Moon and FoCuS write history
Moon and FoCuS write history with epic best of three
The first semi final of the WarCraft III tournament between Moon and FoCuS just finished in what was an epic best of three that will make all WarCraft III haters rethink their hate, make all the WarCraft III fans that lately has been discouraged be encouraged, make all the Moon fans jump with joy, and as a matter of fact, make all the FoCuS fans jump with joy with a tear in their eye.

Being up one to one, the two Koreans went up head to head on Turtle Rock, seeing a close position spawn. FoCuS taking an early advantage, build an expansion outside Moon's base, granting him early pressure, and what becomes pressure throughout the full game.

Moon, being in a bad position, will just no let go, starting to hide expansion on numerous places throughout the map, trying to defend the Blade Masters/Sea Witch/Tinker trio and constant closuring towers from FoCuS with his own Demon Hunter/Beastmaster/Tinker trio supported by Talons.

Back and forth, the game goes on for a good 30 minutes with constant action, eventually giving both the trio's of heroes level six and above. A level seven Blade Masters together with loads of raiders could just not finish a level six Demon Hunter, Beastmaster and Tinker that over and over takes out expansions and units. Well, not even five Chimaera Roosts could finish the game that gave the fans a constant joy and reason so scream out happiness and surprise.

In the end, FoCuS is the one that calls "good game", letting the whole crowd storm the lonely Moon sitting on stage that probably is a lot happier than he looked. One could not help to feel sad for FoCuS for not advancing with his extraordinary attempts, let alone feel happy about seeing Moon in the grand final again, this time up against Sky or Fly100% that will start their match shortly.

The replays will of course be uploaded shortly.

As a consequence of the game, Moon is now taking a little nap in the player area, probably incredibly exhausted.

Moon > FoCuS
Moon < FoCuS
Moon > FoCuS
Genie, Saturday, 03/10/09 03:52
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#1, yeah, I strongly recommend it!

You find them under "match media". :)
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