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Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike ($25,000)
1. fnatic - $10,000
2. MeetYourMakers - $5,000
3. SK Gaming - $3,000
4. Vitriolic- $2,000
5-6. Alternate - $1,000
5-6. k23 - $1,000
7-12. - $500
7-12. Wemade Fox - $500
7-12. mousesports - $500
7-12. KerchNET - $500
7-12. IMPULSE - $500
7-12. Assassins List - $500

Quake Live ($6,500)
1. rapha - $3,000
2. cypher - $1,500
3. noctis - $800
4. fox - $400
5-8. madix - $200
5-8. Cooller - $200
5-8. Stermy - $200
5-8. DaHang - $200
Gitex Shopper &
Consumer Electronics Expo
Airport Expo, Dubai
United Arab Emirate
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Global Challenge Dubai Gallery

fnatic wins Global Challenge Dubai
22.10.2009 19:44
Current World Champion tops Dubai tournament

The Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge sees an all Swedish top 3 in the Counter-Strike tournament with fnatic as the cream of the crop! They were the first team to beat MeetYourMakers during the tournament. Zet's new team showed an impressive performance here in Dubai by outperformed almost every top team, even fnatic lost to them in the group stage.

The Intel Extreme Masters Dubai 2009

The final standings

    1. fnatic - $10,000
    2. MeetYourMakers - $5,000
    3. SK Gaming - $3,000
    4. Vitriolic- $2,000
    5-6. Alternate - $1,000
    5-6. k23 - $1,000
    7-12. - $500
    7-12. Wemade Fox - $500
    7-12. mousesports - $500
    7-12. KerchNET - $500
    7-12. IMPULSE - $500
    7-12. Assassins List - $500
Congratulations to all the players, thank you for a great tournament and see you at the Continental Championships Finals in early 2010.

More in-eye demos
22.10.2009 09:41
f0rest and paN demos

We've added two more in-eye demos. We will upload HLTV demos for all matches in the days following the tournament.

TaZ and his team running the show
22.10.2009 09:30
Late night special starring Vitriolic

"crtmN! Two minutes are over!" 455225 shouts at our CS admin while Alternate is having their time out pointing at his watch. They need only one round to win the first map. "We want to start now!" he adds a few seconds later. The only problem: "Luq is gone to the toilet. I think you've got to wait anyway" crtmN points out smiling. A few seconds later TaZ realised his mate is gone. All people left start to laugh away all the stress of this long day.

The quarter final matches aka. relegation took till almost 11pm local time and everyone was running on low battery. But AGAiN made everyone laugh one or the other way. The time out joke was not the only one. Calling random German phrases while playing Alternate completed the whole evening and made the last hours interesting both for watching the game and Vitriolic play.

Let's see what happens today. Make sure to tune in to ESL TV so you don't miss any of the highlights!

Dubai: Who's going to win the Global Challenge in CS?
22.10.2009 08:37
4 teams, $25,000 prize pot and a Global Finals slot

The day of the final decisions has come. fnatic, SK Gaming, MeetYourMakers and Vitriolic are going to fight for the big money and of course the slot for the Season 4 Global Finals. Who will make it to the top in Dubai? See it live on ESL TV and get phots and backstage info here!

Impressions of Intel Extreme Masters Dubai

Global Challenge Dubai - Coverage

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai
Dates: October 17th-24th
Prize Pool: $31,500
Games: Quake Live, Counter-Strike
Venue: Gitex Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo, Dubai, UAE

Update on fixtures
21.10.2009 17:59
Vitriolic vs. Alternate, but who will face fnatic?

The first fixture for the playoffs is AGAiN vs. Team ALTERNATE, the winner of which will face Rage in the playoffs.

On the other side of the bracket, SK Gaming is looking for their semi-final opponent. SK will face the winner of the match between fnaticRC and either k23, mousesports or Moscow Five.

Virtus Pro has the big advantage. If they win, they advance. If Virtus Pro loses against mousesports, the German and the Kazach team have both a shot. K23 would advance with a win over SK. If k23 and Virtus Pro both lose, it comes down to how many rounds mousesports gains against the Russians. A loss for K23, and a 22:8 victory of mouz over Virtus Pro, and mousesports meets fnatic in the relegation.

Complicated? Tune in to ESL TV, and our commentators will guide you through the games.

Relegation participants
21.10.2009 16:48
Results still open in Group B

Although mousesports already lost three matches, they still have a slight chance to advance to the playoff relegation. In case Vitriolic beats Virtus.Pro, mousesports need to beat the Russian team 22:8 or higher to advance. If any of these are not the case, mousesports is out of the tournament. Tune in to see the last matches!

