mouz, EG & SK.Lyn invited to Chengdu
mouz, EG & SK.Lyn invited to Chengdu
Mousesports from Germany and the American Team EG join the Counter-Strike participants of the Global Challenge in Chengdu, while Intel Extreme Masters season 2 champion June 'Lyn' Park is a new invitee to the Warcraft 3 tournament.

The winners of the SuperCup at gamescom, mousesports and the American powerhouse Team EG join Fnatic and TyLoo in Counter-Strike tournament. They will be fighting for the total amount of $40,000 in prize money.

In WarCraft III, the player that is known to many as one of the most stable and always good performing players, June "804587" Park, joins to fight for the $10,000 that is at stake.

Counter-Strike Participants

Team EG

WarCraft III Participants

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
June "804587" Park
Genie, Tuesday, 08/09/09 09:00
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