AGAiN vs. oXmoze
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 2.  8.

Status: closed
MatchID 16424544
Date Tuesday, 08 December 21:00
Calculated Tuesday, 08 December 22:50
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Result Media
de_nuke 6 : 16
de_dust2 19 : 21
oXmoze wins !
Points 0 : +3
08/12/09 23:54
Round 1*
87 kB, 08/12/09 23:54, by RiGo- (oXz)
08/12/09 23:54
Round 2*
81 kB, 08/12/09 23:54, by RiGo- (oXz)
08/12/09 23:54
Round 3*
89 kB, 08/12/09 23:54, by RiGo- (oXz)
08/12/09 23:54
Round 4*
95 kB, 08/12/09 23:54, by RiGo- (oXz)
08/12/09 23:54
Round 5*
93 kB, 08/12/09 23:54, by RiGo- (oXz)
08/12/09 23:54
Round 6*
116 kB, 08/12/09 23:54, by RiGo- (oXz)
08/12/09 22:44
Aeq. - oXmoze - MaT*
2.0 MB, 08/12/09 22:44, by MaT- (oXz)
08/12/09 22:45
Aeq. - oXmoze - R!Go-*
2.5 MB, 08/12/09 22:45, by RiGo- (oXz)
08/12/09 22:43
Aeq. - oXmoze - drizzer*
2.1 MB, 08/12/09 22:43, by drizzer (oXz)
08/12/09 22:42
Aeq. - oXmoze - loduN*
2.0 MB, 08/12/09 22:42, by 755509 (oXz)
08/12/09 22:47
Aeq. - oXmoze - mSx*
1.8 MB, 08/12/09 22:47, by mickc (oXz)
08/12/09 22:44
Aequitas - AGAiN - kuben*
2.7 MB, 08/12/09 22:44, by kuben (AGAiN)
08/12/09 22:43
Aequitas LUq*
2.8 MB, 08/12/09 22:43, by 452543 (AGAiN)
09/12/09 00:18
Demo - oXmoze - RiGo- d2 OT1*
5.9 MB, 09/12/09 00:18, by RiGo- (oXz)
09/12/09 00:18
Demo - oXmoze - RiGo- d2 OT2*
6.7 MB, 09/12/09 00:18, by RiGo- (oXz)
09/12/09 12:56
Demo - oXmoze - RiGo- d2 T*
18.4 MB, 09/12/09 12:56, by RiGo- (oXz)
09/12/09 00:37
Demo - oXmoze - loduN (d2 CT)*
29.8 MB, 09/12/09 00:37, by 755509 (oXz)
09/12/09 00:20
Demo - oXmoze - loduN (nukeCT)*
14.1 MB, 09/12/09 00:20, by 755509 (oXz)
09/12/09 00:23
Demo - oXmoze - loduN (nukeT)*
7.4 MB, 09/12/09 00:23, by 755509 (oXz)
08/12/09 22:43
2.2 MB, 08/12/09 22:43, by Neo (AGAiN)
08/12/09 22:43
2.8 MB, 08/12/09 22:43, by mnk (AGAiN)
13/12/09 22:07
2.0 MB, 13/12/09 22:07, by taz (AGAiN)
08/12/09 22:43
49 kB, 08/12/09 22:43, by taz (AGAiN)
* No longer available



08/12/09 16:57
Aftermatch Statement
It was the last match, and we finally did it !

Tonight, the frenchies overcame the polish with two wonderful matches.

The game was wonderful, dust2 was crazy, full of unexpected developments. We do wish the best to AGAiN for the next of the season, they really deserve huge things.

Goodgame to everybody, and see you in Köln for the Intel Extreme Masters !
P.S : We dedicate this victory to our old teammates, ioRek & HaRts (1st victory against them in 3years !)
10/12/09 05:42
I wish both teams good luck and hope that we will be able to overcome our opponent. It's going to be a good game, and we will do everything what we can to win! For POLAND!

Aftermatch statement :

The frustration is huge.. We had to play two most important games of the season, just after 2 very intensive lan events. We should get a rematch vs SoA but we didn't. oXmoze played really good and they used our bad performance to outshine us, so good luck to them in the finals. It's very sad that we won't be able to attend lan finals continental or world.. it's feels really bad also because we used to give great performance durring these events...
We ran out of gas when we needed it the most, but people should understand that we had a very rough year.
07/12/09 19:23
Statement vs AGAiN
Hey everybody !

