Quake Live semi final about to start
Tune in ESL TV and pray for two five map'ers
During the upcoming two hours the American Quake Live finalists will be determined. We will start with chance versus rapha followed by DaHang versus Vo0. There are some technical problems with rapha's PC, that's why we have to change his PC. At the moment we expect the match to start at 13:45 MST.

Update: There seems to be a problem with rapha's config, since the same frame drops occured on two other PC's. So he is now testing dkt's config and adjusts the settings to his needs. So we will switch the playoff matches and start with Vo0 vs. DaHang in a few minutes.

Quake Live Semi Finals
12/12/09 15:50 EST - Vo0 [0:3] DaHang
12/12/09 16:45 EST - Chance vs. rapha
otacon, Saturday, 12/12/09 15:27
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Bought premium, should be fun^^
hm, that wasn't fun for Vo0 :P
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