All Dubai Quake Live VoDs for your pleasure
21.10.2009 12:41
20 hours of Quake, Quake and Quake

Did you miss a match of the Global Challenge Dubai, the whole tournament or just want to relive the best Quake happening for years? We've got something for you! But not just something: 23 VoDs with 69 maps commentated by James Harding, Joe Miller and guests like fox, Cooler or Carmac. Get yourself a Quake Live overdose with the free ESL TV Video on Demand service!

VoDs of Final Day: Playoffs

Final - rapha vs. Cypher
Game for 3rd Place - noctis vs. fox
Semi Final #2 - fox vs. Cypher
Semi Final #1 - noctis vs. rapha
Quarter Final #4 - Cypher vs. DaHang
Quarter Final #3 - Cooller vs. noctis
Quarter Final #2 - fox vs. stermy
Quarter Final #1 - madix vs. rapha

VoDs of Day 2: Groups A & C

Group A Playday 1.1 - jibo vs. fox
Group A Playday 1.2 - linkje vs. rapha
Group A Playday 2.1 - jibo vs. linkje
Group A Playday 2.2 - fox vs. rapha
Group A Playday 3.1 - linkje vs. fox
Group C Playday 1.2 - Spart1e vs. Cooller
Group C Playday 2.1 - DaHang vs. Spart1e

VoDs of Day 1: Groups B & D

Group B Playday 1.2 - fazz vs. Stermy
Group B Playday 2.2 - noctis vs. Stermy
Group B Playday 3.1 - noctis vs. fazz
Group D Playday 1.1 - madix vs. strenx
Group D Playday 1.2 - Cypher vs. chance
Group D Playday 2.2 - Cypher vs. strenx
Group D Playday 2.2 - chance vs. madix
Group D Playday 3.1 - strenx vs. chance

As a bonus we've uploaded the replays for every single game of the tournament. Head over to groupstage overview or brackets, select the game you want to see and download the replay files.

Enjoy the Quake Live action!

POV demos
21.10.2009 12:22
See Robban and moddii first person demos

We've uploaded the first demos. More are to come, and you can still request demos under this news. This is what we got:

Dubai: Who will make it to the CS play offs?
21.10.2009 08:39
Almost every team can still make it!

A long but exciting day has just begun. Nearly every team in Group A and B can still make it to the play offs just by winning their matches. So all the teams aim to win every single match even more. In the end every single round my count in case of a three way tie for the important spots.

Due to some delay yesterday this matchday start a little bit earlier. Have a look at the updates schedule for the group stage to find the times the matches are played at.

Enjoy the best matches live on ESL TV all day long!

Impressions of Intel Extreme Masters Dubai

Global Challenge Dubai - Coverage

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai
Dates: October 17th-24th
Prize Pool: $31,500
Games: Quake Live, Counter-Strike
Venue: Gitex Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo, Dubai, UAE

Wednesday's matches
20.10.2009 20:53
10am start for group matches

While the first day of the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai comes to a close, it's time to remind you, that tomorrow you'll get even more exciting Counter-Strike action.

From 02:00 EDT on, we'll have the deciding matches from the group phase and later jump into the beginning of the playoffs. Make sure to check the current standings where you can also see the exact start times for the matches. And while you're at it, have a look at today's totally awesome photo gallery!

Counter-Strike Demos
20.10.2009 18:01
Request your favourite demo

Our bandwidth at the event is very limited, so we need to choose carefully which demos to upload right now. So we thought, we'd let you decide which POV you'd most like to see. Let us know in the comment section under this news!

Intel Extreme Masters coverage
20.10.2009 16:05
Videos, interviews, pictures and articles

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai is in full swing and so are coverage websites all over the world. If you find the time in one of the match breaks make sure to visit one of the following eSports sites:

    SK-Gaming - Highlights include several videos from the event, pictures and interviews - Pictures, live updates and blogs from Dubai
    MYM - Liveticker and MYM-focussed articles
    Fragster - Interviews with German players and an article about Cooller
    Fragbite - Pictures and blogs
    Rakaka - Predictions, recaps and Swedish statements

If you know of any other cool articles, interviews or recaps, drop us the links in the comments, and we'll add it to the list. And make sure to visit the official gallery!

Information about schedule changes
20.10.2009 15:51
Some matches may move to Wednesday

As probably most of you are aware, we are currently facing a delay of about two hours. Since there is a fixed closing time of Gitex Shopper we might be forced to move the last round of today's matches in group B to Wednesday. After finishing the first three "play days" of group A, we will start with group B and try to get as many matches played as possible.

mouz matches switched due to visa problems
20.10.2009 09:58
ESL TV schedule changed to give mouz some rest

Due to visa problems gob b had to stay at the airport all night and only got some sleep at the transit visa booth. We finally solved the problems and now he his in the hotel to get some rest. To take away this handicap from the reigning Dubai champion we switched the matches.

