EG|fRoD: Winning this is definitely our goal
After interviewing two Quake Live players and one World of Warcraft players Carmac sat down with Danny 'fRoD' Montaner from Evil Geniuses.
Are you the number one favourites to win the Intel Extreme Masters American Championship?

Danny 'fRoD' Montaner: I would think so, I mean we are definitely in my opinion going to get top 3, but winning this is definitely our goal. We had a few good showings in the past international events and have made a lot of ground with Ediz despite him only being in the team for less than a month. We are practicing a lot and working on things and should definitely be improving a lot the more we play.

Can anyone else than coL challenge you for the position of the number one team on the continent?

I think most of the teams there can give us a challenge if they are hitting there shots. I know most of the american players really wanna beat us so we gotta try to focus and treat any game as if its the hardest one yet and stay calm and focused and we should do just fine against anyone.

How has traveling to events overseas make you better as a team?

It has mainly helped is get Ediz to know all of our strats and setups, as well as give us a lot of great practice in a small period to get things imprinted in our minds. Obvioulsy its clear, playing in Europe with the great ping and great teams is a huge clear advantage, but the main one for me would be everyone practicing hard and getting all things thought and re learned to try our best to win.

Is it possible that the improvement came from getting gfn for warden?

It can be, but ultimately, our team has always been about teamwork, our main strategies, and our work ethic. Matt and Ediz both have their own strengths so its hard to compare, but the main thing they both share is the drive to win and dedication to the team. Ediz adds a great variety to the team because he can also frag like Matt, but he brings a unique playstyle in certain defensive setups and what not, and especially if tomi gets picked early.

How different is gfn compared to warden in terms of the qualities that he delivered to the team?

As I mainly mentioned above, the whole strat caller aspect that Ediz always had is a huge plus for us because it makes us more versatile. Matt also had a great mind and helped us worlds in difficult situations breaking down teams, but Ediz has made this something apart of his game always that is helps a lot since now he can focus on fragging and assiting Tomi, which ultimately helps Tomi out.

When lurppis was added to EG, the word was that he was supposed to help you bridge the gap between the American and European style. What kind of incluence has he had on the way you play and would you call your style today more American, European or Mid-Atlantic?

I think our playstyle has always been somewhat of an organized chaos with a lot of good strats and setups that we all go over as a team. Tomi has helped us bring a few things in, but for the most part, he has mainly called the same strats we all go over and bring up, and most of the time he adds a twist to them but not always. Tomi's main strength is that he knows most of the international teams as well as is learning all the american teams. This helps because he can figure out and disect each team before or during the game, and make the calls he wants for us to do. He has obviously added a great style since hes a good fragger too, but his main strength comes from his decisions in calling strats or setups to present a certain playstyle which we all work really hard to preserve.

You have reached a high international level but you're still not a consistent top 3 contender. What needs to happen for you to peak as a team?

I think we just need to keep practicing more and continue to keep positive.
This December would begin our 11 months back into the official scene after being out for quite some time. People may not know how hard it is to make all the switches, but we have practiced really hard and simply wont give up until we can compete at a high level consistently. Something that no one can deny us is our dedication and passion, and thats something that we have and wanna prove to everyone. We just need to stay calm and focused and know that we are improving and things will come our way, and there is no need to force things. As long as we all stay motivated and dedicated we are going to continue to improve either individually or as a team, but we are certainly going to try to get better some way to help each other and the team out.

What needs to happen for more than just two North American teams in general to be competitive against the top teams?

I think the economy has to get fixed firstly, because there needs to be other organizations or sponsors that can send certain teams to these types of events. Some local events can help a team grow, but international tournaments is where teams can really show their skill. Obviously teams have to stay dedicated and try to make as least roster changes as possible which helps teams build chemistry

//Interview by Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz

The Intel Extreme Masters American Championship will take place in Edmonton, Canada on December 11-13. Visit this page for more interviews, video coverage, live streaming, up to date scores and more.

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