four matches of the WoW tournament now!

Right now the first semi final has started on stage. SK Korea is facing Team Dignitas to reach the finals. Right afterwards we will go on with the second semi, where mousesports will have to face the reigning World Champion Button Bashers. See which teams will make it to the final and who will come out to be the next Intel Extreme Masters World Champion!

cypher goes playoffs - fox and DaHanG in relegation
04.03.2010 14:46
Group B ended - See the results now

Group B has just been ended by the deciding duel of DaHanG and strenx who had some problems in the last days. DaHanG showed why he trained a lot and won both t9 and dm19 against the French. So he claimed the 3rd place and advances to relegation, where he will face the 2nd of Group A.

The first two spots have been the battlefield of cypher and fox. But as cypher managed to win their direct match, he is on top of the group without a single match lost. fox now will have to face the 3rd placed player of group A.

Group Stage: All rankings, results and replays

See the Group A matches live on ESL TV and ESL Radio:

ESL TV Stream B - Quake Live all day!
ESL Radio's Videostream

Na'Vi take down the European Champion
04.03.2010 14:04
The Ukrainians to face Team EG in the semifinal

mousesports didn't manage to stand the Ukraine powerhouse of Na'Vi. The European Champion fought till the last round but Na'Vi were the stronger team and brought the victory home.

de_dust2: mousesports [10:16] Na'Vi
de_inferno: mousesports [16:13] Na'Vi
de_tuscan: mousesports [14:16] Na'Vi

Now we are looking forward to the semi finals as WeMade FOX is facing fnatic right now in the second relegation match. The Swedes are leading after the first map but maybe we see the next reigning champion fall?

de_inferno: fnatic [16:13] WeMade FOX
de_train: fnatic [00:00] WeMade FOX


Only Quake Live on ESL TV Stream B
04.03.2010 13:16
Enjoy a day full of Quake Live on our additional stream

ESL TV Stream B belongs only to Quake Live for the rest of the day to bring you the best Quake Live matches of both Group B and the missing matches of Group A. Tune in to our additional CeBIT stream to see Quake Live matches till the end of the day. To make the stream even better we have got some of the pro players to co-commentate the matches. rapha is one of them, so enjoy the show!

ESL TV Videostream Selection
ESL Radio's Videostream

All matches will only be stream on ESL TV Stream B and not shown on the stage. Please keep that in mind. If you want to see Quake Live tune in to ESL TV Stream B!

mousesports [1:1] Na'Vi
04.03.2010 12:58
The battle continues on de_tuscan

In a tensed second map mousesports finally did it. With a good run as CT they stopped Na'Vi at least for now. The next map is de_tuscan and all the visitors in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware are ready for more Counter-Strike action.

de_dust2: mousesports [10:16] Na'Vi
de_inferno: mousesports [16:13] Na'Vi

Stay tuned for the third map!

fnatic vs. WeMade FOX HLTV:

mousesports vs. Na'Vi on the second map
04.03.2010 12:26
Can mousesports make a third map happen?

Right now mousesports is still playing Na'Vi on the stage of the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware. The match is getting more and more tensed as the European Champion really needs to win this map. After a very strong performance of Na'Vi on de_dust2, it's de_inferno now and mousesports fights hard but the Ukrainians are winning some of the important rounds and so winning the first half.

de_dust2: mousesports [10:16] Na'Vi
de_inferno: mousesports [06:09] Na'Vi

As the match is going on, the second Counter-Strike match will definitely be delayed a bit. Stay tuned to ESL TV and you won't miss the best moments!

Quake Live: Two play days done in Group B
04.03.2010 12:18
cypher and fox on top of Group B

While mousesports is on the second map versus Na'Vi the Quakers have already finished playday 2 of Group B. So far only cypher and fox have managed to win both of their matches and so are leading the ranking. DaHanG and griffin both won and lost one match while dkt and strenx lost both of their games. If you are looking for the demos, have a look here.

Quake Live Group Stage: Scores and Demos

Quake Live demos on the way
04.03.2010 11:29
Download the demos of your favorite matches now

Our admins are just uploading the latest demos of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Group Stage. You can find all the demos in the individual matches. We hope you get to see the matches you misses yesterday and will do our best to deliver the demos as soon as possible.

