A playoffs extra: Get the players configs!
Eleven players give their setting to you
As a small side snack beside the live matches and the replays, you can get the players configs now. Our admins did a good job to catch up the latest settings the players really use and used here in Dubai. So get the configs now:

Quake Live Configs - Global Challenge Dubai 2009

noctis fazz
l1nkje madix
smoke strenx
cypher DaHanG
Cooller fox
stermy rapha

All configs are up to date and supply you with the real feeling of the stars playing here in Dubai. Enjoy!
Soodi, Monday, 19/10/09 06:25
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plz update the links to the configs, because "" seems to be a mistake ;-)
Updated: Sorry. There was a little lack of communication ;)
Added Cooller and DaHanG. Enjoy :)

ty :)
Add rapha config plz :))
personally, i'd like huds too, it would be great :) thanks anyway :)
cypher has m_filter 1 and xerp clients in his config.

the redundant q3 command doesnt matter, but m_filter 1?

jibo's cfg plz |]
We want the winner config hehe
please upload the esl tv config
what a nasty joke with smoke cfg instead of rapha :<
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Rapha added a second ago ;)

Thanks for your feedback and enjoy the cfgs :)
l1nkin doesn't have a crosshair? :O
bind mouse1 "vstr pluszoom"
bind space "+attack"

wtf? O_o
that's not RAPHA's config! that's smokes....
linkin prolly uses a custom crosshair which ofcourse isnt going to be in the cfg file. shoudl be in the hud file
Link fixed. Sorry. Got kicked out of the internet while the changes we're not saved :-/
Load up some CS configs like luqs or some players from SK fncatic etc :D
"Load up some CS configs "

Who cares?
linkin uses a simple crosshair i made for his resolution, it's just a yellow cross.
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