Ensidia champions of first Global Challenge
Ensidia champions of first Global Challenge!
After an exciting grand final featuring Ensidia and aAa nawaK, the first mentioned comes out victorious from the first Global Challenge of Intel Extreme Masters season 4 and earned themselves €4,000 for their troubles. aAa nawaK settles with €2,000 while the third place match is yet to be played.

If you would like to see all matches over and over again, stay tuned for all the ESL TV VoD's!

1st - Ensidia ($4,000)
2nd - aAa nawaK ($2,000)
3rd - iNNERFiRE or plan B.wow ($1,200)
4th - iNNERFiRE or plan B.wow ($800)
Genie, Friday, 21/08/09 10:49
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bring home the 1.2k, dudes! :)
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