Quake Live Group Stage plus Matches and Demos

Quake Live live on ESL TV B and ESL Radio
04.03.2010 10:38
Good news for all Quake Live fans

If you want to see todays matches that are not on ESL TV or on ESL TV Stream B, ESL Radio's Videostream is your place to be. Tune in to get the matches from the Pro Gaming Area in Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware live to your monitor.

Todays Schedule and Stream Overview
ESL TV Videostreams
ESL Radio's Videostream

mousesports vs. Na'Vi to start the day
04.03.2010 09:52
In a few minutes the first CS relegation will start

Update: Due to a slight delay in the setup, the match will start at 10:15am CET.

What a start for the third day of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship! mousesports and Na'Vi will be the first teams up on stage to bring the action to the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware. In the first of two relegation matches, these two teams will determine who will advance to the semifinals.

In a Best of 3 match both teams will have the chance to show their skills to the fans and the audience here at CeBIT and heaten the Intel Gaming Hall for all the action to come today. The highlight of the day: The World of Warcraft World Championship grand final.

Group B is done - Play off bracket available
03.03.2010 21:27
See which teams will fight for the World Championship

With the last matches of the day ended, we now have the play off bracket filled. Tomorrow the relegation matches will bring a lot of tension in, as the teams have to win to keep the chance for the World Championship title alive.

Relegation Matches, Thursday 4th of March:
mousesports vs. Na'Vi
fnatic vs. WeMade FOX

Counter-Strike 1.6 Brackets

The last two CS playdays of the day
03.03.2010 20:19
6 matches to go

Right now the CS teams are the last men standing in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware. The matches of Group B will be the last for today deciding the complete play offs bracket.

Here are the IPs for the last matches:
SK vs. WMF - HLTV:
MYM vs. Na'Vi - HLTV:

coL vs. SK - HLTV:
Na'Vi vs. Ravens - HLTV:

Team EG complete the WoW quarterfinals
03.03.2010 19:51
2 Koreans, 1 British and 1 American team

Team EG finally did it and managed to take down the team of mousesports in the second relegation match. Again the decision was made in the very last arena, with Team EG shouting out loud in joy. Now we can look forward to very nice semifinals with the following matches:

SK Korea vs. Team Dignitas
Button Bashers vs. Team EG

Tomorrow we will see who out of this four top teams will make it to the throne Button Bashers is still keeping save and warm.

Continuous attack on IEM internet line
03.03.2010 19:27
Details about DDoS attacks on World Championship

On top of the issues with the Quake Live LAN server (more details here) we were facing continuous DDoS attacks. Our IT team spent most of the last two days working with the provider of our internet line, Deutsche Telekom, to solve the issue. Björn Metzdorf, our Director IT, gives you more details about the DDoS attacks that occurred and had a tremendous negative impact on the tournaments. Björn has been responsible for more than 400 ESL events over the last 10 years.

Björn Metzdorf, Director IT

Since yesterday, we have been under attack by a malicious bot net. More than 1,000 IPs constantly flooded our data lines. For events of this size, we employ two redundant firewalls for our 100 MBit hard line by the German Telekom.

While our firewalls were able to block the incoming packets, the sheer amount of packet flood completely filled up the internet connection leading to our hall. You can see this on the attached graphs showing when the attacks happened today and their ferocity. This made it impossible to log on to the online parts of World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike and Quake Live, causing both drops and lags, and thus a tremendous amount of delay.

Unfortunately, just like on the streets, you can never be completely safe from criminals seeking to disturb and profit off of the general public. Still, we are constantly working on countering all attacks together with Deutsche Telekom and CeBIT organizer Deutsche Messe AG. Now, late on Wednesday we have been successful, so that World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike 1.6 are back on track and Quake Live can be resumed tomorrow.

Make no mistake: Making the tournament run smoothly and ensuring a consistent, high-quality coverage is our highest priority.

Dignitas wins 4:3, mouz vs. EG now
03.03.2010 19:15
Will we see three Korean teams in the quarterfinals?

Right now mousesports is facing Team EG in the second relegation match live on ESL TV. If mousesports advances to the quarterfinals, we would have three out of four participants from Korea. The winner of this match will have to face the reigning World Champion of Button Bashers. Tune in to ESL TV to see how everything turns out!

In the first relegation match the European Champion, SK Sansibar, lost a tough match to Team Dignitas. The very last arena brought the result and the Germans were out of the tournament. Now Team Dignitas will face SK Korea in the quarterfinals.

