CS 1.6 SuperCup to end the gamescom
The giants clash for a $10,000 prize pot
Today the Intel Extreme Masters SuperCup in Counter-Strike 1.6 will end the gamescom première in Cologne. This tournament will bring you the worlds best Counter-Strike 1.6 teams. mTw, mousesports, SK and last but not least the eSports Team of the Year fnatic will fight in Cologne for the $10,000 prize money. Who will make it to the top when the giants meet?

The schedule

fnatic vs. mousesports (09.45 - 12.10 CET)
mTw vs. SK Gaming (12.10 - 14.30 CET)
Intel Extreme Masters CS 1.6 SuperCup Grand Final (14.40 - 17.10 CET)

Enjoy the matches live on ESL TV!
Soodi, Sunday, 23/08/09 03:08
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