mibr, WeMade Fox and Moon join up for Chengdu
mibr, WeMade Fox and Moon join up for Chengdu
The three latest additions to the Global Challenge in Chengdu come in terms of Brazilian mibr, Korean superstars WeMade Fox and the fifth race, Jang "Moon" JaeHo. With Moon as an addition, we have gathered some of the best players in the world from each race.

Both mibr and WeMade Fox attended as continental representants in last season's Global Finals. WeMade Fox were just breaths away from landing in the top four, overcoming obstacles such as Crack Clan and Team EG. In the second season of Intel Extreme Masters, the Koreans finished second place at the Global Finals.

Beating top teams around the world, mibr is undoubtedly the best South American team out there. Last season, the Brazilians managed to take down teams like fnatic, SK Gaming and ex-WICKED, surely making team a team to be reckoned with.

Counter-Strike Participants

Team EG
SK Gaming
Made in Brazil
Wemade Fox

WarCraft III Participants

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
June "804587" Park
Zhuo "1944209" Zeng
Jang "1157983" JaeHo

Global Challenge Chengdu with $65,000 in total prize money

The Global Challenge Chengdu is the second offline event in the fourth season of Intel Extreme Masters. With $65,000 at stake for Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and DotA, October 1st to 3rd are dates to book in your calendar.
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