Quake Live ended for today
03.03.2010 18:58
Continuing Group A tomorrow for fair conditions

Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz, Product Manager

Dear Quake Fans,

The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship has experienced delays in the schedule due to technical difficulties with the Quake Live LAN server. The remaining Group A matches are moved to Thursday and will be finished after the Group B matches.

The players have been experiencing high pings (50+) on the LAN servers. The ESL IT staff have found no problems with the network (the server was also connected directly into the switch the Quake Live section was on, which did not help). There also seems to be nothing wrong with the server software that would cause this problem.

To address the issues we delayed the tournament matches and restarted it online later in agreement with the players (the ping to Frankfurt servers is less than 10). Later on, due to DDoS attacks on our network and one player's technical difficulties (which no player was able to solve), a decision was made to continue the tournament on Thursday.

At the moment id Software is working with the ESL IT to build another server in order to make sure that the game will be played on LAN for the remainder of the event. We are doing our best to address the situation.

I am very sorry that we were not able to deliver the optimal spectating experience today. I would like to sincerely apologise for the situation. We will do our very best and more to deliver the optimal spectating experience on three of the remaining days of the tournament.

WoW: SK vs. Dignitas next on stage
03.03.2010 18:04
Germany vs. the UK for the quater finals

The next match in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware will be the classics know from football: Germany vs. the UK represented by SK Sansibar and Team Dignitas. See live on ESL TV how this classic will end and which team will have to face SK Korea!

World of Warcraft: Groupstage has ended
03.03.2010 17:09
Two SK teams still reaching out for the World Champion title

What a finish! Group B just ended with a big bang as SK Sansibar, Team EG and compLexity.Black ended all up with 2 wins and 3 losses behind Button Bashers with 5:0 stats on the 1st spot. But due to the won rounds SK and EG move on to the relegation.

Relegation Matches:
SK Sansibar vs. Team Dignitas
mousesports vs. Team EG

Playoff Brackets

With a little help from my friends ...
03.03.2010 16:41
WoW Group B possible outcome

There is no safe spot in the Group B so far. Button Bashers are still on a run with 4 wins in 4 matches but they can still be stopped. In their last match compLexity.Black (3:1 stat so far) can take over the direct qualification by winning the match.

One level below SK Sansibar and Team EG fight for the third spot but not in a direct match. Both teams have 2 wins and 2 losses so far and should not lose, if they want to keep their chances to win the World Championship. SK won the direct match and so would have the spot, if both teams win.

To better the chances, SK Europe can help their clan mates. If they win versus Team EG, SK Sansibar will have the third spot save. Even if they lose their match, a three way tie with SK EU and EG would still be on their side as they won against both of the teams.

So let's see how everything turns out!

SK Gaming vs. Roskilde Ravens up next
03.03.2010 16:18
Can SK beat the surprising underdog

Remember the European Championship Finals. Nobody really talked about Roskilde Ravens when it was about the favorites. Nevertheless, the Danish team took their chance and played a superb tournament.

A 13:17 was their start in this World Championship against WeMade FOX. SK Gaming is the next opponent waiting for the Danes. Can they surprise all CS fans once again?

World of Warcraft: Playday 4 on the way
03.03.2010 15:55
Only two playdays left in the group stage

Right now the World of Warcraft teams are playing their fourth playday. The Button Bashers won all their matches. So they are on a good way to defend their title as World Champion they won at last years CeBIT. Will they own the world wide scene once again?

See it live on ESL TV Stream B!

Schedules updated
03.03.2010 15:42
New times for all matches left have been fixed

Due to the problems with World of Warcraft and Quake Live we updated the schedule to have the latest changes in it to keep you up2date with all the times the matches start. Have a look yourself and see when which match is going to start:

Ranking and Match Ticker
Ranking and Match Ticker
Ranking and Match Ticker

If there are any further problems we will inform you as soon as possible.

Quake Live to be played on online servers
03.03.2010 15:29
New solution to the current problems

Due to massive network problems caused by another and even more heavy DDoS attack, the Quake Live players have not been able to play their matches according to the schedule. Right now the first match has started again, with the American stars rapha and chance facing each other.

As the network ping was not working in any way for the players we decided to play the matches on the Quake Live online servers. Even though the ping is not the best possible, the players agreed on this solution to make the tournament go on.

