GamesCom opens fourth Intel Extreme Masters season
GamesCom has officially been announced as the host for the first Global Challenge of the next Intel Extreme Masters season consisting of five events, and $500,000 in total prize money. Teams of World of WarCraft, Counter-Strike and Quake Live will battle it out in Cologne, Germany, from August 19th to 23rd, for a total of $21,000!

GamesCom hosts first Global Challenge

It is now official that the first Global Challenge will take place in the Intel Gamezone during GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, from August 19th to 23rd. During the Thursday and Friday, World of WarCraft professionals will battle it out for the $10,000 prize money that is at stake.

Global Challenge Cologne WoW Participants
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Group Stage

$1,000 QuakeLive Intel Extreme Masters Pro/Am Challenge

Apart from our former titles CS and WoW, we will also host the QuakeLive Intel Extreme Masters Pro/Am Challenge, where Quake Live fanatics from the crowd can participate. Winner takes $1,000 for his troubles.

Invited Players

Counter-Strike SuperCup

Aside of World of WarCraft, the Intel Extreme Masters Super Cup in Counter-Strike take place on Sunday August 23rd. Four of the best teams in the world will go up in a challenge to determine the best team! Apart from the honor of being the best, the challenge includes an appealing $10,000 in cash prizes.

The four invited teams are the IEM World Champions (fnatic), IEM European Champions (mTw), hosting nation champions (mousesports) and the highest ranked international team (SK Gaming).


Season 4 to offer $500,000 prize purse

Additionally, information about the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters has finally arrived, as it is now determined that a total prize pool of $500,000 will be delivered for the triple continental eSports league.

The Intel Extreme Masters season will consist of at least six events, including the European, Asian and American Championships, at two or more Global Challenges and the World Championship in 2010.

Intel Extreme Masters at GamesCom
Dates: August 19th-23rd
Prize Pool: $21,000
Games: World of WarCraft, Counter-Strike, Quake Live
Venue: ESL Intel Gamezone - Hall 09.1 Booth C061a
GamesCom, Cologne, Germany

Previously announced tournament that will take place during GamesCom includes European Nations Championship and EMS Female 1.6 Finals. Slide over to the coverage with the link below to find out more about brackets, schedules and participants!
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Yeah! Looking forward to some very cool events :)
It's gonna be a great event, gl to all who are going to attend :]
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hey where to sign in for the QuakeLive Cup there?
yeep, how can you register for ql ?:))
Very nice :D. I'll be there on Saturday!
Details about the registration for the QL tournament, will be released soon.
Is there any change to take part like Baltic countrys? I mean @ WoW
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Will there be any online qualifications for QL? Or there will be just LAN event?
Ya'll stay tuned and this information will come, no worries. Stick around and you can't miss it :)
Let's be realistic....
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