Join the action in Chengdu
Spectator information to follow Global Challenge Chengdu
Not sure how you can follow the games taking place in Chengdu on October 1st to 3rd? Here is some information both for the Chinese fans and the international audience.

See the action live on the venue

For the best eSports moment possible, come to the Intel eSports Stadium located at the Happy Valley Theme Park Chengdu, Jinniu District, Chengdu. Games will be played on stage in front of the audience and will give you the opportunity to meet the stars face to face as well as perhaps claiming an autograph or two.

The Arena is completely free of charge to enter. To get a glimpse of the arena, go to the gallery from our season 3 Chengdu event!

Watch live at ESL TV

For the international audience, we offer ESL TV streams live throughout the whole event. The matches start every day at 10:00 CST.

The show will go on throughout the whole day in China (night in Europe), hosted by our very own British trio James, Joe and Matt. For more show information, head over to ESL TV!

Implement the ESL TV stream on your page or blog

The ESL TV stream can be embedded to any page, free of charge. For more instructions, go here.

Gaming Area

Another highly interesting thing that goes on during the event is the gaming area where there will be showcasing of various hot and upcoming games. The list includes GH Aerosmith, UT3, Live for Speed, Ghostbusters, Resident Evil, RUSE.
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