ESL Radio will do their best to bring you the matches live on their Video Stream

SK Gaming vs. Na'Vi live now
03.03.2010 15:10
Next CS stage match starts every minute

The next big test for Na'Vi will happen soon on the main stage of the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware. What are the Ukrainians able to do against the Swedish powerhouse? Will they still be on top after this match?

World of Warcraft: Live on ESL TV Stream B
03.03.2010 13:42
Get all matches live from the Pro Gaming Area

The Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware is more than filled up and the matches are going on. While on stage the CS teams show their skills to the visitors, the World of Warcraft teams also play their group stage.

iNNERFIRE had a bad start so far with two losses to Button Bashers and SK Gaming. Now it will be hard for the former European Champion to qualify for play offs or relegation. See all the matches with commentary on our ESL TV B Stream to get the matches live and for free to your PC.

If there are any problems regarding the stream, please be patient. Our IT crew is already working on it so we can make you see the action.

Rankings and all matches of World of Warcraft

Na'Vi lead in Group B
03.03.2010 12:55
The Ukrainians beat the Koreans of WeMade FOX

In their second match Na'Vi, the former KerchNET, found their A play back they had shown at the European Championship Finals. With a score of 22:8 they brought the Koreans back to the ground. Now Na'Vi have good chances to keep a spot in the top 3, but still they have to face SK Gaming, MeetYourMakers and Roskilde Ravens.

ESL Radio video stream for Quake Live
03.03.2010 12:35
Tune in to ESL Radio to see all the Quake Live matches

Right now the Quake Live players are setting up their Alienware PCs to play their first matches. They are just about to start but there is CS and WoW on the ESL TV stream? ESL Radio is your source for the first Quake Live matches. They set up a video stream so you can see all the matches.

Today live on ESL Radio
11:30 - Cooller vs. Jibo
12:10 - Cooller vs. stermy
13:30 - av3k vs. Jibo
14:10 - stermy vs. Jibo
14:50 - rapha vs. Jibo
Click here for full schedule!

Missed a CS match? Get the in eye demos!
03.03.2010 11:46
Download the first in eye demos of yesterdays matches now!

Maybe you just found the first demos by scrolling yesterdays matches. Our admins have started to upload the replace to the matches. So if you are looking for a demo of one of the Frag eXecutors players winning versus mTw, you can find the demos in the official ESL match. If your favorite match has no demos so far just wait a bit. Our admins are doing their best to deliver all the demos as soon as possible.

All matches of the CS Group Stage

Na'Vi, SK and WMF win their first matches
03.03.2010 11:37
The first play day is done

Natus Vincere, SK Gaming and WeMade FOX just finished their first matches on the bright site of gaming. All these three won their starting match and give them selves a better start in the tournament. Right next Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) vs. WeMade FOX will be the next match up on stage and live on ESL TV. Which team will manage to keep their streaks alive?

CeBIT 2010: Day 1 video review
03.03.2010 11:05
Get the best moments of yesterdays action!

SK vs. MYM to start the 2nd day
03.03.2010 10:33
The Swedish powerhouses face each other in the early morning

Right now the last preparations for the big Swedish clash are done on stage to start the days first match. Tune in to ESL TV and have your first row seat for this thrilling match!

SK Korea place 1st in Group A
02.03.2010 22:19
One of the SK team already in the playoffs

While the last CS matches in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware have been played, the WoW teams finished all their days matches in a rush. With a big run, winning all the 4 first matches in their group, SK Gaming qualified for the play offs of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. Followed by mousesports (2nd) and Team Dignitas (3rd), who will play the relegation matches, the first three teams for the play offs have been found.

Tomorrow the next two SK Gaming teams have to play in Group B when the European Champion, SK Sansibar, and the 2nd EU team, SK Gaming, show up at CeBIT to fight for the World Champion title. How many SK teams will make it to the playoffs?

Team EG directly qualified
02.03.2010 21:52
The US boys cheer while mouz and fnatic go for relegation

In the very tensed last playday Team EG overtook the first place in Group A and does the direct step to the play offs. Both fnatic (2nd) and mousesports (3rd) now have to win the relegation matches to be part of the final 8 teams fighting for the World Championship. The teams they will face will be determined tomorrow when Group B is finished. fnatic will play the 3rd placed while mousesports have to face the second.

mouz, EG and fnatic on a shared 1st spot
02.03.2010 21:01
Only round part these teams ...

