fnatic, TyLoo, Sky to Chengdu
World superstars to attend Global Challenge Chengdu
Fnatic and TyLoo are the first Counter-Strike teams announced as participants of the Global Challenge Chengdu. XiaoFeng "Sky" Li is the first confirmed participant for WC3. TyLoo are currently the best Chinese Counter-Strike team while Fnatic are the reigning Intel Extreme Masters champions.

World Elite's triple WCG medalist XiaoFeng "Sky" Li will be the most well-known Chinese representative in the Warcraft 3 tournament.

fnatic, TyLoo and Sky - more to come

Today we introduce you to the first two Counter-Strike teams as well as the first WarCraft 3 star to participate in Global Challenge Chengdu, on October 1st-3rd. $40,000 and a slot in the World Championship is at stake for the Counter-Strike teams, while the WarCraft 3 players will fight for the pot of $10,000.

The Intel Extreme Masters Season 3 Champions fnaticRC are the first confirmed participant, followed by what could be the biggest threat from the host country; TyLoo. In the upcoming days, a total of twelve teams will be invited.

As for WarCraft III, World Elite's triple WCG medalist XiaoFeng "1479288" Li takes the first slot in what will be a total of eight invited players, followed by four qualified challengers.

Counter-Strike Participants


WarCraft III Participants

XiaoFeng "1479288" Li
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