AGAiN vs. mousesports
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Status: closed
MatchID 15738973
Date Wednesday, 21 October 12:30
Calculated Wednesday, 21 October 13:19
map de_inferno
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16 : 14
AGAiN wins !
Points +3 : 0
Wednesday, 28 October 12:50
# HLTV Demo*
7.4 MB, Wednesday, 28 October 12:50, by crtmN
Wednesday, 21 October 16:47
VtL - Luq*
32.9 MB, Wednesday, 21 October 16:47, by sputnik
* No longer available
comments (44)
mousesports will win this match of course ;-)
vitrolic. mouz will get up to 5 runds.
gogo Vitriolic ,mouz no chance ofc but gl to both
nice match , have fun ;-)
well GL vitriolic you are the best
mouz! klar
Viriolic will win easily :D
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mouz save!
I'm for both teams...
I'll be watching
mouze!!!!!! easy going. ;)
pls source tv -.-
@ blejd:

"I have a dream!" ;=)
I just want to see a good and interesting match and then mouz wins :D

Will this match be shown @ ESL-Tv ?
when do they start?
what is the server ip?
ip hltv
i want to see it real in good quality :D
there is no hltv. esl tv only<
vitriolic _/
there on esltv are running advertises.. you can see the mousesports players in the right corner.. but not the match.. "show will continues shortly" :/
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Mousportz will make this,
but i like to see Neo in Action ;)
hard to tell who will win;];] wtf is with esltv?
mouz is bad... what the hell are they doing?
mouse is losing hard
Vitriolic Gaming 16:11 mousesports
16:14 at the end :S

OMG mouz T-half sooooo low...
@mKc* s2ily

Vitriolic :)
gg !! Poland Power !!
omfg...a shame. CT was good bye the Vit. but once lucky and never again. next game SK ^^ after u will loose vs. Virt. and mouz win next match. hm. take care on ur rounds.^^ :D:D:D :P
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Vitriolic vs. - Easy win
Vitriolic vs. iM - Very Easy win

and mouz go home ;-)
Vitriolic Poland Power! Gold Five !!!!
mouz vs. rest two teams easy = win. "I hope with many rounds for mouz" I'll see =)
kack polacken
mit solchen äusserungen würd ich vorsichtig sein :)
mousesports is nicht mehr das selbe team wie es damals mal war
es fehlt blizzard und gore ;)
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