Quake Live treasure trove
Last news about our beloved duel shooter
The first Quake Live match of the day just ended and the second and final one is live now. Chance won the game for third place vs. Vo0, we will upload the demos as soon as possible (dm13 demo kicks ass).

Want to know what the attending Quake Live players think about the possible outcomes of Quake Live's final matches? Carmac asked them who's going to win the game for third place and of course the grand final between DaHang and rapha. Visit our video section at the Edmonton event page or head over to youtube.com/user/IntelExtremeMasters to see more videos of the Intel Extreme Masters.

Since rapha had frame drops with his old config during the groupstage, he had to make a new one for the playoffs. Want it? Here you go: Download. Get all other configs in this this news.
otacon, Sunday, 13/12/09 16:06
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