Cooller vs. av3k
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Status: closed
MatchID 16862336
Date Sunday, 24 January 13:00
Calculated Sunday, 24 January 14:35
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1 : 3
av3k wins !

24/01/10 08:35

comments (19)
gogo cooller, will win with 3:2
av3k will win 3-1 :))
the duel russia vs poland
cooller will win it if his mouse will do what he want to do with :D
Both excellent players , I do wish to see Cooller in finals though.
cooller give your best
Cooler Rox
Cooller :)
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That restart was a serious mess. av3k stupid cunt lamer.
wtf was this on t7? the spawn in game1 and game2 where nearly similar. Is this crying around and stopping to play @ 1:7 proffional gaming? With allowing cooller to play this again the ESL did blame itself. I mean thats quake live - spawns can be "good" and be "bad". av3k even didn't try to come back after 1:7.. there were several minutes left.
*clap clap* ESL.
I hope cooler stab this camping bastard....
cooller totally deserved to win
avek is a girl!!!
cooller is fool!!!
avek obmudok
cooler - nice, it is fair play ;)
Cooller the best
shit happened
avek sux.hate this stupid stile
av3k lamer
nice first frag on ztn. ql movie material.
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