Day 1, World of WarCraft group stage
Ensidia, aAa, SK-Gaming, iNNERFiRE battle it out on first day WoW Group Stage
The first day is right on the edge of starting, and today, Intel Extreme Masters will be focusing on the World of WarCraft Global Challenge Group Stage, holding world class teams such as Ensidia, aAa, SK-Gaming and iNNERFiRE.

Group A
10.30 CET: Ensidia vs NOP - 3:2
10.30 CET: Payback time vs aAa nawaK - 1:3
11.00 CET: NOP vs Payback time - 3:2
11.00 CET: Ensidia vs aAa nawaK - 3:1
11.30 CET: NOP vs aAa nawaK
11.30 CET: Ensidia vs Payback time - 3:0

Group B
15.00 CET: Landoo vs plan
15.00 CET: iNNERFiRE vs holding places
15.30 CET: Landoo vs holding places
15.30 CET: iNNERFiRE vs plan
16.00 CET: iNNERFiRE vs Landoo
16.00 CET: holding places vs plan
Genie, Thursday, 20/08/09 04:07
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