Chengdu WarCraft tournament
Four qualified for Chengdu WarCraft tournament
FoCuS, ReMinD, DeMusliM and Check are ready for the Global Challenge in Chengdu, taking place from October 1st to 3rd, to battle it out for the $10,000 that is at stake. All four of them managed to win all their matches in yesterdays 32-man qualification cup and therefore stand as the final four that will be coming to the offline event.

2 Night Elves, 1 Orc, 1 Human

2292876, the Orc player of "We are Go", seeded first in the tournament, managed to snatch one of the spots as expected, while the newly recruited WeMade Fox player 2107743, seeded second, fell to another Korean Night Elf, 1484545, who through that accomplishment claimed his spot.

The last South Korean that went through the qualifier is 1063428, who managed to beat country men like 2459779 and 3471126.

Last but not least, the British Human talent DeMusliM will be joining us in Chengdu after a great performance, taking down excellent players like 1481155 and 2824812.

Qualified Players

Full Bracket
Genie, Tuesday, 08/09/09 09:03
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