Global Challenge WoW Participants
Full list of Global Challenge WoW participants
The full list of participants for the upcoming Global Challenge in World of WarCraft is here. Also, the groups are settled - find the below.

Group A
Ensidia (Hydra - Priest, Flyn - Mage, Kalimist - Rogue)
aAa (Thorkin - Priest, Pheonix - Mage, Hiss - Rogue)
Payback Time (Sanchez - Deathknight, philDryzen - Druid, Tehone - Warrior)
N O P Squad (Hogaz - Priest, Akroma - Rogue, Aitpwn - Deathknight)

Group B
plan-B (Texi - Priest, Daisyduke - Mage, Kajn - Rogue)
iNNERFiRE (Phenomenon - Priest, c00ld - Mage, Desis - Rogue)
SK Gaming Sansibar (Moldran - Warrior, Fraki - Druid, Noonia - Deathknight)
Landoo (Wex - Druid, Dawn - Deathknight, Smir - Warlock)

The group stage will be played throughout Thursday, starting 10:30 CET, and ending 17:15 CET. The Semi Finals, Finals and third place match will take place on Friday, starting once again at 10:30 with the first matches.
Genie, Thursday, 13/08/09 06:24
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Some great contestants. The first ever 3.2 tournament. Should be a decent show ;)
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gl Wex : )
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