Quake Live Game On Cup #3 & #4 lies ahead
The Intel Extreme Masters Game On Cups are in progress. It is time to hold the next series of national cups. On November 8th and 11th you will have again the chance to gather points to advance to your National Finals, where you can win great Intel products and qualify for the cross-country Final.

National Cup Schedule

    Cup #1 - 28th October 2009
    Cup #2 - 1st November 2009
    Cup #3 - 8th November 2009
    Cup #4 - 11th November 2009
    Cup #5 - 22nd November 2009
    Cup #6 - 25th November 2009
    Cup #7 - 6th December 2009
    Cup #8 - 9th December 2009
    National Final - January
    Intel® Extreme Masters GameOn Cup Finals - February
(*Note*: Conditions for the Nordic countries slightly vary. Please find out more in this news.*)

Choose your region/country to see the full ranking and sign up for upcoming cups.
Intel Extreme Masters GameOn Cups
Intel Game On, in cooperation with the Intel Extreme Masters, are hosting a series of Quake Live cups for all players from ten countries and regions from Europe and the Middle East. Offering a mix of great Intel products in the prize pool, this will be an exciting tournament for the Quake Live scene!

Prizes (click for full list)

National Finals

Nordic, D-A-CH, Spain, France, Italy & Turkey
    1st Place: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition i7-965
Middle East
    1st Place: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor based desktop
United Kingdom & Ireland
    1st Place: Dell XPS 730X with Intel® Core™i7 Processor 965 Extreme Edition
Russia & CIS
    1st Place: Asus EeePC 1003 4G with WiMAX module
    1st Place: Dell* PC with Intel processor worth not less than 2500 PLN

Intel® Extreme Masters GameOn Cup Finals - 1st Place
    Alienware M17x Laptop
    Three day trip to CeBIT 2010 in Hannover, Germany
    VIP pass to Intel® Extreme Masters Final at CeBIT
    €150 spending money

Intel® Extreme Masters GameOn Cup Finals - 2nd Place
    Roccat SDMS Bundle consisting of:
    * ROCCAT Kova Mouse
    * ROCCAT Arvo Keyboard
    * ROCCAT Sota Mousepad
    * ROCCAT Apuri Mousebungee / USB Hub
Additionally, there will be a lottery among all participants of each of the ten cup series. Twenty ROCCAT Sota Granular Gaming Mousepads will be distributed, with two winners randomly drawn from each region/country.
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