wNv, TitaNs, Fly100%, Grubby participate in Chengdu
wNv, TitaNs, Fly100%, Grubby participate in Chengdu
Chinese wNv and Singaporean TitaNs join the Counter-Strike invite list, while the two Orcs Grubby and Fly100% will try to bring the green skins to victory in the WarCraft III tournament. With the two additional Counter-Strike teams, we have all four teams that played in the Continental Finals Asia playoffs last season, together with TyLoo and WeMade Fox.

wNv season three Continental Final winners

Being champions of last season's Continental Finals Asia, wNv is considered to do well this time around as well. With them, together with TitaNs, the Global Challenge in Chengdu is shaping up to be the most interesting event since the Global Finals of Intel Extreme Masters season 3.

World class Orcs

With mouz.Fly100% and EG.Grubby joining the WarCraft III tournament, the competition increase vastly. Grubby, recently featured in a professional documentary, is known through the world of eSports as one of the most solid players. mouz.Fly100% is currently ranked 1st in GosuGamers world ranking possessing a track record almost flawless for the past few months.

Counter-Strike Participants

Team EG
SK Gaming
Made in Brazil
Wemade Fox
wNv Teamwork.CN
TitaNs eSports

WarCraft III Invitees

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
June "804587" Park
Zhuo "1944209" Zeng
Jang "1157983" JaeHo
Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen
Wei Liang '2055996' Lu

Qualification Winners

Hyo Sub '2292876' Eom
Hyeong Ju '1484545' Lee
Kim Sung '1063428' Sik
Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker

Global Challenge Chengdu with $65,000 in total prize money

The Global Challenge Chengdu is the second offline event in the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters. With $65,000 at stake for Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and DotA, October 1st to 3rd are dates to book in your calendar.
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