IEM Pro/Am Challenge expanded to 16 players
rapha, Purri, bodzo & d1ablo joining the tournament
Since we have got so much feedback for our first Intel Extreme Masters Quake Live Pro/Am Challenge we have decided to add more players, considering that some of them were not able to participate in the qualifiers due to attendance at QuakeCon.

The QuakeCon champion rapha, Purri, bodzo and d1ablo are four invited players, which will compete at the Quake Live Pro/Am Challenge at gamescom on Friday, August 21st. Stay tuned to see some more famous invitees.

Offline sign up on Friday

At least four more slots will be awarded in a lottery on Friday, directly at the fair. On our booth in Hall 09.1 (B 42 / B 43) at the Turtle Entertainment Press area you will find a login station where you can register your event visit. There you'll be able to sign up on Friday morning until 11.30am.

All players who signed up will take part in a lottery at the Player's Chillout Area on the right hand side of the main stage on 12.30pm. All players have to be there, if they don't show up another player will be taken from the lottery until all slots are filled.

Tournamentsettings & Rules

The tournament will now feature 16 players and will be played single elimination. The final will be played best-of-five, but all other rounds will be best-of-three, there won't be a match for third place. The $1.000 prize money will be awarded entirely to the overall winner of the tournament. Already qualified players are draven, noctis, smoke and strenx, more details about other players will be announced soon.

Maps: Maps will be decided by elimination. An admin will toss a coin and the loser of the coin toss will start the elimination. Each player then eliminates 2 maps from the pool. In the next step the loser of the coin toss will pick the 1st map and then the winner of the coin toss picks the 2nd map. The remaining map will be the 3rd map.

The map pool consists of:
Campgrounds (qzdm6)
Lost World (qzdm13)
Vertical Vengeance (qztourney4)
Furious Heights (qztourney7)
House of Decay (qztourney9)
Bloodrun (ztntourney1)
Trinity (qzca2)
Other Rules:
Players are free to use their own configuration files and manipulate their HUD as long as no unfair advantage is gained, they have to consult the admin team prior to their matches to see whether their changes are O.K. to use. All players can take one timeout per map and all matches are played on German Servers located in Frankfurt.
otacon, Tuesday, 18/08/09 11:39
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5 map map pool please
so you changed the mappool again?:F
more maps are better
Where is qztourney6, it is awesome map? ):
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