Right now it's one of the hardest fights for the direct play offs spot ever. Team EG, mousesports and fnatic all have 9 points losing to one of the other top 3 teams. EG and mouz also have the exact stats with 68:52 and fnatic hanging behind by 64:56. Now we go for the the last matches where the top 3 are facing the bottom 3 to determine the superior team when very single round counts!

CS Group A: Who will be on the 1st spot?
02.03.2010 20:22
fnatic, mouz and EG to determine the direct play offs qualification

All the three teams have the change to have 9 points at the end of this play day. mousesports can even go to 12 be beating fnatic and more or less securing their spot on top before the match against Team EG. But if fnatic wins this prestige duel and EG takes down the Polish, the group will be very open for multiple placement possibilities of the power houses.

If the told scenario comes true, all teams are even with 9 points looking forward to their last match. The top 3 would be going to face the bottom 3 in the following matches:

mousesports vs. Frag eXecutors
Team EG vs. mTw
fnatic vs. oXmoze

Every single round might count in this matches. So let's look forward to a hard fight for the most important spot!

fnatic [16:14]
02.03.2010 19:15
fnatic closes up to mousesports

To make this evening even more tensed, right before the match of mousesports vs. fnatic, the reigning World Champion from Sweden just won their match against the Danes of mTw. At the score of 15:12 for fnatic trace was just about to make the impossible possible.

In a 1on4 situation on a deagle eco he managed to take three of the fnatic players down. Only cArn was able to stop him from bringing the Danes back into the game. The last two round went over to mTw but only made the score look better.

Now fnatic is just three point behind the European Champion, mousesports. In their group stage match they can now go for big points and put a lot of pressure on the Germans. Will they be able to get the revenge for the final from Bruehl?

Update on the WoW tournament
02.03.2010 17:56
Only three matches so far played or started

We are sorry for all World of Warcraft fans who have waited for their stars to play their matches. After the problems with the DDoS attacks and a new solution for this, the WoW plazers experienced very hard lags and bad pings all the way. Our IT guys are working on this with high priority and will hopefully fix everything soon enough for the players to have time to play some matches.

We would also like to apologize to all the players who spend the afternoon more or less only for waiting. We will work hard to make this tournament as cool as everyone had hoped for and try to make you forget this bad start.

mousesports [18:12] Team EG
02.03.2010 17:44
Europe > America in the clash of champions

Just seconds ago mousesports won their third match here in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware and steadied their first place in Group A. In a very tough match Team EG were not able to make the European champion fall. In the very first match round Kapio missed the frag on a defusing GoodForNothing only by milliseconds. But still the Germans managed to bring the game home.

Now we are looking forward fnatic vs. mTw as the next stage match.

CS Group Stage: All results, rankings and more

Live now: mousesports vs. Team EG
02.03.2010 16:58
Clash of the champions: Europe vs. America

Finally the next match is live on stage and ESL TV stream again. This time mousesports, who won first two matches, have to face the American champion, Team EG. The American champion managed to beat fnatic by 18:12 and showed how strong they are. Which Counter-Strike is better: The European or the American? See it live now on ESL TV!

DDoS attacks stop the tournament
02.03.2010 15:01
All information about the technical problems

As you might have recognized we have a huge delay in our schedule and haven't shown any World of Warcraft matches so far. As the day went on a massive DDoS attack both in number and frequency is stopping our connection from working in any usual way.

This effects all areas in the Intel Gaming Hall. The stage matches in World of Warcraft are waiting for a lag free possibility to play, the Pro Gaming Area has lags too so the Counter-Strike matches can't be played the way they should and our Press Area loses the internet connection completely every now and then.

Right now we are working with full force to successfully find a solution. We apologize to all players and fans.

Got a problem? Take a key holder!
02.03.2010 14:28
ave showing some more than awesome skills

As all of you know, only the best teams qualify for the World Championship of the Intel Extreme Masters. This week here at CeBIT is the place to be in 2010 to show your skills and make the audience in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware cheer.

ave, even playing off stage, should the most impressive skills so far. After his headset broke right in the match versus Frag eXecutors he took a key holder and fixed the headset himself to play on. Even though they lost the match, this will be one of the moments to remember!

Full story + photos on

Technical problems fixed
02.03.2010 14:13
World of Warcraft is about to start

Due to some technical problems the World of Warcraft players were not able to play their first matches. But now we fixed everything and the clash of the two out of four SK teams here in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware can finally be played. Tune in to ESL TV to see all the action happen.

