Quake Live groupstage finished
One map saves Vo0's day (and rapha lost!)
All matches of the Quake Live groupstage have been played. Vo0 only needed one map against griffin to advance to the playoffs. While chance didn't had a big problem beating dkt Vo0 get into trouble against griffin and lost the first map. Good for him he won the second one, since the third map was again in favor of the Canadian. During this exciting match DaHang somehow managed to beat rapha. Let's if he can repeat this in the grand final.

Semi Finals
Chance vs. rapha
Vo0 vs. DaHang

Since rapha is already qualified for the World Championship by winning the Global Challenge Dubai and Americas has three more slots to award all other semi final participants are qualified for the World Championships taking place at CeBIT in March 2010.
otacon, Friday, 11/12/09 20:43
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