The new schedule for Group B:

08:30 EDT Virtus.Pro vs. k23
10:00 EDT Virtus.Pro vs. SK Gaming
11:30 EDT mousesports vs. VTL
13:00 EDT SK Gaming vs. VTL

We hope that gob b can get some rest and come back fit for the group stage!

Start of the CS Groupstage in Dubai
20.10.2009 09:38
Enjoy the clash of the champions with SK, mouz, fnatic and many more!

Now it's time for the second part of this Global Challenge in the wonderful desert dream called Dubai. Yesterday evening till tonight all the stars of fnatic, mousesports, SK Gaming, ALTERNATE and many more teams made it to Dubai to play for $25,000 and a spot to the Global Finals of Season 4.

Enjoy the best matches live on ESL TV starting at 03:50 EDT due to a slight delay with the teams setting up. We will bring you all the action and emotions live all day. Stay tuned for more details, photos and back stage information!

Impressions of Intel Extreme Masters Dubai

Global Challenge Dubai - Coverage

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai
Dates: October 17th-24th
Prize Pool: $31,500
Games: Quake Live, Counter-Strike
Venue: Gitex Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo, Dubai, UAE

rapha won the Global Challenge in Dubai
19.10.2009 19:23
Congratulations to rapha for playing a perfect tournament!

The Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge in Dubai saw the Grand Final of the Quake Live tournament. rapha showed a superb tournament and finally won it by 3:1 in the Grand Final versus cypher. The 3rd place decider was won by noctis who managed to come back and beat fox by 3:1 in the end.

The Intel Extreme Masters Dubai 2009

The final standings:

1st rapha - $3,000 + Global Finals Slot
2nd cypher - $1,500
3rd noctis - $800
4th fox - $400

5th to 8th: - $200 each

Congratulations to all the players and see you tomorrow for the Global Challenge in Counter-Strike 1.6 featuring SK Gaming, mousesports, fnatic and many more!

Who will claim the throne of Quake Live in Dubai?
19.10.2009 17:10
cypher and rapha to battle for the Global Finals spot and $3,000

cypher just made it to the Grand Finals and the 3rd place decider is only minutes away. Now the two finalists use the time to gather all the concentration left after a hard day with even harder matches. See next on ESL TV:

fox vs. noctis for the 3rd place and $800

Ready for Quake Live? Show your skills!
19.10.2009 17:05
Intel Game On will bring the heat to the QL Community!

For all the viewers who really can't wait for the next Quake Live action, Intel Game On is the cup to be in. Right now the cups for all Nordic people are running, cups for the rest of Europe, Russia and the CIS countries will follow soon. Get all the information you need on!

Prizes waiting for each single region:

1st: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition i7-965
2nd: Intel® Core™ i7 processor i7-940
3rd: Intel® Core™ i5 processor i5-750
4th: ROCCAT™ Kone – Max Customization Gaming Mouse

Who's going to join rapha in the Grand Final?
19.10.2009 15:38
Semi Final #2: fox vs. cypher up next

Right after kicking out noctis, rapha can lean back and enjoy the second Semi Final together with the other players in the audience. Now it's time for cypher and fox to show their skills. Who will make it to the Grand Final? See it live on ESL TV!

A playoffs extra: Get the players configs!
19.10.2009 13:25
Eleven players give their setting to you

As a small side snack beside the live matches and the replays, you can get the players configs now. Our admins did a good job to catch up the latest settings the players really use and used here in Dubai. So get the configs now:

Quake Live Configs - Global Challenge Dubai 2009

noctis fazz
l1nkje madix
smoke strenx
cypher DaHanG
Cooller fox
stermy rapha

All configs are up to date and supply you with the real feeling of the stars playing here in Dubai. Enjoy!

noctis stops Coollers comeback party
19.10.2009 13:04
The Austrian wins the 5th map in the 2nd overtime!

What a match. Nearly ever one around stopped breathing for a second. After 10 minutes on DM6 it was 6:6 and neither noctis nor Cooller had any advantage on their side. The game went on and on with smaller fights but than it was noctisto hit the match breaking moment and catch Cooller of guard.

Congratulations, noctis!

rapha and fox advance first - Two more for semi final
19.10.2009 11:57
Cooller vs. noctis and DaHanG vs. cypher still to come

As you saw only seconds ago fox droped stermy out of the tournament and took his spot right next to rapha in the semi final. Two more quarter finals are still to come with very high class matches. Let's see what's the first match to take us over the total 5 maps!

The play off matches
19.10.2009 07:56
stermy vs. fox, cooller vs. Noctis ...

Today it's time for the real thing. Eight players fought their way to the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai play offs in Quake Live. These players are all well known and ready to bring it on in the desert today!

