Chengdu WC3 Qualifier
Chengdu WC3 Qualifier Bracket released
Quite a hefty amount of players signed up to play in the international WarCraft III Qualifications for Global Challenge Chengdu, and as a result, the 32-man-bracket hold tons of big names. The brackets are released, and the matches will begin this Sunday, September 6th, 15:00 CET.

2107743, 2292876 and Happy are just a few of the names that will be attempting to get a spot for the Global Challenge Chengdu this weekend.

The qualifier hold 32 spots, where the four best players qualify to get travel support ($250 from China, $500 from Asia outside China, $750 from the rest of the world) and the opportunity to go to Chengdu to take part of the Global Challenge where $10,000 is at stake. Note, however, that players will have to pay their travel costs themselves and get the given amount of money afterwards.

The tournament is played in Single Elimination and Best-of-3, and the brackets can be found here.
Genie, Tuesday, 08/09/09 09:02
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