So here is the last and most important match of this qualification, and clearly not the easiest !

The fight will be again(st) the rocking chickens! Gonna be as tough as them trying to avoid any ' KURWA ' upon one map : Can do it, but will not be easy!

Our old manager gone, the tight link that had the players with us are all disappeared! We also changed the roster and it may be a new five that will fight our opponent. Only god knows ! (but he won't spoil, usual business with him.)
But what we ALL know there, is that some distilled potatoes are gonna loose their life in the eastern Europe. For the loss or for the win!

Good luck AGAiN, and AGAiN good luck !

P.S: Writing statements late aren't good ideas as you may see.
comments (51)
gl hf :D
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BoZo love your statement and you know it ha ha ha !!
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Cut their heads off, boys.
oXmoze ftw, that's all !
Bye AGAiN, see you at the ESWC :-)
easy for again :(
Admin? maps? halo?
taz admins are sleeping :)
EASY FOR AGAiN ;]]]]]]]]]]]
The 3rd placed teams have to remove the first map.
we vetoes de_train
we votes tuscan
we pick de_nuke
we pick dust2
omg no admin
goog job guys
easy, haha
what a shame...
nice Oxmoze GOOD BYE AGAIN
omg, AGAiN playing wery bad today. :/ wtf?
Bye bye polska :D Hello French Power :D
GG oXz
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n1 :!
oX magic on internet
n1 oX > any player have nice information gl and bb
haha #28
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No rage mouhaha :D
Yoshoow used net_graph 3 but it's forbidden in EM IV. Fx were obligated to repeat match :)
śmieszne ,śmieszne
French Power :D???

mSx pwnd
plz rage/quit => [X]

NICE oXmoze !!!
oXmoze play only on the Internet...
HLTV plz ?
#38 :@ owned
Ya, oXm, ur good on the internet. Try play that same match on the LAN.
oXm is

emuLate :

1er EM France
1er WCG France
Top48 WCG 2006
1er ShowLan

Top8 SEC
2ème Re-SO
1er Nexen
Top8 GA
1er CDF
2ème III
Top16 ESWC 2007
3ème GameGune 2007
1er WCG France
1er WCG 2007
1er digitalsace
1er ping arena
3ème DreamHack

2ème Re-SO
Top8 Miage
3ème SEC 2008
1er IV
1er GA 2008
1er PxL-LAN
2ème NexeN
1er CDF
Top8 ESWC Masters
Top 16 WCG France
1er Silver Arena
1er KODE5 France

and iGamerz :

2ème Coupe de France 2009 ESWC
3ème Gameplay 2009
4ème AMD Elite Exhibition
3ème UTT Arena
1er Insalan 4.0
1er SPG 2009

So they play only on the Internet ? Remember ESWC 2008 San Jose : emL vs MYM.PGS :
It's just a revenge.
#42 +1000

#42 said all.
yep remember ESWC 2008..
the first map was dust2 which emulate won 16-04 btw
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For all, sure. But present has matters. Think, what do oXm in 2009? I see.. nothing important.
Emulate didn't win anything on International Level. Only France eliminations. Gg for them and cu @ lan.
oXm : since 20/10/2009
emuLate didn't win a lot on Inter, ok just WCG 2007.
But they dominated the French scene for over 2 years, they still have a certain level? Isn't it ?
Yes gg for oXm (nice revengre for msx, rigo and mat), we will see them on a lot of lan parties, don't worry ;)
OMG, I'm so embarrassed, when I read all those AGAiN's fanboy comments :O
Damn kids, avarage I guess 16years old who would give an arm for giving high 5 with someone from AGAiN lineup :X

It's really annoying, when all those children just cast a shadow on Poles... really sorry for those bustards.

oXmoze/ eMulate = NoNames ?
So funny :]
Just read #42 and thats it :]

Of course I cheered on AGAiN and I will do that, but yesterday, they play bad and just it... Please kids, do not accuse them for cheating :O
This is sick....

Good Game oX =]
GL on finals :)
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