You think you saw some big matches the last two day? Prepare yourself for even more! All players are here to win the Global Challenge and get a spot for the Global Finals next year. Today the really want to show what they are capable of!

The play off matches are:
rapha vs. madix
stermy vs. fox
noctis vs. Cooller
DaHanG vs. cypher

Impressions of Intel Extreme Masters Dubai

Global Challenge Dubai - Coverage

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai
Dates: October 17th-24th
Prize Pool: $31,500
Games: Quake Live, Counter-Strike
Venue: Gitex Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo, Dubai, UAE

djWHEAT with Carmac and 2GD
18.10.2009 21:24
Waiting for the groups to be announced?

Live On Three TONIGHT w/ djWHEAT, SirScoots and Slasher at 4 PM EST / 22:00 CET - Special guests Carmac and 2GD to reveal the Quake Live Dubai brackets for tomorrow, plus maybe Cooller! Tune in for a recap of today's happenings at

rapha back on the top - Group A is over
18.10.2009 19:27
rapha and fox advance to the play offs

l1nkje war fighting hard to stay in the competition but lost the second map to fox. This minimal failure costs him the play offs. rapha won his last match versus Fan Zhibo with a clear 2:0.

So the qualified players of Group A are:
rapha - Group A: 2:1 (+3 Maps)
fox - Group A: 2:1 (+2 Maps)

Welcome to the play offs!

Do we see a three-way-tie in Group A?
18.10.2009 19:04
Let's get out our calculator ...

If fox is losing his match to l1nkje, the whole Group A might become crazy, cause rapha would have the chance to get to the same stats, 2:1, by beating Fan Zhibo in his last match.

This three-way-tie would make the would results more important. Right now rapha has the advantage of scoring a map versus fox. Let's see how everything works out right now. Live on ESL TV!

cooller and DaHanG go playoffs
18.10.2009 18:50
A thrilling match and a clear in Group C

DaHanG is the man of the moment. After losing the first map clearly, he won the second map to 0. On the third map, he took the lead and dominated spart1e another time. With 2:0 stats he has already booked his ticket to play offs.

Cooller had some more fun and a less troublesome victory while playing spammah. The underdog never really brought some pressure to the cool Russian. So the legend of duel gaming is also qualified for the play offs following tomorrow.

In the last matches Cooller and DaHanG play for the seeding while spart1e, second at QuakeCon, can only clean up his ranking by beating spammah.

fox versus rapha to determin group A winner?
18.10.2009 17:25
Who will win the big point match?

Both players won their opening match and now it's time for the big clash. Whoever wins this match is almost save qualified for the play offs. If rapha takes this match points fox and l1nkje will directly play for the last slot. See it live now!

Important information about stream
18.10.2009 16:34
Please only use the Free Flash Stream!

There has been some confusion about the stream. We offer a 650kb/sec free live stream from Dubai. If you access the stream through the ESL TV website, you must choose "Flash Video - Free Stream"! All other options do not work currently. We're very sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause.

fox and Fan Zhibo to start the day
18.10.2009 14:00
First Quake Live match of the day

When at 08:30 EDT the Quake Live day 2 will start, fox and Fan Zhibo will be the first one to battle. Join the match live on ESL TV and see all the action live and for free!

Assassins List join Impulse in the Global Challenge
18.10.2009 13:57
The two participants from the UAE are found!

With a superb performance Assassins List defeated the Team of Xlnc how made it to the Local Qualifier Finals for the second time, after losing to Impulse yesterday. Now they didn't made it again and left the stage very sad. Assassins List, after qualifying last year, did a good job again and will join the big show of the Counter-Strike 1.6 Global Challenge starting on Tuesday.

Good luck to our local heroes!

ESL TV Free Stream: Upgrade for all viewers
18.10.2009 13:08
See all the Quake Live and CS 1.6 matches on 650kb/s now!

After testing our connection here in Dubai we have good news for all viewers of ESL TV. The Free-Stream will be upgraded from 350kb/s to 650kb/s! The stream still remains free for all viewers but giving a much better result for the rest of the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai.

Enjoy the following matches and days on better quality!

Confirmed: Cooller has arrived in Dubai
18.10.2009 08:46
See one of the best Quake players of all time in action today!

After three days of stress, we can confirm: Anton "Cooller" Singov has obtained a visa to the United Arab Emirates and has arrived safely in Dubai. He will take part in the Global Challenge.

The travel agency arranging Cooller's visa was unable to do it in time. Due to the Friday and Saturday being a holiday in the UAE, the ESL and Mousesports had to arrange for a transit visa. The player arrived in Dubai this morning. Find out the full story on ESL TV before the first matches of today.

The Russian Quake icon will play in Group C with Tim "Dahang" Fogarty, Sebastian "spartie" Siira and Anas "spammah" Ilyas. Group C and Group A coverage will start at 08:30 EDT.