A good start for mousesports
02.03.2010 12:52
The European Champion wins their first match 19:11

mousesports, who won the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship Finals, just opened the World Championship by winning 19:11 over oXmose. On de_nuke they played CT first and managed to win 13 rounds. cyx was the man of this side and managed to end it with 20:3 stats. For all results and uploaded demos check out the Group Stage page

Now it's time for the first World of Warcraft match in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware. See the clash of SK's American and Korean teams next on ESL TV. Stay tuned!

All new start dates for today
02.03.2010 11:48
While mousesports is playing: Get the times of the next games to start

By now we updated all the group stage pages for today. The matches are now all listed with the new times they are taking place. We once againg say sorry for the delay and hope you still enjoy the first day in the Intel Gaming Hall powered by Alienware.

Counter-Strike 1.6 - Official Schedule
World of Warcraft - Official Schedule

Show will start with the first CS match of the day
02.03.2010 11:06
mousesports vs. oxmose to start the show

Due to the delay we are moving the 1st CS playday to the end of the day. All the delayed matches will be played after the end of the regular plan. The WoW matches of playday 1&2 will replace the playday 3-5 in the schedule. These matches will played parallel to the CS matches of playday 4&5.

For better understanding we are working on an update of the full schedule right now.

The full schedule of Intel Extreme Masters World Championship

Players are stuck in the traffic
02.03.2010 10:23
Delay on the first day's start due to traffic jams in Hanover

We are sorry to tell you that the first day of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship will start with about one hour delay. Right now the players are stuck in the traffic jams all over Hanover. We can not give any time when the show will start at the moment but we will keep you up to date on when we are going to start the show.

Journey to CeBIT - A video
01.03.2010 11:19
On our way to Hanover

ESL Radio sets up additional videostream for QL
28.02.2010 20:34
10 more Quake Live games to watch

Good news for all Quake Live fans. As you may know there will be 36 Quake Live matches at the World Championship, 30 groupstage matches and six more, which will determine Intel Extreme Master's first Quake Live World Champion. To give you the opportunity to follow as many games as possible and even choose your favorite matches ESL TV already set up a second stream. Now our friends from ESL Radio sweeten the CeBIT week even more by offering a videostream, which will feature ten more Quake Live matches. This minimizes the Quake Live action without stream to only three out of 36 matches.

To see which game will be shown on which stream, have a look at our World Championship Schedule.

World of Ming predicts the WoW groupstage
26.02.2010 18:03
Who's your favorite WoW team?

Over at WoW Riot the famous blog World of Ming had an extensive look at the upcoming World of Warcraft World Championship. He analyzes all attending teams, their lineups and their chances to survive the groupstage. Enjoy reading!

World Championship Preview

UMX out, Frag eXecutors in
25.02.2010 19:25
Polish team stands in for UMX from Taiwan

Bad news from Taiwan. The runner-up of the Asian Championship Finals canceled their participation of the World Championship. We asked all teams, who attended the tournament in Taipei and came into consideration to replace UMX-Gaming. But no team was able to either enter the tournament or accept in time. Therefore we will see AGAiN at CeBIT. They won the 9th place decider match against Team ALTERNATE at the European Championship Finals and will have their first tournament under the flag of Frag eXecutors next week. This makes group A even more challenging!

Your guide to Core i7, Roccat products & ESL TV Keys
25.02.2010 15:19
Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Raffle

For those that will follow the Intel Extreme Masters from home, it will be a week of great prizes. We have got 30 ESL TV Premium subscription keys, 10 Roccat hats, 5 hardware prizes from Roccat and two $1,250 Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors to give away! All you need to do is follow the event actively on the Intel Extreme Masters website, Twitter and live on ESL TV.

How to follow the World Championship?

Have a look at the full match schedule!
Start ESL TV and enjoy the show!

How do I win stuff?

  1. Follow the Intel Extreme Masters Twitter feed at
  2. The IEMtv Twitter feed will have a Message of the Day (MOTD) each day. Retweet the message to your Twitter friends to be eligible for the raffle.
  3. Randomly selected Twitter users that RT the MOTD will win ESL TV Premium Keys and prizes from Roccat.

