Fly100% wins Moon, becomes champion
Fly100% wins towerful grand final against Moon
Chinese super orc Fly100% manages to take down Moon in two towerful (and short) matches. The greenskin become $5,000 richer, while the fifth race settles for $2,500.

Game one worked in favour of Fly100% from the first minute, managing to secure a handful of towers in Moon's base and ending it from there despite Moon's attempt to stop them with Pit Lord as second hero.

The second game was much closer, even in favour of Moon some might say. With a couple of Night Elf Protectors in the base of Fly, it looked like there was no return, but with splendid micromanagement and a lot of calmness from the Orc, he managed to turn it around, leaving Moon in a hole, poking him down again and again until giving up.

The spectator area was packed with enthusiastic fans clapping and cheering and once the match was over, fans stormed the stage to get autographs and pictures.

1. Fly100% ($5,000)
2. Moon ($2,500)
3. Sky ($1,500)
4. FoCuS ($1,000)
Genie, Saturday, 03/10/09 06:37
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