Even more Quake action today
18.10.2009 08:45
We are doing our best to show you all matches of Group A and C

As we are preparing for the second day of the Global Challenge in Dubai, we will do our best do give you even more Quake Live action today. Just like yesterday we will start at 08:30 EDT with the first matches. Till 14:00 EDT you will get to know which players make it to the play offs and how some well known Quake 3 legends perform in Quake Live.

As some of you might have seen the gamma of the stream was to low. We are aware of this problem and are doing our best to fix it and bring you the stream the matches in Dubai deserve.

cypher and madix advance from group B
17.10.2009 19:48
cypher won the group and madix a three way tie by better results.

This days winners are found. Four players advance to the play offs of the very first Global Challenge featuring Quake Live. Tomorrow the other four players will be determined. Good night from Dubai and congratulations to:

stermy - Group B: 3:0
noctis - Group B: 2:1
2577084 - Group D: 3:0
3388541 - Group D: 1:2

All matches, results and demos

noctis to play the play offs!
17.10.2009 19:41
After a superb match and a real thriller on dm6 the Austrian did it

What an awesome game! If you haven't seen noctis vs. fazz on dm6, go an get the replay. This match will be a big topic for sure! After two very tight maps dm6 was the last to bring in the result. All or nothing for both players. A real mind war did happen. Go and see it!

Now noctis advances to the play offs and joins stermy in the top 8. Whos going to follow in Group D? Three players still have chances. See it next on ESL TV!

fazz vs. noctis live on ESL TV!
17.10.2009 18:39
Who is following stermy on the road to the play offs?

Two very talented players do now have to win to stay in Dubais Global Challenge and advance to the play offs. Who will win this all or nothing match of Group B and make it to the top to keep the chance to win their share of the 6,500$ prize money?

madix failed to decide Group D
17.10.2009 18:30
The fourth wasn't the deciding match

After madix losing to chance madix missed to decide the group and left the decision open. Now he has to beat cypher or hope for strenx to beat chance to qualify for the Playoffs. See final result live on ESL TV!

Who will follow stermy in Group B?
17.10.2009 18:01
The Italian can lean back and watch the last match

While the match of noctis and fazz is the deciding match in Group B, stermy can lose his match vs. smoke and is still qualified for the play offs. After showing two very good matches with a lot of exciting moves and mini fights, he can lean back or show some more superb actions versus smoke.

Impulse qualified for the Global Challenge
17.10.2009 17:24
Last year's 2nd won the first Local Qualifier

After the 2nd place in the Local Qualifier last year, Impulse were not really happy about their performance. But today the managed to beat not only Assasins List but Excellence and qualified for the Global Challenge in Counter-Strike 1.6 starting on Tuesday. Let's see if the new powerhouse of the middle east can score in the league of the allstars.

madix and stermy win their matches
17.10.2009 16:00
The next two matches end 2:0

After the thrilling start with noctis winning over smoke only 2:1, madix won his very open match vs. strenx and stermy showed some very nice moves with his rail and dominated fazz on both of their two maps. Now it's time for cypher and chance to show their skills in the forth Quake Live match of the day.

madix vs. strenx to play first
17.10.2009 14:36
New opening match in Quake Live

The new players to open the Quake Live tournament here in Dubai are madix and strenx. Both are known players and will give you the first bit of what we will bring you today and the next two days. The stream will be up at 08:30 EDT so enjoy the show!

ESL TV stream about to start
17.10.2009 14:23
Last minute problems are about to be fixed soon

Right now ten Quake Live superstars are doing their setup on stage to bring you the first ever Quake Live major event outside of Texas. James Harding and Joe Miller are ready on stage to present some of the finest Quake Live action in the next hours. The start is happening at 08:30 EDT so don't miss it!

The Local Qualifier is live
17.10.2009 13:01
Who will make it to the Global Challenge?

Right now the Arabian teams are giving their best in the Local Qualifier to win the chance to join the Global Challenge and show their skills versus teams like mousesports, SK Gaming, fnatic and all the other world class teams.

We will keep you up to date which teams are reaching for the stars at the Global Challenge Dubai this year. Stay tuned!

Slight delay due to the Sheikh opening Gitex
17.10.2009 11:39
We are trying to start the Quake Live matches as planned.

Every big trade fair is opened by someone special. In case of Gitex, it's His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who visited the whole trade fair this morning. Due to this, the security level was very high and we could not get all our equipment in time. The Local CS Qualifier was delayed for quite a while, but we are still aiming to start the Quake Live Group Stage as planned. Stay tuned for further information and some pictures of the Sheik at our booth!