Win an $1,250 Intel Core i7 CPU while watching the WoW or CS final

  1. Follow the Intel Extreme Masters Twitter feed at
  2. Retweet the IEMtv Message of the Day (MOTD) on Wednesday, March 3th, or Friday, March 5th, to be eligible for the raffle.
  3. During the WoW and the CS final our commentators will ask a question. Answer one of the questions along with your Twitter accound name under the respective news announcing the winners of the WoW or CS final.
  4. Two users who got the one of the answers right and retweeted Wednesday's or Friday's MOTD will win the CPU.

How do I win the Roccat hat?

  1. Follow the IEMtv Twitter account and the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship website closely. We will be posting details there during the event.

Prizes to be given away

  • Thursday, February 25th: 3 ESL TV Premium keys
  • Friday, February 26th: 3 ESL TV Premium keys
  • Saturday, February 27th: 3 ESL TV Premium keys
  • Sunday, February 28th: 4 ESL TV Premium keys
  • Monday, March 1st: 4 ESL TV Premium keys
  • Tuesday, March 2nd: Roccat hardware, 4 ESL TV Premium keys
  • Wednesday, March 3rd: Roccat hardware, 4 ESL TV Premium keys
  • Thursday, March 4th: $1,250 Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU, Roccat hardware, 4 ESL TV Keys
  • Friday, March 5th: Roccat hardware, 4 ESL TV Premium keys
  • Saturday, March 6th: $1,250 Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU + Roccat hardware

Nerd-FM joins the party at CeBIT 2010
24.02.2010 15:23
The Nerds are back in town!

After visiting last year's Dreamhack Winter the Intel nerds are finally back. One of them is Holly Kreie, Marketing Manager Gaming EMEA Intel GmbH. This time their old VW Passat including a caravan is moving to CeBIT to run several actions on place. They got their own booth at the Intel Gaming Hall in hall 23. Their trip and adventures will again find their place at this blog. A trailer is already online. Go and check it out!

H2k Gaming replaces fnatic
24.02.2010 13:33
World of Warcraft: H2k Gaming at CeBIT

Unfortunately the World of Warcraft team of Fnatic.WoW will not makte it to the World Championship at CeBIT next week. They placed third at the American Championship Finals and qualified with three other teams for the World Championship.

Since the fifth and sixth placed teams, and Loaded.WoW, aren't able to replace fnatic on short notice, a European team steps in. DnAW is the next team on the list, but isn't able to travel to Germany too. So finally Europe's seventh H2k-Gaming WoW was selected to fill fnatic's gap in group A.

Second ESL TV Stream for more live action
23.02.2010 19:37
19 more matches for your pleasure

There will be a second ESL TV stream during the World Championship at CeBIT. It will be available at the ESL TV page next week. Thereby we are offering you nineteen additional matches which will be shown live. So if your favorite game, team or player isn't on the ESL TV Stream have a look at the schedule and switch to the second ESL TV Stream (marked as 'ESL TV - B'). These matches will not be commentated by ESL TV, it's just the pure game action just like HLTV for all CS1.6 matches.

World Championship Match Schedule

A CeBIT WoWverload
23.02.2010 13:20
Watch yesterday's ESL TV WoW show

The latest WoWverload show featured a lot of interviews with players around the globe attending the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. James '2861862' Harding and David 'Shawn' Kugelmann presented a detailed preview on the World Championship. They talked to SK.3445330, SK.noonia, coL.Yiska und coL.3436733 during the show to give you some impressions of the players of the upcoming competition at CeBIT 2010.

VoD: WoWverload Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Special

cArn, roman, Friis, OrangeMarmalade & Twixz speak
23.02.2010 10:59
Winning is sweet for unpredictable underdogs

World Championship is getting closer with each day. Both players and fans are very excited about the final stage of the Intel Extreme Masters IV. Many websites had a word with some of the attending players. Here are five interviews with some of the best CS and WoW players of the world.

Roskilde Ravens|Friis: "I still feel like we are underdogs"
fnatic|cArn: "Winning Intel Extreme Masters would be sweet"
mousesports|roman: "CS is not predictable"
Interview with Buttonbashers|OrangeMarmalade
Interview with compLexity|Twixz

Interview with ESL's Carmac
22.02.2010 13:22
"eSports needs more fans out there"

Cameron 'fams' Carson caught up with Michal '1399535' Blcharz to talk a little bit about the impending World Championship, his work behind the scenes, WoW as an E-Sport, Quake Live and its inception into the Intel Extreme Masters, and more!

