CS groupstage finished
All groups done, now it's getting tough
Only moments ago the last two matches of the CS1.6 groupstage ended. compLexity won the groupstage and advances to the playoffs joined by runner-up Sway Gaming. ighlight of this group was the clash of compLexity and Sway. The old US-team lost the first half on de_nuke with only winning three rounds. But they made a great comeback and put up a very strong defense, which leads to a 17:13 victory. Now they will meet Blight Gaming in the playoffs, Sway has to face Team EG. The CS playoffs will start in approximately three hours. For now we are beginning with the Quake Live semi finals.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Semi Finals
12/12/09 18:20 EST - Team EG vs. Sway Gaming
12/12/09 20:35 EST - Blight Gaming vs. compLexity
otacon, Saturday, 12/12/09 15:16
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