QL previews on, SK Gaming and fragster
16.10.2009 11:26
Preview of the tournament and estimations of all the stars of Dubai

Full tournament preview on did a good job by presenting not only the full information about the Quake Live part of the Global Challenge in Dubai but also presenting each and every participant of this superb pool of Quake stars. Get a short example of the presentation of SK's rapha, winner of the Pro/Am Challenge in Cologne.

Shane "4314184" Hendrixson (SK-Gaming)

A player that needs no introduction, rapha is the player to beat right now in QuakeLive and a clear favourite going into IEM Dubai. One year ago to the day, the 20 year old from Rockford, Illinois pulled off a surprise victory at ESWC Athens in what was to prove a sign of things to come for the rising star ...
Read the full preview on

SK Gaming interviewing rapha

SK Gaming interviewed their very own superstar rapha. Telling some details about the tournaments so far as well as the opponents he's going to face. Get the latest on the favorites point of view.

rapha about meeting fox in the group stage:

"It will all come down to how well he can manage himself. If he can stay focused and not let the little things get to him late in tournaments he could very well place top 3. When he is playing his A game he is one of the best players out there, especially in group stages."
Read the full interview on

Fragster about coollers chances in Dubai

One of the best players in Quake history does his comeback in Quake Live at Dubai. took a look at his past and future as well as how this tournament might affect his future in Quake Live.

A Russian in the desert country:

"We've motivated him a bit" says mousesports-Manager René 'Rene' Lannte when fragster spoke with him; successfully as it seems. Cause if you look at the playing time of his Quake Live Account, it seems that Cooller is definitely taking the tournament in Dubai serious.
Read the full article on

Schedule and group ruling for Dubai
15.10.2009 16:08
Get yourselves acquainted with the schedule and prepare for some heavy action

Counter-Strike tournament rules
The group stage of the Counter-Strike tournament consists of two groups with six teams each. Those six teams play each other in best of one matches. The first of each group advance to best of three single elimination playoffs. The second and third of each group has to play a relegation match against the third and second placed team of the other group to advance to the playoffs as well.

Quake Live tournament rules
The first part of the tournament will consist of four groups with four players each. Those four players play each other in best of three matches. The top two of each group advance to best of five single elimination playoffs. The map list for the tournament is: qzdm6, qzdm13, qztourney7, qztourney9 and ztntourney1.

Schedule for Dubai

Saturday 17th
    CS Local Qualifier #1: 03:30 EDT to 07:30 EDT
    QL Group B & D: 08:30 EDT to 13:00 EDT
Sunday 18th
    CS Local Qualifier #2: 03:30 EDT to 07:30 EDT
    QL Group A & C: 08:30 EDT to 13:00 EDT
Monday 19th
    QL Quarterfinals: 03:40 EDT to 08:00 EDT
    Semifinals: 08:45 EDT to 11:00 EDT
    Finals: 11:10 EDT to 13:30 EDT
Tuesday 20thWednesday 21st
    CS Group A Playday 4,5: 03:00 EDT to 05:30 EDT
    CS Group B Playday 4,5: 06:00 EDT to 08:30 EDT
    CS Relegation: 09:00 EDT to 14:00 EDT
Thursday 22nd
    Semifinals: 03:30 EDT to 08:30 EDT
    Game for 3rd Place: 09:00 EDT to 11:15 EDT
    Finals: 11:45 EDT to 14:00 EDT
Friday 23rd
    Pro/Am Challenge #1: 07:30 EDT to 13:20 EDT
Saturday 24th
    Pro/Am Challenge #2: 03:30 EDT to 12:50 EDT

jibo and Cooller switch groups
14.10.2009 18:26
Update for Dubai's Quake Live groupstage

Dubai's Quake Live groups sees a small adjustment. To assure fair, equal and exciting groups we create not only seed pools but also try to prevent with more than one player from the same team or country (if possible). Jibo and Cooller were the last two players to be drawn from seed pool 3 in the ESL TV live show. Since mousesports signed fox 15 minutes before yesterdays drawing, we have to switch Cooller and jibo to avoid Cooller playing his new clanmate during the groupstage.