Interview with Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz

dkt to replace proZaC at the World Championship
20.02.2010 14:14
"The p1mp" will not attend at CeBIT in Hannover

Due to university obligations Cyrus '4097263' Malekani, who placed 2nd at the Asian Championship Finals, is not able to join the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship at CeBIT. After a quite good performance and a lot of entertainment in Taipei, the p1mp will miss the big chance to shine in Germany.

Since all Asian players are not able to take part in the World Championship the replacement for his spot in Group B is no one else then Brian '4427770' Flander, who placed 7th/8th in the American Championship Finals. He is now going to face starplayers like 3717318, 2914001 or 2577084 who will be a tough challenge for his piece of the $20,000 total prize money.

The match schedule
19.02.2010 20:21
Your whole week is fully booked with eSport!

3 disciplines, 12 participants each and tremendous 108 matches! All of them will be played at the World Championship at CeBIT, which is only ten days ahead. Unfortunately we can't show every single match of the groupstages, but be sure to see all the playoff action. Furthermore there will be HLTV available for CS matches not shown on ESL TV and of course demos and replays of all CS and QL matches. So here is the schedule, pick your games!

World Championship Schedule

World Championship: $170,000 up for the grabs
17.02.2010 17:38
Who will get the huge checks?

During the Continental Championship and Global Challenges already hundreds of thousands dollars were distributed among the best players of the world, but the prize purse of the World Championship is even more impressive! A total of 170,000USD will be at stake for the best Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft and Quake Live players.

World Championship Prize Purse

    $ 50,000
    $ 20,000
    $ 8,000
    $ 4,000
    $ 3,000
    $ 3,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 100,000
    $ 25,000
    $ 10,000
    $ 4,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 1,500
    $ 1,500
    $ 1,000
    $ 1,000
    $ 1,000
    $ 1,000
    $ 1,000
    $ 1,000
    $ 50,000
    $ 10,000
    $ 4,000
    $ 1,600
    $ 800
    $ 600
    $ 600
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 20,000

More interviews with CS participants
17.02.2010 16:48
oXmoze|RiGo- and SK|face

Today fnatic and myMYM bring you interviews featuring one well known French player and a rising star from Sweden. Bridet 'RiGo-' Mathieu and Johan '629967' Klasson talking about their goals at the World Championship.

R!Go: mSx can bring a victory for us
SK.face: Aiming for the top

DaHang & Jibo interviewed
17.02.2010 16:32
Asian and American Champions are talking it!

Just two weeks until the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship taking place at CeBIT. It's for all the eSport pages out there to start their coverage. and fnatic sat down with the Asian and American Quake Live Champions: 3968282 and Tim 'DaHanG' Fogarty.

Interview with Zhibo 'Jibo' Fan: Why Quake Live wasn't Jibos game
Interview with Team EG.DaHanG

Game format information
17.02.2010 16:11
Match format, tournament structure, general information

Do you still wonder about the match format, the tournament structure or anything else about the tournaments at CeBIT? Here is a fully detailed explanation on what is going to happen during the World Championship.

Counter-Strike 1.6
    Twelve teams participate, six in each group
    Group stage will be played in Best-of-1
    Playoffs will be played in Best-of-3 and Single Elimination
    First team of each group directly advance to playoffs
    Second and third play a relegation, winners advance to playoffs
    Mappool: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke, de_train & de_tuscan
World of Warcraft
    Twelve teams participate, six in each group
    Group stage will be played in Best-of-5
    Playoffs will be played in Best-of-7 and Single Elimination
    First team of each group directly advance to playoffs
    Second and third play a relegation, winners advance to playoffs
Quake Live
    Twelve players participate, six in each group
    Group stage will be played in Best-of-3
    Playoffs will be played in Best-of-5 and Single Elimination
    First player of each group directly advance to playoffs
    Second and third play a relegation, winners advance to playoffs
    Mappool: qzdm6, qzdm13, qztourney7, qztourney9 & ztntourney1

World Championship groups are drawn
01.02.2010 20:01
All participants of the World Championship

Today the groups of the Intel Extreme Masters World Finals were drawn. This will certainly not be an easy path for anyone as the groups are packed with top class teams and players. Now see which candidates face each other first in the big tournament for the World Champion title in CS1.6, WoW and Quake Live!

World Championship Groups: