Last Chance Cup for Europe's CS teams
AGAiN, MYM, confis and Frag eXecutors compete for one spot.
Four teams of the European Championship receive a second chance to qualify for the Championship Final taking place in Germany next week. Due to the disbandment of group B's winner Spirit of Amiga a final spot is available for the team which lost their relegation match.

08/01/10 15:15 EDT - AGAiN vs. Confis.BigShock
09/01/10 12:00 EDT - Frag eXecutors vs. MeetYourMakers
10/01/10 12:00 EDT - Final match

The winner of this tournament will join group A of the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship Final and compete for $50,000 and a spot at the World Championship.
otacon, Friday, 08/01/10 07:41
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