Quake Live Groups
Group A
Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson
Magnus 'fox' Olsson
Zhibo 'jibo' Fan
Pierre-Emeric 'l1nkje' Portier
Group B
Richard 'noctis' Gansterer
Alessandro 'stermy' Avallone
Pelle 'fazz' Söderman
Felix 'smoke' Pafel
Group C
Sebastian 'Spart1e' Siira
Tim 'DaHanG' Fogarty
Anton 'Cooller' Singov
Anas 'spammah' Ilyas
Group D
Alexey 'cypher' Yanushevsky
Kévin 'strenx' Baeza
Chance 'Chance' Lacina
Michael 'madix' Hindersson

CS and Quake Live groups are drawn
14.10.2009 11:10
SK, Vitrolic share group in Global Challenge Dubai

The groups for the Global Challenge Dubai, both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Quake Live, are here, seeing the Chengdu championsh SK heading in to the same group as Polish super team Vitriolic, while on the other hand we find Global Challenge Chengdu runnerup and third placer - fnatic and WeMade Fox - battling it out in the other group. As for Quake Live, we see some very interesting groups with rapha and Cooller to be found in Group A.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Groups
Group A
WeMade Fox
Local Qualifier
Group B
SK Gaming
Local Qualifier
Quake Live Groups
Group A
Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson
Magnus 'fox' Olsson
Anton 'Cooller' Singov
Pierre-Emeric 'l1nkje' Portier
Group B
Richard 'noctis' Gansterer
Alessandro 'stermy' Avallone
Pelle 'fazz' Söderman
Felix 'smoke' Pafel
Group C
Sebastian 'Spart1e' Siira
Tim 'DaHanG' Fogarty
Zhibo 'jibo' Fan
Anas 'spammah' Ilyas
Group D
Alexey 'cypher' Yanushevsky
Kévin 'strenx' Baeza
Chance 'Chance' Lacina
Michael 'madix' Hindersson

spammah last player for Quake Live
13.10.2009 17:04
spammah last person invited to Dubai Quake Live tournament

Local Quake Live star Anas '4445544' Ilyas claims the last invite spot for the Quake Live tournament taking place in Dubai. Taking the empty slot in seedpool four, he becomes the local hope to show what the United Arab Emirate has to show in terms of FPS shooters.

Global Challenge Dubai Quake Live Seeding PoolsTournament Rules:
The first part of the tournament will consist of four groups with four players in each. Those four players play each other in best of three matches and the top two of each group advance to single elimination playoffs, which will be played best of five. The map list for the tournament will be: qzdm6, qzdm13, qztourney7, qztourney9 and ztntourney1.

Sign up for CS1.6 Local Qualifier
13.10.2009 16:15
Your chance to join the Global Challenge Dubai

Two Counter-Strike-teams have the chance to join the Global Challenge and compete for $25,000 by winning of the local qualifiers. The Global Challenge Dubai is filled with the best teams on a global scale like fnatic, mousesports and Wemade Fox. The ten already known world class teams will be joined by another two teams, which have to prove their skills at the local qualifier in Dubai, which are also open for foreign teams.

Each qualifier can have a maximum of 4 teams and the modus will be Single Elimination Playoff in Best-of-One! If you want to apply to one of the two local qualifiers, please fill out this form (if there are missing information in the form, it counts as missing form and we can't handle your application) and include your latest achievements in the mail. Send it to [email protected].

CS1.6 Local Qualifier
  • Local Qualifier #1 - Saturday, October 17th
  • Local Qualifier #2 - Sunday, October 18th

Sign up for Quake Live Pro/Am Challenge
13.10.2009 16:15
Quake Live competition open for everyone in Dubai

You can be a part of the Intel Extreme Masters at the Global Challenge Dubai! The Quake Live Pro/Am Challenge is open for every visitor of the Gitex Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo. On October 23rd and 24th there will be one cup per day where up to 8 participants play in a single elimination tournament.

Winners will receive ROCCAT™ SDMS Bundles of the world famous computer peripheral manufacturer consisting of 1x ROCCAT Apuri, 1x ROCCAT Vire and 1x ROCCAT Sota.

From now on you can sign up for both tournaments of the QL Pro/Am Challenge at Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai (exception: the winner of the first cup cannot play the second cup, too).

QL Pro/Am Challenge

Seed pools for Dubai's Quake Live event
12.10.2009 10:40
The groups for Dubai

16 world class duelists will compete for 6,500$ at the Global Challenge Quake Live in Dubai. We will have 4 groups of 4 with top 2 going into the playoffs. To assure fair and balanced groups we've created four seed pools. Each group will get one player out of each of the four pools. We will announce the groups on Tuesday, October 13th at 18:00 cest.

Global Challenge Dubai Quake Live Seeding PoolsTournament Rules:
The first part of the tournament will consist of four groups with four players in each. Those four players play each other in best of three matches and the top two of each group advance to single elimination playoffs, which will be played best of five. The map list for the tournament will be: qzdm6, qzdm13, qztourney7, qztourney9 and ztntourney1.

Wemade Fox and KerchNet participate in Dubai
12.10.2009 10:32
Koreans and Ukrainians to complete Global Challenge

The ninth and tenth. and therefore the last announced teams for Dubai will be Wemade Fox and KerchNET. To complete the dozen two more teams will be determined by a local qualifier at Intel Extreme Masters Dubai. While unfortunately the Koreans do not attend many tournaments outside of Asia, they always have been a dangerous opponent for Western teams.

