American Champions, where are you?
Today is the last day of the American Championship Finals.
All American participants of the World Championships are already determined, so we can focus on who's winning the grand finals. The World of Warcraft teams will open the final day followed by Quake Live and last but not least Counter-Strike 1.6.

American Championship Finals World of Warcraft
Game for 3rd Place: 13/12/09 13:00 EST - Evil Geniuses vs. Fnatic.WoW
Grand Final: 13/12/09 13:40 EST - SK Gaming USA vs. CheckSix Gaming

American Championship Finals Quake Live
Game for 3rd Place: 13/12/09 14:20 EST - Chance vs. Vo0
Grand Final: 13/12/09 15:20 EST - rapha vs. DaHanG

American Championship Finals Counter-Strike 1.6
Game for 3rd Place: 13/12/09 14:20 EST - Blight Gaming vs. Sway Gaming
Grand Final: 13/12/09 16:20 EST - Team EG vs. compLexity
otacon, Sunday, 13/12/09 12:43
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