SK to use new player zneel
The Intel Extreme Masters SuperCup will be the first event for SK Gaming's new lineup
It was announced that zneel would join SK Gaming from Begrip after the departure of 851796. The new SK player is being thrown to deep waters as his first official match with the Swedish team will be the SuperCup semi final against the European Champions mTw int..

Despite rumours about RobbaN also leaving SK Gaming, Tentpole was the only one to be replaced. The Sweden had been with SK Gaming since the 2007 Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge in Los Angeles.

The Intel Extreme Masters SuperCup will take place on Sunday, August 23, starting with game fnaticRC vs. mousesports at 09:45 CET, following by game SK Gaming vs. mTw int. at 12:10 CET.
Genie, Thursday, 13/08/09 06:31
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good luck mousesports!

And it's the second event for SK Gaming zneel. WCG Sweden :)
Will anyone be able to challenge fnatic? ;o)
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