In 2008 bail's team celebrated their greatest triumph, placing second at the Intel Extreme Masters II losing only to mousesports in the grand final. For KerchNET it will be their first appearance in the Intel Extreme Masters even though their players have gathered much experience playing for the best Ukrainian teams in previous seasons.

Latest additions: Wemade Fox and KerchNet
Wemade Fox
    Sung Jae '2770810' Lee
    Min-Soo 'glow' Kim
    Sun Ho '2770796' Pyun
    Kun-chul 'solo' Kang
    Garsia 'GARSIA' Yiseunguk
Global Challenge Dubai Counter-Strike Participants
Local Qualifier
Local Qualifier
Wemade Fox
Moscow Five
SK Gaming

2 World Championship slots in Dubai
12.10.2009 10:25
Grab your ticket to CeBIT 2010

For the Intel Extreme Masters Challenge in Dubai, a total of $31,500 will be rewarded to the best teams and players in Counter-Strike 1.6 and Quake Live, but even better, both winners receive an auto-berth into World Championship at CeBIT 2010 in Germany for a chance to be titled as the world champion!

In Chengdu it was SK Gaming which gained first place in the Counter-Strike tournament and obtained one slot for Hannover. In Dubai another CS1.6 team and one Quake Live duelist will also get a slot for the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship taking place in March 2010.

Alternate and fnatic join up for Dubai
09.10.2009 12:42
Dubai gets one more German and Swedish team

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai receives enhancement in terms of Team Alternate and fnatic. With these teams from Germany and Sweden we are now up to eight participants out of twelve. Tomorrow we will announce another two contenders while there will be two more and final teams, which have to qualify via a local tournament in Dubai.

Both Alternate and fnatic performed pretty well during former Intel Extreme Masters tournaments. fnatic is going to Dubai as reigning Intel Extreme Masters Global Champion. Only a few days ago they proved their strength placing second in Chengdu losing extremely close to SK. Mousesports' German archrival showed their potential at CeBIT 2009 beating world class teams like former or fnatic.


Dubai's 5th and 6th no other than and MYM
08.10.2009 11:06
Dubai teams #5 and #6: MYM and former MYM: Vitriolic

The two latest additions to the Global Challenge in Dubai come in terms of Polish Vitriolic and Swedish MeetYourMakers. It will be the first tournament for both teams playing with their new name. Recently parts of Begrip joined together with ex-SK zet to reopen the MeetYourMakers CS squad. Four days before that Vitriolic signed the former Wicked team which used to play for MYM a while ago.

MYM's Swedish players will make their Intel Extreme Masters offline debut, apart from jumpy and zet, who attended CeBIT 2009 playing for lag-blank and SK. Unlike the new MYM-team Neo and Co from Poland can look back to a very successful Intel Extreme Master's history being champion of season one and runner-up of season three.

Rage Vitriolic

Quake Live Global Challenge with 16 players
05.10.2009 14:30
1on1 duel clash in the desert

Last week we've announced the addition of a Quake Live tournament to Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai. Up to 12 players were supposed to compete for 6,500$. But due to the overwhelming interest and amount of applications, the Global Challenge will now have 16 players in 4 groups of 4 with top 2 going into the playoffs. Now we present the 16 players who will attend the Intel Extreme Masters tournament at Gitex Shopper on October 17-24.

Quake Live ParticipantsMap pool will contain the following five maps: qzdm6 (Campgrounds), qzdm13 (Lost World), qztourney7 (Furious Height), qztourney9 (House of Decay), ztntourney1 (Blood Run). Since we've extended the tournament to 16 players and four groups the prize money distribution had to be changed slightly to fit the tournament system.

Global Challenge Dubai
05.10.2009 14:27
Intel Extreme Masters returns to Dubai

This October will feature yet another event of the Intel Extreme Masters IV. Only two weeks after the Global Challenge Chengdu, Intel Extreme Masters will stop in the Middle East. An additional $31,500 will be up for grabs at Gitex Shopper in Dubai.

Counter-Strike Global Challenge and Local Pro/Am

Last year we saw one of the most exciting CS tournaments of the year taking place in the big city of the United Arab Emirates. And again the world's best Counter-Strike teams will compete at the Gitex Shopper in Dubai from 17th until 24th of October 2009 at the $25,000 Global Challenge. Furthermore there will be a Local Pro/Am competition in an unnamed discipline which remains secret for now. A lot of gaming bundles will be at stake for this tournament.

Intel Extreme Masters prize pool raised to $531,500

Thanks to the ongoing engagement of Alienware we can hold this event in Dubai and put additional $31,500 to the immense prize pool of the Intel Extreme Masters Season 4. So now a total prize pool of $531,500 will be delivered for the global league of eSports champions.